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iRacing - chapter III
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Quote from Kid222 :I didn't care about ISR for a long time, but keep me posted with more info on this, it's getting interesting. :P

You shouldn't bother watching ISR (as it indirectly supports him with ad $$) as the show is terrible. It was sorta OK at times with Shaun, as they seemed a bit more sane with their reviews (albeit still iRacing biased), but the last time I watched an ISR video (which was fairly recent, only ~2 weeks old), he gave the impression that iRacing getting driver swaps was something revolutionary, even though LFS has had years of endurance racing with driver swaps.
Why people do not share setups here? It's a pain in the ass when you are new to a series and there's only 1 setup till the end of the week, when the track changes.
What series?
Indycar ?
So that'll be 5 GT3 cars racing against each other "soon". Need to get JJ72 to recreate the Craft Bamboo skin in iRacing!

Quote :Bedford, MA (September 11, 2014) – Motorsport Simulations, the world’s most realistic racing game, today announced the addition of four Aston Martin Racing cars to the lineup. will create a virtual version of the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 that will compete next weekend in the Nürburgring 1000 Blancpain Sprint Series event, as well as other Aston Martin Racing cars including the Le Mans class-winning DBR9.

“The opportunity to produce these authentic digital Aston Martins is genuinely exciting news for iRacing,” says Tony Gardner, President of “Aston Martin has long been synonymous with sports car racing excellence, and the opportunity to race the Vantage GT3, DBR9 and other Aston Martins on the virtual tracks of iRacing will generate tremendous enthusiasm among our members.”

The Aston Martins will join an impressive list of more than 40 world class sports, stock and open wheel cars already available to more than 52,000 iRacers worldwide. enables motorsports and gaming enthusiasts around the world to race against one another online on 65 laser-scanned road courses, ovals and speedways in officially-sanctioned and private league competition. From GT racing to NASCAR, Grand Prix racing to prototypes and IndyCars, iRacing delivers the most realistic racing experience you can have on your PC or Mac from the comfort and convenience of your home. With literally thousands of official races every week, there is always someone to race against at iRacing.

In celebration of its relationship with Aston Martin and the sponsorship of the Nürburgring 1000, iRacing is offering a free, three month subscription to new members who visit

Go to for more information on iRacing and to read testimonials from stock car, road racing and sim racing champions the world over.

The next season will be an update bash. Looking forward to it.
Quote from boothy :There's now two setups for Laguna Seca in the setup shop: You could also use one for another track that you think might suit, and go from there.

Thank you, I did for the first two days but it was shit.
its happening! The Ring!
I jizz in my pants.
Wow, this is really a HUGE announcement of the iR staff. Be prepared for numerous 24h Nordschleife events.
I recently tested iRacing again after a longer hiatus and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the NTM5... In my opinion it still suffers from a bit too much drop off with higher slip angles, but for the first time since they started I was able to pinpoint why a spin happened rather than having wtf-moments... I mainly tried the RUF and the V8SC - the Porsche felt great out of the box (though maybe slow), the Ford needed the base setup from the forums to come alive and be enjoyable...
lol, copycats
Let's see what happens at the ring with the iR physics, everyone demoted or kicked out because of safety ratings x1 by car spinning out of nowhere
Quote from chanoman315 :Let's see what happens at the ring with the iR physics, everyone demoted or kicked out because of safety ratings x1 by car spinning out of nowhere

I would get DQ'd before I finished a quarter of a lap
I don't know why but in LFS I can be 1 second off a WR but in iRacing can't go near 5 seconds of a good laptime, I just don't get that game.
Make sure you are checking the WRs of the current season, as physics change in each.
Watch an FW31 WR lap and laugh your ass off how unrealistic that driving is.
I have watched, for example the HPD at COTA, guys hitting 1:51s and I'm stuck at high 1:57s, I can't improve after mimicking the behaviour of the WR. Maybe I need to do 500 laps.
Hey guys, just as a quick promotion :
CoRe is supporting an iR-Cup with the german community The broadcast is in german though, but I think this is good racing if you look for something decent and short.

Quote :Race 1 : Skip Barber @ Montreal - 16.10.2014
Race 2 : Kia Optima @ Brands Hatch GP - 23.10.2014
Race 3 : GT3s @ Twin Ring Motegi (NIGHT) - 30.10.2014

Date : Thursday, always at 20:00 (GermanTime)

Serverstart : 20:00
Qualification : 20:45
Racestart : 21:00 Uhr (60 minutes racedistance)

Weather : Standard on all three racedays
Setup : Open
Fastrepair : 1 per raceday


- Forced pitstop with must-tyrechange between 25 and 35 minute
- Sporting Code and Gentlemen's Agreement of Racing are in effect
- No incident-limit
- Pointsystem as in F1 : P1=25P ; P2=18P ; P3=15P ; P4=12P ; P5=10P ; etc.

More infos here & here. If you would like to run just tell me as a PM and I can do the registration for you. We have 35 slots free and 10 are already taken shortly after the annoucement, so be fast.
Quote from chanoman315 :I don't know why but in LFS I can be 1 second off a WR but in iRacing can't go near 5 seconds of a good laptime, I just don't get that game.

that's because a lot of iRacing is setup. IndyCar is perfect example. You can go to a flat out track and be a second off pace despite having the same gears and aero settings as some one. Every minor adjustment plays in a lot.

I've driven the F1 car and it really is unrealistic. But, with a proper setup it feels half decent I must admit.

iRacing - chapter III
(1141 posts, started )