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Your Racing Game History.
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Your Racing Game History.
Well, this thread "" inspired me to start this thread. In it, the goal is to see how long you are playing racing games.
Your list need not be in chronological order, but I'd appreciate it if it was. Also, it would be nice if you add a few words to each game, and possibly a screenshot or youtube video, at least if it hasn't been mentioned before.

Now here comes my list.

Grand Prix Circuit
My first racing game was "Grand Prix Curcuit" by Accolade. I startet playing it 89 on an IBM PC with an amber/black screen. When I got my first colour screen, it was much more of an improvement than any GPU ever.
It featured three cars, eight real tracks (though without trackside objects, and they were completely flat). And I can still remember the hardest AI enemy: "Bruno Gourdo"

Test Drive
Again, a game by accolade. Being older than GPC, it only had 4 colour EGA graphics (turquoise, purple, white and black). It was the first of the original Need for Speed formula: you drive a luxury sports car on a public road, including police chases. There were five cars and one track, which was a narrow, yet level mountain road with a gorge on one side and a rock wall on the other.

Test Drive II: The Duell
The first Test Drive in colour, it had more cars and a race across america with different race invironments. Also, unlike the first part, you had an opponent you needed to win against in addition to dodgeing the police.

Street Rod
A game by California Drams set you in the fifties, having you build a hot rod and racing fellow hot rodders for money or pink slips in illegal night racing (also including police chases). The possibilities to tune and modify your car were huge, and all the parts did wear over time so you had to plan ahead on when to buy exchange parts. Which you had to exchange yourself by removing bolts, and lines etc. YOu also had to fill your gas tank every now and then.

You and a blonde sit in a Ferrari 355 Testarossa and need to get across a country in a certain amount of time. Classic really. By Sega.

Indy 500
The first real sim I played, and the first one with 3D vector graphics instead of bitmaps. The start of Papyruses Fame.

Formula One Grand Prix
A true Classic by Microprose and Geoff Crammond.

Classic by Brotherbund. Endless fun due to a track editor. ... mp;playnext=1&index=6

I don't think I need to say much about it, except that I spent more time deliberately crashing than racing. But hey, I was young and it looked awesome back then.

The Need for Speed
This one made my buy a Thrustmaster T2 wheel. Never before seen graphics, great physics, to date the best car encyclopedia in game, great tracks.

Rallye Racing 97
great graphics for it's time and the one and only Rallye game with single stages that take more than 20 minutes to complete.

From now on, the list becomes more well known, and my thread too long, so I list them:

Grand Prix 2
Screamer 2
Every need for Speed from Part 2 till Pro Street
Viper Racing
Race Driver 1-3
Colin McRae Rallye 1-2005
GT 3 and 4
Richard Burns Rallye
GTR Racing
GT Legends
Test Drive Unlimited
GTR Evolution

And of course Live for Speed since 2003

I'll update the list if there are entries I've forgotten.
Oh, and I deliberately left out "unrealistic" racing games like F-Zero, Slipstream 5000 or the Carmageddon series.
Sounds almost like my own racing game history. I've started with the exact same title too... my god, those engines did sound quite nasty...

You forgot LFS by the way. EDIT: Now it's there...
lol ive still got rallye racing but it was a french version lol, was a great game and untill now never knew what it was called

i never played that many racing games on the pc, they were all console based but now i cant stand racing most console racing games as they seem so stupidly unrealistic race driver grid being a perfect example


really the only Pc car/racing games for me were

rallye racing (french version)
toca touring cars 2
midtown madness 2 (i was absolutly hooked on this for ages)
I reckon I have played most racing games ever released, but I would say these are my key racing games in my life

Chequered Flag - ZX Spectrum 48k

First ever racing game I played, loved it, although for the life of me, I can't fathom why you'd have glass on a racing track.

Test Drive "The duel" - Megadrive

It had an F40 and a 959, what more can you say!!!

Need for speed - 3D0/PS1

Was a class game at the time, some of the best crashes I had ever seen in a game, and, for the time, pretty decent physics

Test Drive 6 - PS1

Can't remember much about it, except that I played it, alot

Gran Turismo 1 - PS1

Totally blew me away, spent more hours than I care to remember on it, blew the bank balance to buy it, £70 on import, remember standing by a milling machine at work and thinking about what upgrades I should put on my Toyota Soarer!!, totally sucked me in.
Theme tune still gives me goosebumps

Grand Prix Legends - PC

First "proper" sim, played the demo for months before I got a retail version, loved it.

