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Hilarious video challenge
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Takumi goes for the kind of girl with a meat and two veg, if you get my meaning.
You mean breasts and a Tallywacker? Like TVE?
Exactly like TVE..
#579 - STF
That's some kid.. and his Mum.

I think that's TVE stood there doing the weird headbang.
#590 - STF
I lold so hard at most of these..
Hope they weren`t posted anywhere, didn`t search for all of them.

This one had me in tears laughing. Best comeback video ever. YouTube - I'm ****ing Ben Affleck

"We are The World" performed entirely by Japanese. YouTube - We Are The World--Japanese Style

Sesame Street's The Count: Censored YouTube - The Song of the Count - Lemon Demon Version

An improv troupe creates a spontaneous musical in public. YouTube - Food Court Musical

Chuck E. Cheese's Show Biz Pizza Band Performing Usher's "Love In This Club" The syncing is amazing. YouTube - Usher - Love In This ... ed by Showbiz Pizza Band)

The title says it all YouTube - Yoda Gets Drunk

Yes, really... YouTube - Chimpanzee Riding A Segway

This puppy cracks me up YouTube - Cute Whining Puppy!

Another From Jon LaJoie YouTube - Show Me Your Genitals

And last but not least... SHRED videos! (They take the audio from a live performance, and redub it. Brilliant.)
YouTube - Slipknot SHREDS - i walk alone
YouTube - Nine inch nails SHREDS

I`ve got moar, but enough for now.
#592 - STF
Speakin'bout pranks y0. =))

and this..
Don't show Ginho! :hide:

Hilarious video challenge
(3657 posts, started )