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Quote from kars19 :Thumbs up Ronyfor not buying some boring car ,like for example 2.0l diesel estate, form Munich

So just because it's mid-engined and petrol it's not a boring car?
Imma gonna photowhore whit some new pictures of my "toy".

I'm only running 1.0 bar of sissyboost now (was supposed to go for 1.5 - 1.7 bar this summer) but upping the boost creates a problem with compressor surge so I have to invest for some properly ported big valve head before upping the boost.
Good thing I have been able to livemap it properly so the overall driveability has increased quite a lot.

Yes I know too much photos of one car but damnit I can't decide to weed out any more of them.

Anyway here's the photos:

Conveniently timed aircraft:

Have you thought about porting it yourself PeBe? Theres a few guides and bits about. Not sure if des hamill's pinto book covers turbo porting though, but theres a few specialist books out purely for tuning the pinto engine. might save you a few € and means you can port it to how you want the engine to be
Yeah I have been considering it, but there is also occasionally good big valve heads popping up for sale for not too much money (pintos are quite common still around here) so might go for a ready one too.

+ I don't think I can do the big valve conversion myself.
++ I would like to use head from someone who is known to be good at it, since with that upgrade I'm also wanting to start to prepare for bigger bhp numbers. Practicing myself wouldn't possibly get as good results.
You can always practice on your old head if you still have it, although carb heads are different to injection in port shape, not by much though. With a turbo i guess its as straight and open as possible rather than needing to create any pull as the air is being forced in already! first page of that might give you an idea as to what you might want/need. its for a 200bhp n/a pinto but gives an idea.
I actually have the how to power tune pinto book in pdf (IIRC I have two different ones) and they do show quite well what to do.
I only have injection heads actually (one what is actually ported already, but this is most probably going on top of another N/A pinto engine at a later date) and the one that is currently on this turbo car (intake side ported only), tho I think it will stay in the car as long as I have another head prepared and ready to be swapped.

There is just quite a few things that I don't expect to be able to do at home myself. Like proper valve seats fitting to be used with unleaded and double valve springs (I'm also gonna go for a bigger cam the current Burton 134 doesn't quite do it for me). The porting itself is quite a DIY job, but I think it should be done by the same guy who does the big valve conversion.

Maybe at some point in the future I'll start to practice to do it myself but currently it doesn't seem like a very wise option, after all the amount of money saved isn't very big either when you look at the big picture.
Quote from BigPeBe :pics

it's missing something from the side... I fixed it for you.(Just had to, because the resemblance was so massive)


Meanwhile I've been painting wheels yet again. This time they look even half decent. Kind of a budget solution but hopefully I'll be running something more interesting next summer. Was surprised how decent the paint looks, even though it was done with just cans.

14x8 ET3 and 14x8.5 ET-3
Oh no that's horrible lol.

No tofu shops for me for fuks sake.
Plans changed.

No touring. Just got back from the BMW Dealership. Bought a 318D E90 Sedan with full M-package (suspension, steering wheel, shift knob, black roofing, sport seats etc..)
It's some cool red color. Also has carbon fibre splitters on the side of the front bumper (500-600€ M Performance option).
Will suit me much better. Will pick it up next thursday, will post pictures then. Color is something like this:

Mine is the facelift though.

That is one hot car.
Still not running, but close!

lol How much money do you people have? With your 50 different cars... Recession my ass!
well check their one u can fit at least 2 cars, u gotta fill them somehow
Quote from Blade3562 :Still not running, but close!

They are so good looking! I've gotten into a newer mk3 gti recently (I wouldn't go for the terrible new ones though) and could only wish of ever having it looking that good
You drive a Mortal Kombat 3?
Are those US bumpers or something? Ugly as hell!
Just take the bumpers off that way you can pay thousands for body repair and paint if you bump something instead of going to the junkyard for $50. <-- Logic for people who drive plastic cars.
just dont bump into things < - Logic for not cheapasses!
Those bumpers have saved my car from the junkyard on more than one occasion! I think they look original, like the rest of the car which is really cool.
Quote from flymike91 :Those bumpers have saved my car from the junkyard on more than one occasion! I think they look original, like the rest of the car which is really cool.

And I only have a few grand across my 4 cars I don't just buy I wait for a good deal.

Us bumpers would have save the blue car from this.

i may buy my next bimmer this weekend,hopefully its not sold as it was put up yesterday. ill give a hint. its an Exx :P
Quote from e2mustang :i may buy my next bimmer this weekend,hopefully its not sold as it was put up yesterday. ill give a hint. its an Exx :P

E21 or E28? Woo hoo!

Hardtop back on in a month....

Post your Car two
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