NFS Porsche unleashed - PC

Second "proper" sim.

Then loads of un memorable stuff till LFS.
Formula 1 Grand Prix was not only my first racing game, but my first ever game. My Dad bought it for me for my birthday one year along with a joystick to play it with.

Epic epic game, IIRC it told you how long you'd been playing when you quit it, sometimes racked up into double figures in a day. Good times

Then stuff like Grand Prix 2 which was also good, NFS 2SE, 3, 4, 5, TOCA 2, Sports Car GT was good, few others along the way I guess. Then the 'modern' ones like RBR (my favourite racing game ever), GTR1 and 2, GTL, TDU, rFactor
I started my racing game love with the good old Grand Turismo 1

After that al of these came:

Gran Turismo 2,3,4
From the moment Hot pursuit came out I bought al the need for speeds
Enthusia Proffecional racing Ps2 the first time i tried sime like game (2006).

Then in May 2007 came Live For Speed S2(after sloosing my demo acountt):P from that moment I was hooked on sim racing.
Driving stil with my My driving force Formula(AKA wingman wheel).
Then some months later My DFP came
#7 - 5haz
Started out some time around 1996/7.

Microprose Grand Prix 1
Viper racing
Sports Car GT
Mobil1 Rally Championship 2000
Nascar 2003
The original free NetKar
LFS S2 (had been playing LFS demo on and off for years though).
every good racing game from nfs 1 onwards.
I think I'm pretty much the same as ColeusRattus here.

Started with things like Network Q RAC Rally and the original NFS. Loved good old Mario Kart, Top Gear and Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix. Played a really tough sim on PC that I can never remember the proper name of. It was like Monaco GP Sim 2 or something. Late 90s I think. Hard as hell to play with a keyboard but good. I was blown away by Daytona USA and Sega Rally Championship on both arcade and a friend's Saturn. Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (I still think the best of the series), Driver, LFS then Richard Burns Rally. And now Forza 2 and Gran Turismo 5P.
every need for speed till pro street, (PC, PS2)
Rally Racing 97, (PC)
Viper Racing, (PC)
Driver 1 and 2, (PS1 / 2)
GTR and GT Legends (PC)
DTM Race Driver 2, (PS2)
Race Driver Grid, (PC)
a bit of RFactor, (PC)
Flatout 1 and 2, (PS2 / PC)
Destruction Derby 1 and 2 (PS1)
Forza 2 (XBOX 360)
Colin MCRae (PS2)
Grand Tourismo (had few but dont remember whitch one)

thats all i think maybe i´ll remember few more later
Rad Racer - Nintendo NES (1987)

Hard Drivin' - Amiga (1989)

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Commodore Amiga (1991)

Geoff Crammond's F1GP - Amiga (1992)

Network Q RAC Rally - PC (1996)

TOCA Touring Cars - PC (1997)

Carmageddon - PC (1997)

Rally Championship 2000 - PC (2000)

Then LFS and rFactor, which you know about.
Pole Position on the Atari 2600.

Monaca Grand Prix (I think, it was definately something Grand Prix) on the Master Syster/Game Gear.

Can't remember any racing games on the NES, but everyone knows the great Super Mario Kart on the SNES.

Gran Turismo 1 and 2, Colin McRae World Rally, Vrally, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and probably a few others which I can't remember on the PS1.

Gran Turismo 3 and 4, Tourist Trophy, Riding Spirits 1 and 2 (oh dear), TT Superbikes, Colin McRae 2.0, and again a few more I can't remember on the PS2.

The first PC racing game I played was round a friends many years ago (we never had a PC 'til I was about 12/13) and that was NetworkQ Rally or something. The first racing game I had on my PC when I got one was Carmageddon and Midtown Madness. It wasn't 'til I was about 17/18 I discovered the likes of LFS and GPL, and then it's pretty much grew from there. I now have LFS, rFactor, GPL, GTL, GTR, GTR2.

And a few weeks ago I treated myself to a Xbox360 (I know i'm rather late jumping on the 'next gen' console bandwagon) just so I could play Forza2. After having played it round a mates a lot, I had to have it myself.

