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#1 - Zay
What do you mean by 'we will come very close to the black hole'?
He means that the Hardon Collider might finally work.
how many times has the earth's end been predicted? Countless times and not once has it actually happened (obviously). No, I won't be holding my breath in December 2012.

If the Mayans were so smart, they wouldn't reasonably expect their civilization to last until 2012, especially with the bloody tribal warfare that defined that era in South America.

I think they simply stopped making the calendar either for that reason, or because they knew 2012 was too far in the future to accurately predict, so they stopped while they were ahead.
#5 - Migz
My friends said something about the Mayan calander coming to an end on that date because they were killed.
No clue if it was BS or not.
Anyway, guys! Its cool!

Busted went to the Year 3000!
Quote from piggy501 :He means that the Hardon Collider might finally work.

That's giving me a hard on..

Lame joke is lame..
I dont belive in it at all. Some mayan calendar ... not my stuff. If some scientists prove that its gonna happen for real, then maybe yea. So yea, i dont belive it and im not scared ...
Its more like 2012 is the end of a 26000 year cycle of the zodiac, and earth will be aligned with the center of the milky way.. I dont believe its the end of anything. We are currently in the piecian age, and this will end 21-12-2012, then we enter the aquarian age.
The world won't end in 2012. The Mayan calendar was made for keeping record of crop harvests, not the "end of the world". I thought the world was supposed to end on the year 2000. :/
Quote :It predicted things that are even today, impossible or nearly impossible to predict.

What do you mean?
The mayan calender was read wrong or something like that.
It's 2112 not 2012.
And what if the Maya's said that, the world didn't explode at Y2K.
Only thing that happened was that the MSX console thing thought it was 1900 instead of 2000...
Yea, i agree with some previous comments. Its just that the calendar ends, not the world. But its worth to mention that scientists (from russia or some) announced that there may be a collision between earth and some stuff from the universe at some 2030year+. Not sure about it, heard from news that scientists all over the world will come up together somewhere to have a secret meeting and to figure out what to do.
Just looked it up. The 2030 prediction is a collision between Earth and an asteroid. That was an old article that was written 10 years ago. They mentioned shortly after that they used a new model to calculate its path, which reduces the probability of a collision. Anyway, lets face it. We will eventually get hit by something out there. Proof: Look at those craters on the moon - and some on the Earth. Someday an object will miss the moon and hit us. Its got to happen.
I dont belive in anything of this crap.

This have been done before, lots of doomdays, nothing happend...

They are all drunk coming up with this. They are just trying to find ways to make us join their religion, trying to scare us.
Desperate attempt trying to get attention.
let's just wait and shall we guys? No need to worry about things that might happen. Didn't the aliens come at the year 2000 too?
Quote from Rikje :let's just wait and shall we guys? No need to worry about things that might happen. Didn't the aliens come at the year 2000 too?

No all of the computers were supposed to turn into robots and kill us rik =)....... Idk im still alive though.
The Mayans just ran out of wall to write on lol
ahh oh no the worlds going to end dear god who will save us all

*runs around in circles frantically*
Or the Spanish invasion forced them to stop publishing calendars.
Quote from Zay :It predicted things that are even today, impossible or nearly impossible to predict.

Citations needed.

Quote from Zay :Also, scientists have proven that we will come very close to a black hole sometime very near this date.

Citation needed.

Quote from Zay :For those of you that don't know, well, get it in this way: We are absolutely defenceles from black holes. There gravatational pull is so intense that not even light can escape. It would literally rip earth apart, then rip more pieces apart, until earth would become absolutely nothing. Yes, I know this is automatically hard for the human brain to comprehend, but earth would in fact become nothing at all.

How close do we need to get to feel any significant force from this particular black hole we're going to come "very close" to? You seem to be some kind of astronomer or physicist, so please tell us idiots who find it difficult to comprehend some concepts.

Quote from Zay :So, my question is, do you belive 2012 will be doomsday?
Me personnally sais possibly.


The most catastrophic things that will happen on 21/12/2012:

Thousands of people will die worldwide from lack of food, lack of water and preventable diseases.
Thousands of people will be killed or seriously injured in disputes with friends, family, neighbours, burglars, car-jackers etc.
Hundreds of thousands or millions of soldiers will go to sleep fearing for their lives because they are committed to wars that their countries wish they hadn't got into or there are no real reasons for.

i.e. it will be another normal day.
Na, 2012 is a hoax.
wtf, its 2010 now.

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