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i play heaps of games! LFS, rFactor, CoD4, Crysis etc etc like TVE said, if u played one, youd get bored fast
lol, i'm not, because i'm not playing that one game all the days.
Skating is like ''game'' for me, so it's ok.
Nice to use my free time for it ..
i ride BMX, i suck huge ass at skating, i can barely stand on it
what is diprip?
You have to pay for it?
I play: LFS, RFactor, DiRT, Ship Simulator 2008, Crysis, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Assassin's Creed. I got some other games on my PC that i don't play much.
Quote from LFSn00b :How come i can play D.I.P.R.I.P, LFS, CS1.6, CS:CZ, CS:S, CoD4:MW, HL, HL:BS, HL2, HL2:EP1-2, WoW and HL2Deathmatch at the same time then? tell me

How can i tell you that, if i asked the same thing what you are asking ?
Just changed mine to one of Bogey Jammer's renders.
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mine is the best (not)
Looooots of icons for some reason. Havnt got round to cleaning it up yet.
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Quote from LineR32 :Just changed mine to one of Bogey Jammer's renders.

So damn nice!
*putting up new background*
E36 Ftl! :d
fathers touring '95th
Quote from feat :fathers touring '95th

That changes everything Love touring bimmers!

Edit: post #200. That took over a year, but congrats to me!
Grats Speedy! I really started posting finally in februar. This year.
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Quality owns ass'es.
Whatya mean?
Well, that too, but image is TOOOO noizy and weirdo quality.
Like, i think image is made at the same time when the car ..
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Post your desktop!
(5028 posts, started )