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Don't blame Need for Speed / NFS
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Quote from bunder9999 :topgear for the snes

Haha, I loved that game. I spent weeks driving Top Gear, Mario Kart and F-Zero for the SNES.
I used to love NFS2, was great doing insane jumps in the Lotus or electric car.

Who remembers Car&Driver? Now that was a cool game...

The first 'simulator' I used to play and for hours on end was Revs on the BBC. I believe this was a precursor to the great Microprose GP.

Oh yeah!! check this out:
I'm 27, only slightly older then you then, and I was introduced to racinggames with GP1, GP2 (excellent! Still have that on my harddrive somewhere) and soon after indeed GPL.
It depends where your interests lie and at that time already I wanted realistic and tricky handling. Because a good racinggame needs to frighten me, so that I break out a sweat and focus. When I'm about to crash I need to have that I'm going to die feeling just before I remember it's a simulator. GPL does that, LFS does that. Atleast in the LX6.

At that time I also had NFS 1 , but although nice for half an hour (or less) to zoom through traffic in some supercar, does not let you die, just get arrested, not the same, although some people really hate to get arrested.
To me it was in the same category as fe. "Carmageddon", etc. (But Carmageddon was a lot better! Now that I think of it, I know how LFS can be improved! )
I remember Indy500 as being a quantum change realism wise at the time, and a lot of fun to play, was Never a big fan of Geoff Crammond's Grand prix series, never felt "right" to me, But I did enjoy this ... ceMxE&feature=related,

GPL changed everything in 98 , still remember day One at Spa, first thoughts were, whats up with this $$^&£$£ game ..... "ARGH spun again"..... "This is impossible"... "I will never make one clean lap"... How do I slow the AI down?.

Happy memories.
Does anyone remember Ford Simulator?

I played it hours!

Quote from madbikes :I remember the original NFS. It actually existed in the 3DO era (One of the CD-ROM 3D consoles before Playstation 1) just not as refined like the NFS SE. Now thinking back to it, the game is actually pretty fun and realistic for that time.

I really liked NFS for the 3DO. The sense of speed was awful but the physics were decent enough for a game of that time. The cars actually felt like cars which was an achievement for console gaming at that time.
Quote from goldsbar :I really liked NFS for the 3DO.

Woohoo, someone else on the planet also had a 3DO!
Quote from The Moose :Woohoo, someone else on the planet also had a 3DO!

Yup, IIRC, it was actually a good system (hardware) but they just couldn't market it to the software companies effectively resulting in a severe lack of good games. Road Rash was a lot of fun.

NFS was on the right track back then. It let you do what everyone with testosterone wants to do - drive nice cars like a madman on open roads. Physics were realistic enough for a console.

For the Forza 1 & 2 bashers, that game is the best at creating real car seat of the pants feel that I've ever played. You could almost feel the G forces. Some people say this doesn't matter but to me it's a large part of what defines "realism". Good relief after some GPL frustration.

Most people, including myself, don't really have enough experience to say what's real. A couple of track days don't count for much. That's not even close to pushing a car like a true race car driver.
Eh... I loved need for speed. In my opinion it went completely shite after NFS Porsche.

I remember the days when I played NFS1, then 2...3..4...porsche Porsche is definitelly favorite one. Eh... good old days... I can remember even earlier games... shame that I can't remember their names.
Just to make sure that everyone knows what we are talking about

The Need for Speed
Need for Speed II
(Need for Speed II SE)
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
Need for Speed IV: High Stakes
Need for Speed V: Porsche

(Need for Speed: MotorCity / MotorCity Online)
Need for Speed VI: Hot Pursuit 2
Need for Speed VII: Underground
Need for Speed VIII: Underground 2
Need for Speed IX: Most Wanted
Need for Speed X: Carbon
Need for Speed XI: Pro Street
Need for Speed XII: Undercover

Did anyone notice the ultra low-res mirror?
its a 1280 wide and really short...
grand turismo is what really turned me on to cars

my brother played them since they came out and i just sat there an watched
Quote from Furiously-Fast :Did anyone notice the ultra low-res mirror?

So? GT5 had also low res mirrors when it was in development, so why not NFS:Shift then?

Quote from chavm481 :its a 1280 wide and really short...

I'ts called 720p.
Quote from Warper :Sorry to get this thread up again... but coincidence?

http://www.slightlymadstudios. ... mes/need-for-speed-shift/

I wont say at this stage that i will change all our view regarding the NFS Series, but atleast a step into the right direction. I am definitely looking forward to this game even so I dont like the ISI-Engine games...

Maybe its there new engine, lets see.


**** i asked myself yesterday if i should post it..... BEATEN
btw.... thats how lfs should look like!
In terms of the NFS series of '09, here is how I may see the schedule:

NFS: Shift - could fail if it is just a Grid clone.

Nitro - Don't have a Nintendo console, but it looks like it'll be an ultra arcade game (not in the Burnout style - which means it's likey to fail too.)

World Online - Once EA offer something for free, it's gonna be an Epic Fail from the start.

Unknown 4th one from Blackbox - If it's not Underground 3, The game will just go downhill each day.

Why can't EA (blackbox) just get in into their thick heads? All they need to do is a Underground 3! Underground 2 had loads of sales and high review scores. All they care about is making a 5 min job, and putting it in the shops.
^they want to make a "real" racer, they were beaten a long tome ago by gt5p and forza and lfs...
underground 3 would be the best!!!!!!
they best be keeping the modification side of things as thats what made nfs fun... Yes fun, something lfs couldn't do, sure this is a great game for somewhat realistic racing overly engineered tracks with a cult following and a sheer lack of cars...

where as in nfs, you could rice up a decent selection cars and literally laugh your ass off all day long...

something ive yet to do in lfs.

maybe when that sricocco comes out things might chance but until then
Nah, i'd rather drive a lamborghini above 200km/h on a highway, like the old days. They should make Hot Pursuit 3.
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Quote from Furiously-Fast :NFS: Shift - could fail if it is just a Grid clone.

Why is it supposed to be a Grid clone? Because it has a city track and cockpit view? Does it make LFS a Grid clone also?
^yup lol....
i see nfs as going away from what made the rice truly fun..
Quote from w126 :Why is it supposed to be a Grid clone? Because it has a city track and cockpit view? Does it make LFS a Grid clone also?

I think it's how the game will pan out, how it will play and the like.
BTW, there already was a thread about this new NFS incarnation:

Developer is ex-Blimey! Games aka ex-half-SimBin. The company was nearly closed when 10tacle when bankrupt but it was bought and it's now with the new name, Slightly Mad Studios. And maybe EA needed half-ready game... which Blimey did have - that unnamed Ferrari game. Screenshots from that look very similar to this Shift cockpit shot.

Don't blame Need for Speed / NFS
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