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Vonken Baby GT-R Event at -TRR- Events 4th Anniversary
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Vonken Baby GT-R Event at -TRR- Events 4th Anniversary

The Vonken Baby GT-R Event is part of the CM Storm -TRR- Championship 2012.

For this event we will drive with the lovely UFB around the nice A22! It's really a fight for seconds in every corner. This is hopefully short and fun race, we will drive only 22 laps.

-TRR- Events celebrates it's 4th anniversary this race, back in September 2009 we started with organizing our first public event, being a LAN-Party.

We are proud to say that after 4 years, we might not have grown too much, but the fun has stayed in our events, even though we have never really had much attendees.

We would like to break our record of attendees on our 4th anniversary, so we invite you all to sign up for this fun event.

Use the sign-up form below, and reply to the topic with it.

First and Lastname:
LFSW Username:
Team Tag:

Entry List (26/32):
#01 Nikifor Đaković - N I K I - Team Rock Racing
#06 Rik Kardol - rik97 - Team Rock Racing
#07 Walter Lemmens - rockclan - Team Rock Racing
#10 Marian Todorov - Ring - no team
#11 Bozhidar Velinov - F1 mainiac - Team Rock Racing
#12 Jani Bruce - pirpana99 - Team Rock Racing
#16 Renau Kööts - VTiRacing - spdo Racing
#17 Christel van Essen - hoitjes - Team Rock Racing
#22 Frank Sinchety - Franky.S - Team Rock Racing
#24 Anton Ahlers - Dutchiejr - Team Rock Racing
#28 Sebastian Wojtkowiak - intrex1020 - Team Rock Racing
#29 Mathias Nielsen - nielsenracer - nFinity eSports
#30 Scott Ling - [DIH]Grilla - Ident-Racing
#31 Mateusz Daszkiewicz - Gargus - Conquest Racing
#32 Michał Miziołek - msk - Conquest Racing
#33 Łukasz Małecki - Foqs - Conquest Racing
#34 Michał Krzywdziński - Jotemi - Conquest Racing
#35 Michał Ungeheuer - Wobo - Conquest Racing
#36 Marcin Makałowski - Makao - Conquest Racing
#45 Nemanja Pavlovic - Muhi_GP - Serbia Racing Team
#49 Ville Vehmanen - ville1806 - no team
#52 Tomáš Korený - Denny12 - rForce
#75 Jan Pičkar - HonzaNB - no team
#76 Chris Vourliotis - vourliotis - no team
#86 William Fernandes - wfr0021 - Team Rock Racing trial
#90 John Hockett - Edge3147 - MidWest Racing

Rules here!

Point system Celebration race:

Celebrate Race:
1st: 40
2nd: 37
3rd: 34
4th: 27
5th: 24
6th: 20
7th: 17
8th: 14
9th: 10
10th: 7
11th: 4
12th: 3
13th: 2
14th: 1

Celebrate Qualification:
1st: 5
2nd: 3
3rd: 1

Celebrate other:
Fastest lap: 5
Highest climb: 5
Worst luck: 2
#2 - rik97
First and Lastname: Rik kardol
LFSW Username: Rik97
Teamname: Team Rock Racing
Team Tag: -TRR-
Desired-Carnumber: 06!
Date-of-Birth: eeeh lol..., 07-02-1997
Nationality: the Netherlands
First and Lastname: William Fernandes
LFSW Username: wfr0021
Teamname: Team Rock Racing - in test
Team Tag: -TRRt-
Desired-Carnumber: 86
Date-of-Birth: 21-05-1994
Nationality: Brasil
First and Lastname: Tomáš Korený
LFSW Username: Denny12
Teamname: rForce
Team Tag: R\
Desired-Carnumber: 52
Date-of-Birth: 13-10-1999
Nationality: Czech RAPublic
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Thanks, your sign-ups have been added.
First and Lastname: Chris Vourliotis
LFSW Username: vourliotis
Teamname: no team
Team Tag: -
Desired-Carnumber: 76
Date-of-Birth: 07-05-1976
Nationality: Greece

Also and sorry if I missed something, is there a server for practice? Some infos for qualify or skin?
Quote from vourliotis :
Also and sorry if I missed something, is there a server for practice? Some infos for qualify or skin?

