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Render My Skin
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Are there anyone who wil rende this skin
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Quote from amper[VR] :Render my skin,please.
in advance thanks

What size do you want the image to be
navarro967:Any please what you consider it necessary.
P.S Sorry for my bad english
Quote from DeKo :stop commenting about every demo user that makes a skin. Its easily do-able with the CMX viewer. and he didnt say the FZ5 was his favourite, he said that FZ5 skin was his favourite.

Yes... I like that because the design so nice... Yes me can't see inside the LFS games coz demo not allow, but I just want see how look nice my own FZ5 design after renderring... It's not wrong right....
Quote from amper[VR] :______________________________________
Huge to you thanks, but you could not make skin PROStreet sideways that it was visible vinils?
But also on it to you thanks. (Sorry for my bad english :shy

not sure what you mean are you talking about the camera angle
Quote from navarro967 :not sure what you mean are you talking about the camera angle

Yes american friend
He wants the Pro Street skin's vinyls to be more visible i guess. So pretty much the camera angle has to be different.
WHAT ABT US?!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote from Vodder :Are there anyone who wil rende this skin

this is my first ever proper render of an lfs car, so i apologise if its poor.
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Here are two of my last renders:

very nice renders monstarr!! =]
thanks, i think i posted in the wrong thread but it's our team skin so...
Quote from iedinboost :Hi C4OZ, can u render my car... Give nice look and angel... This is my Favorite skin... Hopefully u can help.....

How about me.... ?????
Navarro has some massive talent
I love the first RB4+XRT render
Please can anyone have a go at rendering my couple of skins aswell please thx for any help !
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please, render my skin

please, please

its a: XFG_

but put in, with racing wheels please

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this was a mistake sorry delete this double post

Render My Skin
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