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Triple screen setup tips?
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#1 - lucaf
Triple screen setup tips?
I am going to buy two screens more and run LFS with triple screen. My current display is a cheap 24" Samsung Syncmaster.

What would you suggest as side displays? Maybe even a pair of 19" is enough? Is there reasonable benefit to have same size (24") displays on the sides?
I would suggest you to do the same that I did in 2016.
So I had two monitors of the same model. They were 144hz and i wanted one more but the one's i had were out of production.

So i sold them both to a close friend of mine and bought 3 new one's. Same brand and model. I'm pretty sure the one's i bought back then are now out of production once again. But all i know is that they're ASUS 144hz monitors with low ms and i paid approx. €900.

I have had second thoughts about them, to instead have 1 big 32" ultrawide montior. That would've been cheaper.
Whatever you decide to do, you should have all in the same hz.
#3 - lucaf
#4 - lucaf
What I learned so far, things get too complicated if every monitor has different screen resolution. At least side monitors should have same resolution both.

Now I still have one problem: Otherwise everything is well, but for some reason when I activate triple screen with shift+f12 the whole system will have too much height and the bottom of the screen is cut. Meaning:

1)I will miss the OK/CANCEL/JOIN/whatever buttons in bottom
2)I can see only top names from connection list
3)etc... for example in F9 mode I cannot see my tyres

I don't know what I am doing wrong. Every screen is 1900 wide and every screen is running native resolution. I have Geforce GPU and same problem with 0.6T and U

edit: played with Nvidia settings and found "Configure Surround" -> Span displays with Surround. Now it works like it should! (still wondering why I can't spectate/freeview on triple screen like in other sims)

Triple screen setup tips?
(4 posts, started )