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Race Green Autosports practically is a reloaded version of the old TheReality Racing Team (or earlier named just TheReality),which history stretches up to year 2006,where team founder Roby (naming his team after the name of his amateur film studio) together with his mates made demo servers unsafe. Through years team,which was based and practically raced only on local latvian servers,had multiple line-up changes,merging with other teams,saying goodbyes to inactive members. Since late 2010 team started to breathe some air from international level racing,while the support and interest from original team creators and members faded away. That's why the most active member of team Rony decided to "reload" team under new name and concepts - we're going international!

September 29th is considered as the official birth day of RGA,when Rony under new tag took part in OWRL S2 league Season 21 1st round. Our main goal - league racing. Take part in various leagues and enjoy the racing,giving our best while staying clean racers. This is also symbolised in our logo - racing from green flag to checkered without causing any yellows! Of course,nobody is perfect,anyone makes mistakes,but we will make sure to learn from them.

Our current members:

Rony Kronpušs (Eclipsed)
- team founder and general manager
Rolands "Invecs" Kampars (Invecs) - inactive
Andis "Carbon" Bērziņš (CarbonS) - inactive
Patrick "Fαlcon" Hall (FalconBridge)
Dániel "Mandula" Balla (MandulAA)
- team manager
Matthias "Tisu" Pipelka (woidviadla) - inactive
Didzis "delis" Nāckalns (delis)
Tadas "Dzidoris" Ragauskas (matrxs)
Maciej Klimczyk (jackson93)
Jefin "RedBot" Jacob (redbot_)
Lorenzo Lucidi (thegamer23)
Agostinho "Nosle" da Silva (cuni)
Ivan "RD2" Slavov (rallydriver2)

Under unofficial conditions (where no specific name format is needed) you can spot our members using tag RG^ - where RG stands for Race Green while ^ stands for Autosports and it's colored in drivers desired color. Our team has no specific team skins (unless some enthusiastic member creates them) as every member is allowed to express his individuality with his favourite colors.

Our team is open for new drivers to apply for membership - we are searching for clean,troublefree and fair racers,who are willing to participate in LFS leagues. If you're interested,feel free to PM or speak in servers with team's managers.

Under teams name there is also event organization section - Race Green Events. Currently we are running the semi-weekly race event RTFR and the longer monthly version RTFR XL,annualy held leagues AWS,VERL,STARL and also running individual events like Summer 1000, 300km/400km of Westhill, This is Crashmaaas !!! and it's "sister" TiC MayDay MayHem.

Team's achievements:


28.02. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2013 - Drivers Champion (Invecs)
28.02. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2013 - FXR Master award (Invecs)
28.02. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2013 - Teams Champions
17.04. GT1 World Series 2013 - 8th in AM classification (with cooperation with AAR&friends)
23.04. Genuine Racing GT1 Challenge 2013 - 8th place in Drivers Championship (Invecs)
23.04. Genuine Racing GT1 Challenge 2013 - 5th place in Teams Championship
22.06. Kyoto 500 2013 - pole position (Falcon)
04.07. Realistic NASCAR Cup Series 2013 - 2nd place in Overall Points Standings (Rony)
04.07. Realistic NASCAR Cup Series 2013 - 2nd place in Teams Championship Standings
12.08. Genuine Racing Turbo Trophy 2013 - 3rd place in Drivers Championship (Matiss)
12.08. Genuine Racing Turbo Trophy 2013 - 5th place in Teams Championship
05.09. LFSCART Series 2013 - Drivers Champion (Rony)
05.09. LFSCART Series 2013 - Teams Champions
08.09. LFSCART Light Series 2013 - 3rd place in Drivers Championship (Rony)
08.09. LFSCART Light Series 2013 - 2nd place in Teams Championship

