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Nitor Velox
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Nitor Velox

International team started by Dennis Lind.

Nitor Velox is latin, Nitor means :

I bear or rest upon something, lean on; I am supported by; I am based on.
I press forward, advance.
I mount, climb, ascend; fly.
I strain in giving birth; bring forth.
(figuratively) I strive, struggle, exert myself, make an effort, labor, endeavor.
(figuratively) I try to prove, contend in argument, argue.
(figuratively) I rest, rely, depend upon.

Whilst Velox means :
swift, quick, fleet, rapid, speedy

So all in all, We've chosen to make an effort to be speedy or directly translated, Quick Gleam.

Dennis Lind,
A Danish real life racing driver who's been in LFS since the beginning of 2003 where he didn't do anything useful until he became older than 15 to finally start to use his potential, he's been in a list of respectable teams such as My3id, CoRe Racing, Renesis, nFinity eSports and ineX Racing. After recently breaking away from his 3 year stay at nfinity, he's gone on to become a team leader himself and take on a new challenge.

Tomek Nogieć (27.04.1994 - 14.01.2014)
A true LFS Legend, might not be old, but he's old enough to have a few tricks up his sleeve, a driver who doesn't enjoy finishing second or third.
Tomek is 19 years old, and has been active in LFS for the last 4 years, where he has been in many top teams such as CoRe Racing and My3id.

Tragically passed away during the night of the 14th of January in a car crash, He will forever be a part of this team, He's legacy lives on with nv. and we will forever honor his memory.
Good bunch of drivers glad you all found a home!

Good luck lads
Gl & hf
#6 - IMOL
Will be FU***NG GREAT TEAM! All great people there... Good luck guys!!!
Good luck guys, very impressive roster
Good luck :bannana_g
Good luck there, guys!
Best of luck, have fun, have fun AND have fun
nais nais
Good luck and wishes of a long life to this team!
Thanks for the positive feedback guys
Good to see you still have motivation to roll on in the current state of LFS and start a new team. Best of luck in the future.
I really support this notion of Dennis running a team. The guy is a real life racer for a reason and will be good to have him adding another team to our ranks.
Good Luck guys!
Good luck everyone! I hope to see a day where we can cross paths on the track.
Good luck!
Good luck!
Good luck to Most of Those drivers and the Team.
#23 - Emyn
Good luck
Good luck!

Nitor Velox
(245 posts, started )