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5 reasons why you still play LFS
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5 reasons why you still play LFS
- Potential
- Heart warming community members
- Easy installation
- Playable with a cardboard

What about you?
#2 - JJ72
I place objects on the race course and watch AI crash into them creating major pile ups.
#4 - Litro
*close racing
*interesting racing
*make pbs
*troll around
*minimal requirements
1° Easy installation
2° Easy pick server and drive
3° Great NetCode
4° Physics engine
5° The level of competition is superb
1. Always online people;
2. Physics, yo;
3. Funny things;
4. Still waiting for new stuff;
5. Bcuz racecar.
1. Scirocco
2. Rockingham
3. New tyre physics
4. S3
#9 - majod
-fun (but only within 1.)
-adrenalin online
1. Realisation of events
2. Variability (rally, endu, layouts)
3. Physics'n'shit
4. Netcode'n'shit
5. People
6. African children can play it with me on their lever powered laptops
7. ???
1. Team Rock Racing
2. Nice gaming community
3. Physics engine
4. Netcode (awesum-o 3000)
5. ScaViEr
6. Organizing leagues and events
7. Close call racing
8. Easy Pick-up racing
9. Variety of driving (race, rally, cruise, stunt, drift, endurance, etc.)
10. Managing a team
11. Making new friends to meet in real life
12. Hope for new content
13. The XFG, LX4 FOX, FBM & FO8
14. Aston, Blackwood & Fern Bay
15. Realism
16. ???
17. Attending to fun events
18. PB management system of LFS World
19. Easy to show online stats in-game
20. The insim possiblities
21. The easy skins possibilities and DDS editing
22. Tommy Østgaard
23. Need say more?
I don't.
1. Wilko's voice.
Quote from rockclan :
23. Need say more?

You should've used '23. Scawen |24. Victor |(last but not least)25. Eric' to have more numbers

E: Oh, and for my reasons?
1. Awesome community, good for my English (most of the time at least )
2. UFR and XRT (for racing, not drifting)!
3. Love Scawen's perfectionism (I honestly do. I don't mind waiting for high quality stuff)
4. AS5@UFR!
5. LLM
6. Physics of course.
7. Nearly forgot! Low system requirements FTW!

Order is random.
I don't need any excuses for reasons to play a game. If it's fun, and I feel like it, I'm playing it, simple as that. And LFS is in my opinion still untouched in it's genre, therefor I "still" play it.
Quote from PMD9409 :1. Wilko's voice.

He's the modern day Barry White. His deep, jazzy voice. Such remarks as "Oh, we have a car stopped... Oh, it's the rescue vehicle"...
1. Scawen Pls
2. Eric pls
3. Victor pls
4. Flame pls
5. Someone has to drive Jarda's sets..
1. """Community""" (yes, it needs this many quotes around it)
2. Leagues
3. Realism
4. Variety
5. The amount of people not able to count to 5.
Quote from Flame CZE :1. """Community""" (yes, it needs this many quotes around it)
2. Leagues
3. Realism
4. Variety
5. The amount of people not able to count to 5.

Nooo, we just want to show that we can count more than 5!
1. I don't know
2. SAVAGE SimSports
3. League Racing
4. Flame pls
5. Mr.Korený pls
1. LLM
2. NDR
3. RR
4. kyoto 250
5. Endurance racing
I do not play LFS anymore, sadly.
1. some hilarious elements around the forum
2. random T1 mayhem
3. car feel
4. couple of cool blokes on here
5. fun
1. Last Lap Motorsports
2. New Dimension Racing
3. Cargame
4. Good enough graphics
5. Good enough physics

5 reasons why you still play LFS
(149 posts, started )