25.01. 2014 Kyoto 400 - pole position (Falcon)
01.02. 2014 Kyoto 400 - race win (Rony)
24.02. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2014 - Teams Champions
01.03. 2014 Fern Bay 150 - race win (Falcon)
16.05. Torsdagsrace Season 34 - 2nd in drivers championship (Rony)
16.05. Torsdagsrace Season 34 - Teams champions
22.06. 2014 Kyoto 500 - pole position (Falcon)
26.07. CityLiga CL10³ Event - 2nd place in GTi class (M.Velikov,Rony)
15.08. Torsdagsrace Season 35 - 2nd in drivers championship (Rony)
15.08. Torsdagsrace Season 35 - Teams champions
24.10. Torsdagsrace Season 36 - 3rd in Drivers championship (Rony)
24.10. Torsdagsrace Season 36 - 2nd in Teams championship
12.11. LFSCART Series 2014 - Teams Champions
20.11. Genuine Racing GT1 Challenge 2014 - 5th in Teams Championship

16.01. Torsdagsrace Season 37 - 2nd in Teams championship
06.02. Vires F1 Champ 2015 - 2nd in Drivers championship (Tisu)
06.02. Vires F1 Champ 2015 - Teams champions
10.03. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2015 - teams champions
28.03. 2015 Kyoto 250 - pole position (Falcon)
24.04. Torsdagsrace Season 38 - drivers champion (M.Velikov)
24.04. Torsdagsrace Season 38 - teams champions
23.08. Torsdagsrace Season 39 - 2nd in Drivers championship (Rony)
23.08. Torsdagsrace Season 39 - 2nd in Teams championship
08.10. V8 Racing League 2015 - 2nd place in Drivers Championship (Rony)
08.10. V8 Racing League 2015 - 2nd place in Teams Championship

03.03. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2016 - Teams champions
22.12. Open Endurance Cup Three - GT1 Champions
22.12. Open Endurance Cup Three - 3rd in Teams championship

25.11. V8 Racing League 2018 - 2nd in Teams championship

23.03. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2019 - 2nd in Teams championship
26.08. Short Track Auto Racing League 2019 - Teams champions

16.02. Born To Race Oval Wednesday Events - 2nd in Teams Standing
14.03. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2020 - FXR Master (Dzidoris)
14.03. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2020 - Teams champions
01.09. Short Track Auto Racing League 2020 - Drivers champion (Rony)
01.09. Short Track Auto Racing League 2020 - Oval Trophy winner (Rony)
01.09. Short Track Auto Racing League 2020 - Teams champions
24.10. Layout Racing League 2020 - 4th in Drivers championship (Mandula)
07.11. Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup - 9th in Drivers championship (Mandula)
28.11. V8 Racing League 2020 - 2nd in Teams championship
29.12. Born To Race Open Wheel Series 2020 - 3rd in Drivers championship (Mandula)

27.03. NDR GT2 Challenge 2021 - 9th in Drivers championship (Mandula)
06.04. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2021 - 2nd in Teams championship
24.07. Short Track Auto Racing League 2021 - 2nd in Teams championship
12.09. LFSCART Light Series 2021 - Round 3 race win (Falcon)
06.11. Gabor's excellent classic.FM - Series champion (Rony)
07.11. V8 Racing League 2021 - 3rd in Teams championship
25.12. LFSCART Light Series 2021 - 3rd in Drivers championship (Falcon)
25.12. LFSCART Light Series 2021 - 2nd in Teams championship

25.03. All-wheel-drive Winter Series 2022 - 2nd in Teams championship
22.05. Argentina Turismo 6h of Kyoto - 3rd position
19.11. V8 Racing League 2022 - Teams champions
04.12. AA Saturday Special 2022 - 3rd in Drivers standings (M@ciek)

Driver titles: 10
AWS 2013 Drivers Champion, AWS 2013 FXR Master, LFSCART Series 2013 Drivers Champion, AWS 2014 RB4 Master, AWS 2014 Cross Challenge Winner, Torsdagsrace S38 Champion, AWS 2020 FXR Master, STARL 2020 Drivers Champion, STARL 2020 Oval Trophy winner, Gabor's excellent classic.FM champion
Team titles: 15
AWS 2013, LFSCART Series 2013, AWS 2014, Torsdagsrace S34, Torsdagsrace S35, LFSCART Series 2014, Vires F1 Champ 2015, AWS 2015, Torsdagsrace S38, AWS 2016, OEC3, STARL 2019, AWS 2020, STARL 2020, VERL 2022

