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Quote from ATC Quicksilver :I think 1st place should get first choice, then 2nd place gets 2nd. That's the best way in my opinion. Although all those hats are good, I doubt many of the top 6 would dislike any of them.

+1. First gets first choise, then 2nd and so forward until poor sixth who gets what's left. I'm not against random lottery either, I just feel I deserve more choise than those poor souls who finished behind me .
Makes most sense to have the winner getting first choice, either from all of the available ones or just their choice of lottery ticket.

Did anyone win one this year who got one last year as well? The gentlemanly thing to do would be pass on it, but I can imagine a lot of people wanting the entire collection
Here are the forum usernames for the 2008 top 6:
1. Haikoe (Vitellus racing)
2. Turbo Dad (Team Turbo)
3. Noccy (flashpointers)
4. HVS5b (220bpm Racing)
5. me (LF1)
6. Tweaker (LOTUS F1)

And this year's top 6:
1. me (LF1)
2. ATC Quicksilver (Brytech GP)
3. Hyperdrive (Hyperdrive unlimited)
4. ? (Barlin)
5. Mustafur (Red Bull - Renault)
6. Eddster (Motivacing)

I got a BMW one (Robert Kubica) from last year, but I like it.
Contact detail deadline for winners
Need address of the winners soon , getting harassed by the management!!

Deadline is midnight Monday 16th November i.e. this monday coming

I think 1st place should have 1st choice and so on...Any objections?
None from me, did you get my PM?
No objections to winners being first to choose.

Who people are still missing?
Emailing getting sent ,last chance?
I have confirmed by pm those address I have
You know whats funny, i only set my self up for one race(australia) forgot about this game till now and i came 5th ROFL!
Quote from Turbo Dad :Emailing getting sent ,last chance?
I have confirmed by pm those address I have

if no one else says I'll take one
My cap arrived today.

Got what I wanted, thanks for organizing and thanks to all competitors who feel sucky not winning anything
Quote from F1 - Crew :We've sent the caps out Thursday. It will take 2 to 3 days for delivery inside Europe and 6 to 8 days to Australia.
Let us know if they all have reached their destination.

Hope everyone will like them and we hope to see all of you back next season!

F1 - Crew

My cap arrived today, and I am very impressed with it, it's much better than my other F1 caps. It could be a bit of a collectors item now that BrawnGP has changed to Mercedes GP. Thank you so much, it's tempting to write "suck it Zeug" on it and take a picture of me wearing it.
:gnasher: :grumpy: :arge::chairs:
Has anyone else got their cap yet?
Looks like everyone got their cap

Can we see some pics gents?
Here's pic from me, haven't been reading this so didn't notice the request for pics .

Anyways, is anyone doing 2010 version? I'd really like a Ferrari cap too

I was just wondering will there be another lfs f1 season? I think it could be a good idea to make new subleague so that there is no risk of having loads of inactive managers in our subleague.

Also, I just checked, you can already pick drivers for next season. I got robserg and buttocks already . I think those will be resetted at some point or they are stupidly cheap early on.

I know it's a bit early - it's still 1.5 months before first race .
If the competition is to continue this season, will a new subleague need to be made, or can we continue with the previous one?
Quote from samjh :If the competition is to continue this season, will a new subleague need to be made, or can we continue with the previous one?

The problem with that is that if we keep the old league we will have some inactive players which may cost us points in the subleague competition. After all, we have won it both times and doing it the third time should be no problem .

It's really simple change to make the change. Manager leaves the current league and makes new one. Makes a post here with the details (password and name iirc) and all who want to participate join the new league.

After all, this year would be also the 4th year (2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007) we are doing this so it is a small tradition in itself .

Obviously we need someone manage this, is Turbo dad going to do this? If no one wants to do this I can do it but I'm not really reading this forum anymore so someone more active might be a lot better for this.

There is still lots of time left so no hurrying yet .
Could someone else take over the running this season .
As Hyper said , just start a new league
Alright, I'll take it up.

F1 Race Manager 2009 Browser Game
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