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Render My Skin
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Quote from C40Z :sry dude i render only good quality skins. and skins that i realy like to see in our gallery. and your skins have not the best quality

greetz caoz

Hi C40Z, how about my skin, it's not best quality?
Quote from C40Z :i hope u like it

attachments have 1280x1024

greetz caoz

Oh man its wonderful - Thanks ever so much for you taking your time to do this for me
^^^ That looks bloody stunning you could have given him my skin as well Dru

C40Z..Great job
please someone, the link is up there ^^^^
Can someone please render this for me?
I'd like to have it for background.
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Hello renderers Can anyone render my Jeld-Wen V8 skin?

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nice clean skin

attachments have 1280x1024

greetz caoz
thanks man. Looks nice
can you edit this render so it has clear wight background?
And i'd like to see that camera from front more up
thank you if you can do it
Quote from Gil07 :Hello renderers Can anyone render my Jeld-Wen V8 skin?


nice skin
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really good jobs guys theyr amazing.. Now its my turn to ask :P

Can i have my car in 3 diff positions. 2 stationary pics a frontal and a back pic and then can i have a pic of it drifting round a corner on a track? id really appreciate it xD..

Oh btw can they all be 1280x1024

Heres the skin
Render my skin please?
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Bit overkill on the "Private" thing Nice skin though.

I've got a skin I would like to get rendered, can't post the skin file though, cos' it's an request by a friend of mine. who wants to use it for display in a store (on the tv's they sell) so it needs to be the highest quality render possible I'll pb the one who's up to the challenge (C4oZ? :rolleyes: )

(Ps. I'm not getting paid or anything by the store he's working for and the skin will go public in a while)
Quote from Sponge :Bit overkill on the "Private" thing

Atleast they know it's private
@C40Z: Any chance to share those tail lights?
Quote from chrinaeg :nice skin

Thanks a lot mate, nice render

What happened to the wing though?
Quote from Riders Motion :@C40Z: Any chance to share those tail lights?

from which car dude show me a picture

greetz caoz
Are there anyone who will rende this for me with the helmet on the roof of the car
(private skin)
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FXR_FL 1064.jpg
HEL_FL 1064.jpg
Nice XRT skin Anserius.
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The ones from Boggis' XRT (White / Blue Skin) Thank you!
Well.. here's the skin I was talking about a few posts back.. I've made it private for now so please don't download if you're not willing to render it. I'll release a public version in a few days in the FZ skins section.

I would prefer a set of rims like the (in-game) FXR has if possible, if not the (in-game) FZR rims Also if possible the standard FZR rear wing mounts. And if it's not too much trouble I would like the car from 2 angles in 1 shot, if possible 1 with open doors (open the normal way, not "wing" style, it's a racing car, not a tuning car).

Many many many many (x10.000) thanks in advance
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Render My Skin
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