Team wants to thank:
  • Christian Kistner - for helping to create the main element of logo!
  • Angry Angus Racing and individually Yann Laprevotte,András Szarka,Kevin Leu and Lars Wylensek - for cooperation in NDR's GT1 World series 2013!
  • Jared Meade - for cooperation in New Endurance Challenge 2013!
  • Thorsten Ulrich - for being a valuable team member from may to august 2013 and helping to score good points for team in LFSCART Series 2013!
  • Toni Aničić - for being a valuable team member from february to october 2013!
  • Toms Edušs - for helping as a guest driver for team in Genuine Racing GTi Trophy 2014!
  • Sandis Sietiņš - for being a valuable team member from may 2014 to march 2015 - he scored 5 wins,2 pole positions for the team,also helped score points in various leagues!
  • Matīss Linde - for being valuable team member from january 2013 to december 2015 - he scored 9 wins,2 pole positions,2 driver titles and was a valuable points scorer during many leagues also towards teams championships!
  • Mihail Velikov - for being most valuable team member during his membership from december 2013 to december 2015 - he scored 20 wins,5 pole positions,1 drivers title and was a valuable points scorer during many leagues also towards teams championships!
  • Jari Katila and World Class Lions team - for sponsoring RTFR and RTFR XL since 2019!
  • Pete Butcher and - for streaming RTFR and RTFR XL races in 2021 and 2022!
#2 - kiste
Viel Glück und Spaß Rony! Man sieht sich auf der Strecke
#3 - rik97
Good luck guys, and will see you on the track
#5 - Zay
Good luck guys
#6 - ZyXEL
Carbonāde da best :elefant:
Cyas out there
Veel geluk en succes toegewenst, wie ist das Deutsche land?

Looking forward to see succes from this team!

Race Green, race clean, gogogo, good luck!
Gl for the team!

You make movies Rony? Could you tell us more about that?
Not me,that's Roby (easy to mix up names ,at one point we were 3 in team - Roby,Jony and Rony ),the founder of the old TheReality team. I joined them some years later...

Race Green Autosports joins forces with Angry Angus Racing for GT1 World Series

Both teams were interested to take part in new series,but both were lacking manpower for it's longest races - after some negotiations both teams agreed to work together and founded Green Angus Racing to achieve better results. In shorter rounds this union will field 2 cars,both in amateurs class,to allow all drivers have some racing experience,while for longer rounds all drivers will be concentrated on 1st car.

This will be a huge step towards endurance racing for Race Green Autosports,as none of the drivers have ever finished anything longer than 4 hour race (the only attempt for 6h race in GT2WS 2011 ended with car upside down after 2/3 of distance),but with experience in other leagues, both entered drivers are very confident to raise this mark.

Season starts this evening with 48h long pre-qualifying for 500 km of Blackwood,where 33 currently registered teams will fight for 30 starting positions,all drivers of this union are ready to give their best to put both cars on grid.
Neat - best of luck to you guys.
Good luck with your co-operation in GT1WS!
Great stuff guys, hope it works out for you,gl!
Good luck, guys. Make sure to practice a lot :-)
Good luck guys
Quote from MousemanLV :Good luck, guys. Make sure to practice a lot :-)

This is important, so you dont become a roadbock

Best of luck to both parties!
Good luck!
Good luck with the team! Nice to see that someone is still doing something from Latvia.
The year,team was founded,now slowly goes to the end,so it's time to inform about our achievements!

Open Wheel Racing League S2 Season 21

This is the league,where RGA name actually made it's first steps,unfortunately only one driver was able to take part in this. The OWRL Season 21 can be written off as slightly unsuccessful,as Rony finished 8th in both Formula V8 rounds' main races as the best result,always lacking top speed on track due to wrong car settings. 8th is also the final overall standings position - 3 positions lower than in Season 19,when competition was bigger and stronger than this season.
OWRL is still one of the target leagues of RGA,expect the team to be back at next S2 season and possibly try even OWRL F1 next year!

