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What's your Automotive poison?
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What's your Automotive poison?
Estate cars. Ugly as sin, but I love the look of them.

Also Citroen 2CVs.

Even though it's a boring FWD repmobile, I still regard this as one of the most beautiful cars ever (even if it doesn't work well in photographs)

I have a soft spot for Smart cars too, like this ... ns/f/fa/Red_smart_car.jpg but not this, which is just silly ... /11/smart-monster-car.jpg

E: 2CVs - brilliant cars in so many ways. Have you driven one? They're surprisingly awesome, especially in heavy rain or snow the leaves other cars entirely without traction. Modern cars are massively (200%? 300%?) overtyred.
My first, and still current car, lol, that I inherited, and learned to love :lovies3d:

232,000 miles and still going strong!

#7 - 5haz
Rover 200 Coupe

Lotus Carlton

I have a weird thing for CDVs (Escort Vans and such) and pickup trucks, not jacked but slammed. It is a filthy habbit, but a well modded truck looks so nice.

Another weird one is crummy classics, like the Morris Marina. Not sure why but I think they look nice (more so in two door guise). And, on the subject of classics, I think any car that rolled out of the factory with chrome bumpers looks better without them.
I love Volvos. All of them. They're so square and weird but I love them. Especially
I've never really cared about cars, and now I've found whenever I look at a car I judge it by one criterion only:

How easily can it accommodate a double bass.

(and most cars can. I've even seen a 3/4 scale bass fit in a Ka before but it wasn't pretty)
Quote from Mp3 Astra :I love Volvos. All of them. They're so square and weird but I love them. Especially

Same here, I don't know why, but I like Volvo station wagons, as well as subaru wagons.
that volvo is pretty sweet

but id never be seen driving it

mines probably the srt-4 caliber. nice horsepower, VERY nice sound (optional 14 inch kicker sub stock), manual, an LSD, and nice and sporty looking, along with a nice ride and stance. but its FWD which ruins a car like that imho, its a great car, but its always when i tell people i want it

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Hillman Avenger. <3
I like the early 70's american luxury cars, especially station wagons.

very Clark Griswald
Vauxhall Calibra
1993 Chevy Caprice....that's like being in love with a fat girl
There's nothing wrong with liking the Lotus Carlton or E21 Beemers above.

For me, it's this:

I really like the new VW Bug. I can't call it a Beetle because it's so vastly different from the original, so I call it by the American name to differentiate I'd love to have one.

But I think my biggest sin is liking the Chrysler PT Cruiser. Nobody else I know can stand them but I love how they look like a reinvention of 30s and 40s hot rods. The only downside I can see is they're FWD. My girlfriend has expressly banned me from ever even thinking about owning one.
I love the PT Cruiser too.

That Volvo 850 Estate touring car is one of my favourite cars of all time.
#21 - senn
When i was a little kid...Monster trucks.

I had one, in white. Great vision and space in the boot. Ugly as hell, drove like a boat but who gave a shit it was awesome! I had the 1.0 with only 4 gears. YES!
It drinks fuel as hell and it isn't good for the environment, but Mazda RX7 FD3s' are my all time favorite cars:
That's not a weird car crush lol
#25 - 5haz

What's your Automotive poison?
(148 posts, started )