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Post your desktop!
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What do you mean? You can not perform a right click and save the pic? I do...
Uhm no. When I click the link I get:

Tsk, tsk, tsk...
You're not allowed there on

If you were on another website when you clicked on a link to arrive here, it's probably because that website was displaying our celebrity pictures without permission. To find the celebrity image you were looking for, just follow the links below to find the appropriate section of

Edit: Dont worry. Found it

my nice and unclean desktop:

you play shot online Boosted? xD
sure do, since 2004
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Here is my desk. Yeap, booooooring old XP theme
i just love the look of this baby
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I want that girl
Awesome desktop
can you say dual moniters
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dual moniters

Can you say 1631 backgrounds that change each 30 seconds?
:dunce: :dopey: i dont follow, are you making fun of me
Don't tell me you think thats how you spell "moniters" and that wasnt just a typo.
monitors, moniters...sorry i am one letter off :rolleyes:

Post your desktop!
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