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Post your desktop!
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still the same desktop - very exciting
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My current Fedora 9 setup with transitional wallpaper (ie. it changes colour according to time of day).
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Quote from dawesdust_12 :That is the most cluttered dock I've ever seen! Am I the only person that keeps like.. 5 things + finder in my dock at one time?

Yeah i've never understood why some people need just about every app in the dock. For me its more about always used apps or quick links ie: Applications, Documents & Download folders.
Quote from samjh :My current Fedora 9 setup with transitional wallpaper (ie. it changes colour according to time of day).

What have you got to hide?
Pretty simple here.
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Och, looking at all your guys i thought i would post mine .
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What do you mean?
He's asking why you blurred out that porn movies folder?
Meh, who cares why he blurred it out guys, he has his own reasons
Username? Pff...Mine's "Rob" in case anyone wants to uber-hack me. Have a shot. My IP is also, but be quick, it's a dynamic IP. I'm not going to say what ports are open in my router, and what local IP I'm on (Oh yea, we have 7 PCs on the one router), as that'd make it too easy
xD Dougie, will try that.

I actually want to learn how to hack into computers, not for malicious purposes, but for a challenge to myself. I'd gain access then close the connection...

All I can do is trace IP's

</wannabe super uber leet hacker>

Edit : Lol Dial-up?

Country: Ireland
State/Region: 03
City: Ennis
Latitude: 52.8436
Longitude: -8.9864
Area Code:

I win?
Dialup? Lord no. 3MB/512KB up/down. Not Ennis, but presumably that's where Eircom has their exchanges. It's completely safe to give out your IP (probably wouldn't try it on static though, you could be DDOS'd easily), as long as you're behind a router
I am not winnar? :sadbanana
Not with that anyways...It's no problem to find someone's ISP location, any whois site will tell you that
heh, Ennis is a shithole

and so is Limerick
So true
Quote from Michael Denham :My current desktop...

Which motorcycle is that 1? I can read "kawasaki". and what kind of mcycles is that? I mean, it´s not super bike, not sport bike, not enduro, not cross, etc.
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You dont know how to work with blur, dont you ?
Looks decent.
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Post your desktop!
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