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V8 Racing League 2015 - information and sign-ups
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V8 Racing League 2015 - information and sign-ups

Since 2008 there was at least one league during summer using the fastest LFS driving aids free car - Formula V8. Unfortunatelly this tradition was ended by organizing body NDR,leaving a gap into LFS racing. In order to not leave this gap empty,Race Green Events steps in and launches new league - V8 Racing League (short - VERL)!

League race format is quite simple - every round features 20 minutes free track qualifying and race,where lapcount is set to minimum to exceed 200 kilometers,except in round 5,where 200km race would be stretched a bit too long,so it's shortened to 150 kilometer race. League will offer pure racing without any strategies as there will be no mandatory pitstops,neither "hardcore simulation" will be enforced to keep things simple - everyone can telepit in qualifying,also Safety/Pace car will not be used. League schedule will include 2 races at current LFS's freshest track Westhill and one race each in South City,Kyoto Ring,Aston and Autocross layout track. Half of season races will be held on standart LFS tracks,other half on custom configurations,where Kyoto will feature just one different section,rest of track will be the very familiar GP Long configuration.

To spice up things in fight for chamionship,Race Green Events will present a small money prize to VERL Drivers Champion!

Series schedule:
28.06. Round 1 - VERL Westhill Grand Prix (Westhill International, 35 laps / 201.25km)
19.07. Round 2 - South City 200 (South City Chicane Route Reversed, 69 laps / 201.273km)
02.08. Round 3 - Kyoto Summer Grand Prix (Kyoto GP Alternate, 26 laps / 200.2km)
16.08. Round 4 - Aston Classic Challenge (Aston Classic Boot 38 laps / 203.68km)
06.09. Round 5 - Race Green 150 (Race Green International ACW, 125 laps / 150km)
04.10. Round 6 - Westhill 200 (Westhill National Reversed, 46 laps / 202.216km)

* Layouts of rounds using non-standart LFS tracks are linked from track name to layout file
Each round will have a specific info post in this thread with all information of the round!
After round 5,no new sign-ups will be accepted. In last round only drivers received at least one point in standings will be allowed to participate!

17:30 UTC / 19:30 CET / 20:30 EET
- 20 minutes of qualifying
18:00 UTC / 20:00 CET / 21:00 EET - race start

Special notes on qualifying:
* If there is no full 40 car grid,drivers championship's top 10 drivers will be allowed to start from end of the grid if joined late and missed qualification.

VERL Drivers Champion - awarded to a driver with the most points scored through all 6 rounds,including attendance bonus points
VERL Teams Champion - awarded to a team with the most points scored through all 6 rounds (team will score all points from it's 2 highest finished drivers and all round bonus points)
VERL Nations Cup Winner - awarded to a nation with the most points scored through all 6 rounds (nation will score all points from it's 2 highest finished drivers and all round bonus points)

In all championships - in case of a tie,higher rated will be driver/team/nation with highest finishing position,if equal - it's amount,if equal - second highest position etc. If all finishing positions happen to be equal,higher rated will be selected using same system from qualifying results. If they also happen to be equal then as a tie-breaker will be used last round finishing position. In case a tied driver had a disqualification in one or more rounds,it counts as a primary rating lowering factor,when deciding tiebreak.

Money prize:
In order to award best driver of series,there will be small money prize of 25€ to VERL Drivers Champion!
* money prize will be payed out only via SEPA bank transfer (available only in Europe) or via PayPal!

Points System:
Finishing points:
1st - 15 points
2nd - 12 points
3rd - 10 points
4th - 8 points
5th - 7 points
6th - 6 points
7th - 5 points
8th - 4 points
9th - 3 points
10th - 2 points

Everyone else,who completed full 2/3 (66.67%) of race distance - 1 point

Round bonus points:
Qualification win - 1 point (if qualifying time is equal,both/all will receive this bonus point)
Fastest lap in race - 1 point (if laptime is equal,both/all will receive this bonus point)

Championship bonus points:
Attendance in all 6 rounds - 3 points
Attendance in 5 rounds - 2 points
Attendance in 4 rounds - 1 point
* Attendance counts if a driver has started the race

We will not make a mile long rule book that noone will read completely anyway,so we will rely on common sence of competitors to behave and follow the basic Rules of Clean Racing. There will not be an admin in server who will specifically observe drivers' behaviour during the race. If any incidents reported/protested,we will take individual approach to each of them to decide best resolution or punishment if needed.

Basic guidelines as a reminder:
> Blue flag - you may not deny/block a passing manouvre of laping car and try a repass right after it. In qualification it means - stay off racing line and don't disturb drivers on hotlap.
> Shortcuts - 2 wheels on track at all times.
> Pit exit - allthough there will be no mandatory pitstop in this league,pit exit lines will have to be respected.
> Chatting - it's not completely outruled,but still drivers are expected to concentrate on racing. In case of too much chatting while ignoring messages asking to cease chatting,a penalty may be given. In case of any abusive/offensive language a penalty will be given!
> Lags - if there are any connection issues,driver will be asked to improve (close internet using programs). If driver will be considered as dangerous due to unstable connection and high ping,he will not be allowed to participate at the current round.
> Hacks/cheats - if used,you will not race with us. Ever. As simple as that.

