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XR Skins (All)
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Made skin for my team Not uploaded yet.

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Tengku Djan's Replika(LFS Version)
Quote from Spinaker :btw, new skin, new style...well comin back to drift

Guy can u give me this skin?
Quote from xfirestorm :What good is a XRT skin to a Demo player?

Most XRT skins fit XRG too, without looking odd.
Quote from Spinaker :i had to put it here...

my last creation...
hope you'll like it.

Spinaker man pls can give me all ur skins for XRT.You make AWESOME skins.I like all ur skins,please give me skins.
please stop quoting such ig img-tags.
And i don´t think he will give the skins cause they´re privat i thought.
Demo racer and XRT ?
Quote from Bean0 :Most XRT skins fit XRG too, without looking odd.

Didn't even think of that. My appologies!
I am not demo player.How i can change ?
Quote from GeT_RiGhT :How to log in with licensed lfs ?

If you have an S2 licensed account, log in with it on this forum. If you don't, I suggest you buy the S2 license.
Quote from xfirestorm :What good is a XRT skin to a Demo player?

some numpties still like to play patch x, because they can drive the xrt. why patch x can still be unlocked, i'll never know.
Made a quick skin for the smokers .) U can edit the yellow spoiler, i had ma countrys flag colours there originaly... well they are still there but on the underside so noone sees em oh and the prieview is kinda dull... and be sure to add green/yellow or similiar wheel colours


Dodge Charger General Lee Skin
Hello, here my version of the General Lee Skin made by Bean0

I've just added the front of the car. I know it may not be so wow but that's because i'm a beginner and i'm still using Paint
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Xrt (Makhe97) DELETED by Makhe97
Skins plz Transformers (Akkula) DELETED by Victor : wrong thread / triplicate post
Xrt (Makhe97) DELETED by Makhe97
First one - everything is just so bizzare with lots of low quality copy'patse stuff which dont line up.

Second one- just very plain, but ok I guess.

Try not to do such random copy pasting, and spend a little more time to at least make the skin look clean.

Also lay off of the weird colour backgrounds in the previews (second post)


Monster 2011
here 4 pictures of my new project maybe it wil be released tomorow or in a few days
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some bad mistakes on decals (size, positions etc.)

and the bodykit looks weird
My public skin =)

XRR Shard
Hope people like this one. Feel free to use this one if you like it - I'm uploading it to LFSW too, so it'll be available for all.
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XR Skins (All)
(7655 posts, started )