PS. Anyone fancy a race on Forza sometime, add me on XBL. Same username as on here.
Pitstop I + II on C64. I remember my brother and me playing that all the time. And Atari´s Pole Position I + II.
Think I started off on Pole Position on the Atari too, or the C64, can`t remember which, although I do still have the C64 PP cartridge in a box here somewhere

Played pretty much every driving game on the C64, favourite of which was Revs+, then when I got an amiga, moved onto test drive, hard drivin, etc including the immortal F1GP from Geoff Crammond (I actually ripped a joystick apart, hacked up various bits of wood, and with the help of some araldite, built a wheel, paddles, and pedals from it)

After that, I got a PC and started playing with that, got a playstation around the same sort of time, with stuff like TOCA and GT to play about with.

Now I`m pretty much solidly hooked on GTR2 and rFactor. LFS has pretty much been abandoned for the forseeable future.

I had thought recently about getting a console to play Forza, etc on, just for fun, but I couldn`t live without a proper ffb wheel (that and the lack of being able to tear the game to bits to change the stuff I`d want to)
I dont remember the name of my first race game, when I was very ikkle every year we'd go to the Moon & Sixpence campsite somewhere I think in Surrey I think although the details are long since blurred from my memory, and they had this driving coin op game with a wheel and the track was marked with white dots on the screen and the "car" (which I think was a double dot) moved around the screen leaving a blur behind it. It was 10p for quite a long game.

Then Sir Clive Sinclair invented the home computer, the first "sim" style game I played would have been the ZX Spectrum Grand Prix from Psion which was linked earlier, and I dont think that was significantly improved until Nigel Mansells Grand Prix.

The next big step was Geoff Crammonds Formula 1 Grand Prix which migrated me to the Amiga.

After that the next 'revolution' was Codemasters TOCA game for which my friends and I all got ourselves force feedback wheels and had LAN parties.

My real racing took precedent for a while whilst in gaming I played more RTS', I came back to driving sims when I found Live for Speed - whilst in the meentime playing most driving games around a few times but not really considering anything remotely close to my racing experience to substantially move the "sim" concept forward to be a landmark.
Almost sure I put a load of money into that one too. Pretty thick wheel with a two speed gearbox wasn`t it? or am I just imagining it?
Oh, I remember Nigel Mansell on the Speccy. Loved that, and I didn't realise how stripey the background was. The SNES version was good later on too.
Quote from unseen :Almost sure I put a load of money into that one too. Pretty thick wheel with a two speed gearbox wasn`t it? or am I just imagining it?

I think it had Lo and Hi gears and a foot pedal, but most driving games of that era did I think Spy Hunter was the same?
Might have been Night Driver or Midnight Racer.
Quote from Becky Rose :I think it had Lo and Hi gears and a foot pedal, but most driving games of that era did I think Spy Hunter was the same?

Was just thinking that. Lo and Hi on the gears, recessed pedal, except I don`t remember spy hunter, etc trying to break your wrists when you hit the sides of the track, unlike the wheel in that dot racing game
Most of mine have been mentioned already

Test Drive
Accolade's GP Circuit
Lotus 3 - The Ultimate Challenge
Slicks n' Slide
Geoff Crammond's F1GP and GP2
IndyCar Racing
Screamer, Screamer Rally, Screamer 4x4
Viper Racing
Microsoft RalliSport Challenge
Rally Trophy

Probably others I've forgotten to mention too. CBA to put DDerby :<
Quote from unseen :Was just thinking that. Lo and Hi on the gears, recessed pedal, except I don`t remember spy hunter, etc trying to break your wrists when you hit the sides of the track, unlike the wheel in that dot racing game

I must have been about 3 or 4 years old when I first played it (although went back every year for several years) and needed someone to stand on the pedal for me whilst I turned the wheel from my perch on a chair. I do remember it was really hard and I wanted to 'win' even then! I guess being the youngest of 3 brings out the competetive spirit .

I couldnt say if the wheel fought back or not as I dont really remember, but I do remember being dissallowed to play it one time and throwing a paddy. I think it was outside of the bar along with some other machines, gosh - memories of many family holidays are flooding back now in disjointed order !

I seem to remember seeing spy hunter in both standard cabinets and wheeled ones because I was dissapointed one year to see it in a standard cabinet.
Quote from ColeusRattus :Might have been Night Driver or Midnight Racer.

Becky, don't like to quote myself, but could it have been one of those?
Definitely not Night Racer as the game I played was overhead. Midnight Racer I am not sure on google image search brings up a more moden one. We're talking late 70's-early 80's.
There is a Midnight racer from 76, but as it's "first person" too, I guess it disqualifies. Seems my Racing Game Trivia has come to an end.

Your Racing Game History.
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