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This is allowed? :D
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This is allowed? :D
Just cheating the WR stats, as usual, and found 'Criminal-team' uploaded HL on KY3 RB4.

I currently have WR, and i dont mind it being beaten but this is just crazy :S

If you look at T1, he just cuts the corner, surely this isnt allowed?
Well it's allowed by the HLVC, although it should be invalid.
Well if you can get away with it then people will do it, there was a revamp off the HL checker done awhile ago and it removed quite afew wr's from KY3 when it was first released.
In my view, its just clear cutting :/
#5 - Bean0
The rules are the same for everyone, therefore it is fair.

They don;t say 'you must not cut the track', they only say 'your lap must be HLVC valid'.
Hmm, i guess i see it differently to others then :P
dont worry im coming back soon
Aren't hotlaps supposed to be 'the-uber-1-lap-no-matter-what-as-long-as-its-hlvc'? If cutting a little is fine, then cutting a lot is fine too. And walls hits, and handbrake abuse, and physics abuse.

Personally I'm not advocating any of those, in fact I find them quite distasteful. I do feel that it's better to wait for validity check improvements rather than try to impose some de facto ruleset, because there's always going to be someone to take the 'rules don't say I can't do that' route.
#9 - Bean0
Quote from kart-36 :Hmm, i guess i see it differently to others then :P

As is the case with most motorsport, it's all about interpreting the rules
Meh, don't worry about it, he only makes himself look like an arse. Just do what he did and beat it by a second.
Quote from pearcy_2k7 :meh, don't worry about it, he only makes himself look like an arse. Just do what he did and beat it by a second.

Also, from looking at the hotlap analyser, it looks like you both use the very inside of the start/finish straight...which is outside the lines marking the track.
It has been removed
No it hasnt? :S
I found it :P
lol from what i see that shouldnt be allowed he just cut the corner
This just seems to be a massive flaw in the HLVC system.. the whole green tarmac area at T1 is HLVC valid
JO53PHS could you delete some of your PM's. I tried to send you one but I cant
Delete all the KY3(R) records then.

Even so,it is quite a bit cheating. Lame,to be honest.
The hotlapping mode is filled of grey areas. Just look at the South City(especially 3/3r) controversy for example.
#21 - Dac
Every WR that I have seen is a joke to be fair, nothing that could ever be done in RL. Full braking over the curbs, drifting, bouncing over chicanes, tires wrecked after one lap. Dear god.
#22 - AMB
That WR is lolage just copy him and beat him? or annoy him by beating him without skipping.
Quote from kart-36 :Hmm, i guess i see it differently to others then :P

Lots of people see it like you do, in more ways than just this. Some have been mentioned but here's all I can think of:
  • Hitting the wall at SO3's final corner
  • Driving on the apron at KY1/r and KY2/r (check KY2R FBM WR)
  • Cutting Green curbs (the one here and the fast chicane) at KY3
  • Button clutch
  • Tire Scrubbing (Some people actually are annoyed by others taking 40 minutes to wear tires down, no lie)
  • Using parts of the track to get a better run (AS2 mostly)
I'm personally OK with the last 2 but the first 4 seems pretty unsporting to me. Everyone will have their own opinions.
People who do cheat are just sad... It does not show you are fast, only that you are a pathetic and an unfair racer.
Just a small cut, I don't see the problem.

But seriously, lol.. this is pretty crazy. I hope he's proud of it :yipee:

The hotlap validator fails though, or should this be the new racing line? o/

This is allowed? :D
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