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So... After playing Forza a bit for the past few days at a friends house...

The physics aren't awful... still way too easy even with no assists, but atleast isn't understeer haven.

I must say.. any of the real race tracks though are absolutely terrible. Especially Nurburgring. I know the Nurburgring pretty well, and can recognize most parts in most sims and videos.. but the Forza version had me going "Where am I" when I was racing some of the "staged" events around it... It wasn't very nice.

Currently have the R1 championship left.. my friend is at level 50 as well.
Quote from Jordan2007 :Great game but i'm going to sell my xbox, Anyone need any money?

GT - Mc x MuFFiNz

Playapimp - Your cars <3

I needz some moneyz

GT - Danowat32
i need lots of money!

gt: El pibe07
If you don't know what to do with it, i'll happily take some credits aswell. GT- jibber951

All i ever do anymore in Forza is buying cars and tuning them.
any interesting cars for sale as well? some retro ultra expensive things for cheap?
My many cars.

Nice, just bought myself an S14, got the Race suspension, lowered the car to max, added Camber to front wheels, turned up tyre pressure on rear tyres to maximum and of we go sliding.

It was mad fun
Pimpin picks again playa I love the RX8 Redbull one is it on the storefront?
Yes it is when you check out the rx8 designs its the 4th most downloaded.

did my money pay for them cars luke?
Quote :Game with Dev #5 (Monday 4pm PDT, 7PM EDT)

In celebration of our new hopper changes, we’re holding our fifth “Game With Turn 10” event this coming Monday, August 16 from 4-6 p.m. PDT. Jump online in FM3 and if you race with any Turn 10 folks—you’ll know us by the little arrow next to our gamertags—you’ll be eligible for fabulous cash and prizes (okay not really… but we will be gifting unicorn cars!) I personally can’t wait to try out the Production Car hoppers and we're looking forward to a good turnout of Turn 10 folks out there to race against—including Jube and Fred—so come on out and get ready for the fun.

- Brian Ekberg

I'm pumped, there will be about 4-5 devs on with unicorn cars and maybe a few DLC codes from previous packs in hand We hope to see you guys there, the event starts at 4PM PDT which is 7 PM EST, 12 PM UK.

so yeah guys, today is play against FM3 devs day. =D
Quote from Luke.S :

maybe. if you ever want to send some more my way feel free

no 5 mil was enough
Quote from Luke.S :it was more like 20mil

still enough XD and i stll have like 800 mil
wtf? 800 mill? is there a cash cheat i don't know about lol...
Quote from brt900 :still enough XD and i stll have like 800 mil

can i have 5-10mil please? your GT is pauls right?
Modding your credits with valhalla isnt that hard. I do it also but I do like 35mil a time cuz last time I had 500mil I got banned on my main account lol.
Wow here i am just chillin happily with 1mil and your all got 20mil and wow my um bank balance could use a helping hand Chadwick890
If anyone is feeling generous, XBL account name is senn82
I'm usually broke in forza3 because when i buy a car, i can't help modding it until i'm done racing it in it's series. Then i buy the next car for the next series and mod that...
And thus the cycle of poverty continues. What is this valhalla thing you guys speak of? give us a link or explain how it works maybe?

EDIT: googled it. Figures they don't take paypal anymore. boo.
no i had a friend do it. my GT is p4uls i would send you all a few ferrari 250s the 11 mil cars but its effort lol
Bah, too bad I can't copy my save game to the USB stick (when you convert it as a HDD for 360), then I would Valhalla the a** out of it

Forza Motorsports 3
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