World TBO Championship Series 2012

Currently the most popular TBO class league was attended by two RGA drivers and one "loan" driver,who did just one appearance though. Invecs finished 11th in Driver's points standings with missing first 2 rounds,finishing twice in top 10 between other 4 rounds,showing respectable performance with his blue XRT,carrying the joke snail on it's side. Rony switched to XRT between WTBOCS seasons and never had any good pace for whole season,finishing 13th twice as best round result,ending just 20th in final standings even with 100% attendance. Expect him to switch back to the lighter FXO next year though. In Team's points standings Race Green Autosports finished in pretty respectable 6th place.
Even all these results are lower than last year's achievements,it's worth to mention that competition in this league has increased massively,so it's no dissapointment for this "regress" in standings.

All-wheel-drive Winter Series

The own hosted series brought the first victory for Race Green Autosports team - after round 1,where Rony made on the official podium,round 2 was won by his teammate Invecs - he raced his lemon colored RB4 carefully,stuck with leaders and used the situation for his advantage when tempers,that heated up between rivals,turned this race very physical. After 2 of 8 rounds,both drivers are in top 5 of Drivers Championship standings,but RGA leads Teams Chamionship standings,even with having same points count as the old rivals STO. Of course after one quarter of season is way too early to predict anything as AWS features a lot of different races.

GT1 World Series

Unfortunatelly even with joining forces with Angry Angus Racing,this league has become a misfortune - none of the both fielded cars have been able to qualify themselves into race. After seeing one of competitors withdrawing from round 1 race,the active standby #1 was allowed to start the race - Green Angus Racing XRR with our canadian colleague Jared Meade by the wheel,made successfully through the early race phase mess and was at top of bottom half at one point,but after the first pitstop he made a mistake at the chicane and rolled the car,finishing the race early. Round 2 seen even tougher competition at pre-qualifying,making both GAR cars packed up in trucks and leaving the race area before the actual race.

...few other things...

We have been joining 2 other series - GenR GT1 Challenge has been as tough as GT1WS in qualifying,none of both entered cars were able to make the race. SpeedServers UF1 Trophy was another league RGA attended with mixed results,but unfortunately organizers still haven't found the possibility to sum up the short season.

Team is still open to apply for joining the team. We are searching for clean,troublefree and fair racers,who are willing to participate in various LFS leagues. Feel free to contact us,if you're interesed!

And of course a little advertisement - wednesday,26th December we host an event,which could make forget all the troubles and help let some steam off on race track - it's time for 2nd edition of the X-mas derby event This is Crashmaaas !!! Visit the link of my signature to find out more!

That's about it what we wanted to say,Race Green Autosports wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all LFSers. And don't forget to race clean!
Nice write up, Rony. Very well done
It's been a good start of year 2013 fo the team,as we have couple good news. Some might have noticed the 2 new faces wearing Race Green Autosports tag,but now it's time to make it official:

After some time representing foreign team,Matīss Linde (LFSW: Sn1p) decided to look towards teams based in his home country and our team attracted his interest with activity in league racing. He was a quite active demo racer for about a year before deciding to buy S2 licence and try what it gives. His first team was MRc,later he joined latvian team STO,after some time he joined the italian based PlayerZone. He is now also the most experienced driver of team in terms of distance driven online.
In the real world the 16 year old teenager currently studies in technical school to become a computer technician. In free time he plays handball for the local team,which isn't the only sport he does,but also spends some time at PC.
Matīss will use his name without special sign beside team's tag and represent team in various leagues he will be interested in.

While first new member joined team to join his comptriotes,2nd one is the first non-compatriote of us - Patrick Hall (LFSW: FalconBridge) comes from eastcoast of Canada,making the team officially international. His team history mostly includes small teams - VUR, Alpha Racing, Dutch NASCAR Team,where none of those were active in league racing.
Patrick likes to push stones on ice and sweep the ice - yes,he is playing curling in his free time,while the some free time is taken away with classes at college.
Fαlcon is the nickname he uses beside team tag and Patrick as an oval specialist will represent the team in various oval leagues/events,but he will try to improve his skill also in right turns,enjoying all types of racing.

The old members of Race Green Autosports are welcoming the new ones,and we hope you enjoy your stay!
Congratz to Falcon and Sn1p

Good luck guys
Well done!

Keep with it

And congrats to the 2 new members, best of luck !

Best Regards,

Race Green Autosports
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