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Season 2010: Applications
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#151 - AMB
Would apply but no team, unless I can make up one? but I obviously can't race alone so yeah!
Well what are teams if they're not arbitrary made up groups of people? Of course, pop off an e-mail and if they drivers are accepted you'll be stuck on the waiting list (which will probably be used for this race)
Quote from phoenixIlooka :great

do i have to mail you then?

Please do so it's officially done.

And @ AMB - if you can get a group togehter, I'm thinking there may be a slot for you...there are no more waiting list teams and I'm going to reckon there may be another team or two to miss this round
#154 - AMB
Will see what I can do, will ask around after I finish college.
Is it still possible to add one more driver to a line-up and update the confirmation?
Of course

Season 2010: Applications
(157 posts, started )