Sorry for not adding that info, but it mainly is in the CM Storm -TRR- Championship 2012 topic.

For practise and the official event the server is:
-TRR- Events
(no pass, event pass will be send via PM)

Qualifying is a 20 min open session, Shift+p is allowed. Full rules: ... tition/championship-rules

For skins, you can have any skin.
First and Lastname: Nemanja Pavlovic
LFSW Username: Muhi_GP
Teamname: Serbian Racing Team
Team Tag: SERT
Desired-Carnumber: 45
Date-of-Birth: 01.04.1992.
Nationality: Serbia
Thanks rocklan.
Last time i race with UFB was around 2 years ago.
Nice combo
First and Lastname: Mateusz Daszkiewicz
LFSW Username: Gargus
Desired-Carnumber: 31
Date-of-Birth: 1985-06-12

First and Lastname: Michał Miziołek
LFSW Username: msk
Desired-Carnumber: 32
Date-of-Birth: 1993-08-31

First and Lastname: Łukasz Małecki
LFSW Username: Foqs
Desired-Carnumber: 33
Date-of-Birth: 1986-09-15

First and Lastname: Michał Krzywdziński
LFSW Username: Jotemi
Desired-Carnumber: 34
Date-of-Birth: 1988-09-10

First and Lastname: Michał Ungeheuer
LFSW Username: Wobo
Desired-Carnumber: 35
Date-of-Birth: 1996-08-24

First and Lastname: Marcin Makałowski
LFSW Username: Makao
Desired-Carnumber: 36
Date-of-Birth: 1988-02-16

Teamname: Conquest Racing
Team Tag: cq
Nationality: Poland
Conquest Racing invasion :eek:
Thanks for these incredible amount of sign-ups from Conquest Racing!

First and Lastname: Mathias Nielsen
LFSW Username: nielsenracer
Teamname: nFinity eSport
Team Tag: n\
Desired-Carnumber: 29
Date-of-Birth: 29-03-1997
Nationality: Denmark
First and Lastname:Sbestian Wojtkowiak
LFSW Username:intrex1020
Teamname:Team Rock Racing
Team Tag:-TRR-
Quote from rik97 :First and Lastname: Rik kardol
LFSW Username: Rik97
Teamname: Team Rock Racing
Team Tag: -TRR-
Desired-Carnumber: 06!
Date-of-Birth: eeeh lol..., 07-02-1997
Nationality: the Netherlands

Edit: team
First and Lastname: Jan Pičkar
LFSW Username: HonzaNB
Team Tag:
Desired-Carnumber: 75
Date-of-Birth: 5.6.1975
Nationality: Czech
sign-ups to close at 17:00 GMT+2 / 15:00 UTC
First and Lastname: Ville Vehmanen
LFSW Username: ville1806
Teamname: None
Team Tag:-
Desired-Carnumber: 49
Date-of-Birth: 18/06/1997
Nationality: Finland
First and Lastname: John Hockett
LFSW Username: Edge3147
Teamname: MidWest Racing
Team Tag: [MWR]
Desired-Carnumber: 90
Date-of-Birth: 05/19/88
Nationality: USA Bitches!
First and Lastname: reno kööts
LFSW Username: vtiracing
Teamname: spdoracing
Team Tag: spdo
Desired-Carnumber: 16
Date-of-Birth: 04/12/95
Nationality: estonia
Come on, we need just 4 more attendees to break the record!
Can you add me on list??? I dont see me
First and Lastname: Scott Ling
LFSW Username:[DIH]Grilla
Teamname: Ident-Racing
Team Tag:IR
Desired-Carnumber:101 - If it has to be under 100 then 30
Date-of-Birth: 18/09/1990
All added, sorry Ville, overlooked yours.
why im not on singup list? :P

Vonken Baby GT-R Event at -TRR- Events 4th Anniversary
(48 posts, started )