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Quote from beefyman666 :Not whining. Make the 'foam' less bright next time and it will look a bit better.

So les brightnes = good

Well ,if someon can make something with mi pic

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LFS ino.jpg
Here is a quickie I did in school:

I may fix the probs later....

Added stuff:
Red seats
Prodrive wheels
motion blur
darker skies
Black Scoop/Rear fender
tinted windscreen

plus I'm a newbie to photoshop
Quote from Furiously-Fast :
plus I'm a newbie to photoshop

That can be seen quite clearly but for a first..ish go at adding all this stuff you did quite well. Just need to hone those skills.
Quote from Maukkade :cool

Aw this amkkes my atempt look shitty note its my 2nd
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2nd edit.jpg
cool thank you both
Quote from Chrisuu01 :Aw this amkkes my atempt look shitty note its my 2nd

thats better, but the darker smoke inside the light smoke is a bit too sharp
what are we supposed to do with a render?
good question! i wanted to do something with this in photoshop, but i don't have any idea for it, thats why posted it here!
thx too all for the work
wooow not bad
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could've asked me. To be really honest, this angle makes it hard to make any edit, i.e. wings, rims, etc.
I can't stand tilted images, I can't edit them for crap, I don't know why, but it just makes it a billion times harder and a hundred times not worth it.

When I'm taking a picture the only time I tilt my camera is when I'm filling up the frame, otherwise tilting is.. useless
Guys it's fine.

Smurf edited it for me anyway. I just thought i may as well upload it here so if any1 else wanted to have a go, they could.
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Here's some fresh screenshots.
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Edit my screenshot
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