Possible penalties:
> WARNING - any minor infraction that needs to be noted without penalty. Warned driver might receive bigger penalty for other infractions.
> 10s added to finish time - minor infractions,like pit exit line violation,too much chatting.
> 30s added to finish time (1 lap penalty in round 5) - medium infractions,like causing avoidable incident[s] without serious consequences.
> 60s added to finish time (1 lap penalty in round 2 / 2 laps penalty in round 5) - medium infractions,like causing avoidable incident[s] with consequences to other drivers (like damage,multiple position loss) or unsportsmanlike behaviour.
> Disqualification for 1 or more rounds - heavy infractions,multiple incidents,unsportsmanlike behaviour. After serving disqualification,driver will automatically carry a "warning" for the rest of season.
> Series exclusion (including ban for any other events run under Race Green Events control) - serious infractions like intentional/revenge wrecking,event sabotage and any other malicious act.

Signing up:
In order to compete in VERL 2015,you have to fill the registration form below,providing all needed information (in case of no team to represent,leave empty):
Quote :LFSW name:
In-game name:
Full team name:

Here's my sign-up as an example:

LFSW name: Eclipsed
In-game name: RG^Rony
Full team name: Race Green Autosports
Nation: Latvia

!Important: In case there are any changes to sign-up details,please quote your edited post in a new one with a note about changes,otherwise the changes won't be noticed and will not have any effect!
To avoid very late sign-ups and their tracking,you have to sign-up at least 10 minutes before start of a round!

Miscellaneous info:
> We will not use any numbers,skin requirements or official names in our league. But still feel free to use VERL logo on skins if you wish!
> Sign-up tracking and all the standings can be found in VERL 2015 spreadsheet.
> Signed-up drivers will receive server information and password at least 24h before round start (usually friday evening european time) via PM on this forum! Make sure you have enabled PM receiving! Server will be online without password until then.
> Series will be run using the latest stable version of LFS (currently 0.6J [0.6H compatible]).
> All information above can be changed,if so,a notification will be posted about it!

League server: V8 Racing League (online)

Join us,good luck in series and have fun!
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KY3X_GP Alternate-VERL2015-3.lyt - 6.2 KB - 703 views
AS2X_A23-VERL2015-4.lyt - 2.8 KB - 350 views
LFSW name: Iginla
In-game name: ggfm.jesse
Full team name: gotta go fast motorsports
Nation: Finland
LFSW naem: przemek21061995
In-game name: cq.arco
Full team name: Conquest Racing
Nation: Poland
LFSW name: denny12
In-game name: Tomáš Korený
Full team name: /
Nation: Czech Republic
nice effort with the logo Big grin
LFSW name: Flame CZE
In-game name: S M.Kapal
Full team name: SAVAGE SimSports
Nation: Czech Republic
LFSW name: michal 1279
In-game name: [MRc] Michal
Full team name: Master Race car
Nation: Czech Republic
Quote from Oliver Feistkorn :nice effort with the logo Big grin

Thanks! Razz Never intended to do something unique,just went for quite generic indy design,individualising it with Race Green Events colors...
Quote from vitaly_m :Rony, why don't you put awesome curbs like this?

Because 25cm ramp-walls proved to be too low to motivate drivers not to jump over them. The chicane is ment to make the section more challenging and also slow down a bit instead of lead them with bigger speed right into upcoming wall at the right side of chicane exit. I tried combination of lower and higher objects to make the curbs lower in one side and higher closer to wall,but LFS layout editor resolution is just too low to make it safer to suspension. So I left the older version and added posts to mark dangerous side of curbs.
LFSW name: TFalke55
In-game name: HoR Falke
Full team name: Heroes of Racing
Nation: Germany
LFSW name: vicano
In-game name: SERT Vican0
Full team name: Serbian Racing Team
Nation: Serbian
#12 - BIzO
LFSW Name : BIzO
In-game name : FSR Bizo
Full Team Name : French Street Racing
Nation : France
LFSW Name : Cornys
In-game name : [WR] C.Corns
Full Team Name : Worldwide Racing
Nation : United States
LFSW Name : Mauglis'''
In-game name : Mauglis'''
Full Team Name :
Nation : Lithuania
Yes, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
LFSW name: Zaabis
In-game name: [STO]A.Rozitis
Full team name: Sex Tourism Organizers
Nation: Latvia
LFSW name: edgars2229
In-game name: Edzis
Full team name: [MRc]Edzis
Nation: Latvia
Round 1 info
V8 Racing League 2015
Round 1

Sunday,28th June
17:30 UTC / 19:30 CET / 20:30 EET

Already this weekend the new V8 Racing League will be opened with round one held at the refreshed Westhill International racetrack. Allthough everything seems new and unknown in terms of competitors,some entries deffinitely stand out as favourites between others,but let's not try to jump start this league and let things go it's way!
Sign-ups are open until almost start of qualifying,so everyone still has chance to enter and start season!

Round info:
Track: Westhill International (WE2)
Laps: 35

Server info and password will be PM'ed friday evening (european time) to all entrants,until then server remains publically accessible:
V8 Racing League
LFSW name: Albers Fan
In-game name: [SR] C.Thun
Full team name: Sonicrealms Racing
Nation: Netherlands
LFSW name: sermilan
In-game name: [SR]sermilan
Full team name: Sonicrealms Racing
Nation: Serbia
LFSW name: F1 mainiac
In-game name: [WCL] B.Velinov
Full team name: World Class Lions
Nation: Bulgaria
Posting this for Thorsten since he forgot his web-password.

LFSW name: masterboy19660815
In-game name: 55 T.Ulrich
Full team name: /
Nation: Germany
Quote from Oliver Feistkorn :Posting this for Thorsten since he forgot his web-password.

Then he should use the "forgot your password" option in log in page,otherwise how should I send server info to him?
LFSW name: Niggo
In-game name: [LMC] N.Wrage
Full team name: Lübeck Motorsports Club
Nation: Germany
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V8 Racing League 2015 - information and sign-ups
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