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Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race (thread of 1st-218th / 2011-2019)
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That's not quite the best solution - it would just sort out slow drivers,many of them are no crashers,some even happen to be safer then some fast ones,because they are more careful because of lack of skill,when skilled ones feel themselves as very skilled and don't care too much about others. Of course the only really good solution is multiple non-competing admins at event,but since it's not quite possible,we can just keep up how it was and weed out dangerous people by time...
Quote from efexas16 :Apologise accepted,to prevent crashers, just put a Qualify Limit, and we will loose all those slow crashers ;] see you next time

that means half your teamates are crashers Could not resist, but yea as rony said...
12th RTFRi info

2 weeks before we raced the slowest car in LFS,now it's time for the fastest one - 2006 BMW Sauber F1 car! Despite it's huge grip and driving aids like Traction control and Engine brake reduction,it's still one of the toughest cars to drive. Venue for this speed addictive car will be Astons North configuration going reversed direction. High speed sweeping curves mixed with low speed sections including 3 following hairpins at the end of lap makes this track very tricky and challenging.
Results of 12th RTFRi


Statistics / Group photo / Event rating and other statistics

Event with the fastest LFS car was quite low attended - just 12 qualified,8 started and 7 finished the race. Litro drove this race as a leader from flag to flag scoring his 2nd win in RTFRi despite not being the fastest on track,but definitely most stable. Also in qualification he was the fastest scoring his 4th pole position - most of all drivers in this event!
After 2 weeks,let's go racing with some slower cars!

One thing I wanted to note - at the end of qualification I noticed one guy who obviosly used some speed hack tool or something by reaching 280km/h in short straight between 2 hairpins,after checking replay - saw him doing 400+ at the long backstraight. His LFSW username is charlesnitrous. Just in case if someone organizes free event like me - keep an eye on him (dunno is it worth to report him somewhere :shrug!
Quote from Eclipsed :Litro drove this race as a leader from flag to flag scoring his 2nd win in RTFRi despite not being the fastest on track,but definitely most stable.

Except 6th lap, when failed near Kars. And some powerslides, but without loosing control.

13th RTFRi info

The first RTFRi with the new 0.6B patch will be held on Fern Bay's unofficial configuration called Cadet - a 2.2km long track using most of original Club circuit,couple of turns from FE Gold/Black reversed and recently available bumpy straight. Car will be very suited for the bumpy part - it's the all wheel drive RB4. Layout for the race is created by myself (and not taken from unofficial configurations thread),it features some speedbumps at apexes of new turns to motivate drivers to cut less in these turns. Tyre temperature could be an issue as usual for this car,so stay cool to be fast!
server up and running ??
Could you please upload the layout?
I think ill do this race. Hope I get the time right.
This was great stuff Rony, enjoyed it. Qualified 5th, moved up to 4th in T1, then paced myself for some laps conserving tires. Then I rialised that I was slowly catching 3rd place, and It presumed I was his tires comming off. Finally got by him feeling pretty good then I rialised that I was about to run out of fuel. So I pitted, splashed in some, and accepted 5th.

Gratz to the podium:d

And sorry for double post.
Thanks for race!
Results of 13th RTFRi


Statistics / Group photo / Event rating and other statistics

The 13th event was dominated by first time competitor - Sonic Realm's A.Jonaitis - he took the pole position,led the race flag-to-flag and set the fastest lap of the race,becoming 9th different winner of RTFRi and scoring 10th win for Latvia in this event! Despite pretty strong foreign competition,other 2 podium spots were also taken by latvian drivers - STO's Promile and his teammate Snowyy with canadian JayBee and jamaican Joe rounding up top5. This event has the best finishers percentage so far - 91.67% (11 of 12 starters finished or drove 50% of distance).

See ya in two weeks,when we pack out some slick tyres for racing!
#64 - ennD
Thanks for race Rony!
Will defenitely keep an eye on this thread! I'm looking forward to participate in the next event, though I don't know if I got the time for it..
14th RTFRi info

3.6 kilometers of fast straights,fast turns and couple of slow and bumpy turns makes the venue of next event - Aston Deep North Speedtrack is variation of unofficial Aston Touring Car Circuit,but not using it's very tight hairpin (found also in official Aston North) instead cutting it making the turn faster and trickier because of bumpy surface. The race will start in Aston Cadet starting grid and after 2 hairpins will join the circuit. The car for this track - XR GTR - a 490 horsepower GT machine with rear wheel drive,which can drive this lap under 1:10. Damaging the car will mean you have to enter very long pitlane,so making no mistakes is the key to success!
Server name? And is it on? If not then when will it be on?
Thanks Rony that was one hell of a race:spin:

Results of 14th RTFRi


Statistics / Group photo (sort of) / Event rating and other statistics

Despite lithuanian Juris taking pole position,Core's C.Kistner led almost whole race from 1st turn making Germany as 4th country,who has a winning driver in this event! Juris had to settle for runner-up position,while Denmark's D.Errebo took the last podium place to make the first non-latvian podium of RTFRi. Although latvians managed to round up top5 with Kars as 4th and A.Jonaitis as 5th place finishers. This was the most attended RTFRi ever - 23 drivers qualified for the race,unfortunately only 18 of them started,tying another GTR event for most starters.

One negative thing:
Iksio (LFSW - X2400) - receives a warning for avoidable incident with Sjoenne at 1st turn of 2nd lap! Next time please be more careful!

After 2 weeks RTFRi will return for non-slick car racing,see ya there!
I didn't really like the last combo, but this one was quite fun. I rarely drive the XRR but I really enjoyed it.

I don't know what happened in the first turn, seemed like somebody divebombed me and Jonaitis and knocked us off track. Luckily both of us recovered quickly, though.

Congrats to Kiste on the win!
Wasa funny race. Onlöy my set was crap. Whole race with 1222°C on rear. :-/

Maybe we will see us next events too. Hope for some funny lx kombos. Ord other ow
Quote from kiste :... Hope for some funny lx kombos.


Some LX4 would be great!
yearh - let's have a LX4 race... classic LFS track plz

Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race (thread of 1st-218th / 2011-2019)
(1442 posts, started )