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2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix Santander von Deutschland (Nürburgring GP)

Race Date: 24 Jul 2011
Number of Laps: 60
Circuit Length: 5.148 km
Race Distance: 308.863 km
Lap Record: 1:29.468 - M. Schumacher (2004)

Alonso led P1, seems the weather is overcast and cold, which had the McLarens struggling.

P2 starting in ...~10mins.
Bah Di Resta 12th, thought he might sneak into Q3 there.

Edit: Also where's the F1 chatter this week? It's looking good for the race, RB, Ferrari and McLaren all very competitive.
Mighty lap from Hamilton!
Pretty average Hamilton there, shoulda got pole
Webber should win this hopefully.
Flat in 7th, with KERS and DRS on through Schumacher S for Red Bull - mighty
Alonso lucky Hamilton is in front of him this time. We all know what happens when he's following red cars.

Webber should win it, but Vettel will.
Ever since they changed the diffuser rules for qualiying webber has been equal if not better then vettel.

I think there is slot of weight behind the suggestion that webber was never comfortable with the blown diffuser set up in the first place, and may show a little light on his slump in qualifing aganist vettel in the second half of 2010.

Also that lap by Hamilton was easily the qualifing performance of the year, but i doubt he has much chance to translate it to a win.
On BBC F1 Brundle said he spoke to Webber, and it's the changes Pirelli have made to make the tyres more durable that are really suiting him. He said, "it's playing right into my hands."

Edit: Apparently Pirelli have been getting a lot of flack from their competitors about how they can't make a tyre that lasts, which any real F1 fan knows is complete bullshit.
Amazing lap from Hamilton he deserved pole for that.
He would've, had he not ran wide at the hairpin, but looking forward to the race, Alonso to get past Vettel on lap 1 and make it even more interesting
#14 - troy
This race is epic!

And with rain likely to come this could get even better.
Hopefully the rain comes in any time soon, to spice it up again.
Why hasn't Buemi been penalised for that?
Yes, yes! Lewis!

Awesome drive. Awesome pit stops and strategy from the team. Awesome race overall. Love it.
lol at Webber picking up alonso.
Great race, wrong winner.

Webber taxi rules
Now where's the usual 5 pages of discussion?
Good race from Hamilton after his good quali. Red Bull can't win always. Sixth place for Sutil is super. Vettel had bad day today. I think that in next races will be Red Bull back on the top. And good strategy from Ferrari and Red Bull in last lap. Bad luck for Button .
It feels good to see Vettel put in his place. Shame Ferrari failed the pit stop, it could have been even better.
Great race from Hamilton. Mclaren had the best strategy and they deserved the victory. I feel that pushing Webber out of the track after second pit was unnecessary and quite rude. It seems to be allowed though so good move. Alonso had the opportunity to do likewise to Hamilton when he came from his second pit stop but decided not to, or just froze.