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Y22 - fix for crash
on my "small" machine (c2d e6750 @ 2,6ghz, 2gb ram, nv 9600GT) i got a huge fps improvement of about 40-60 fps (on starting grid about 15-20 fps).

on my "big" machine (c2q q9450 @ 2,6ghz, 4gb ram, 2x nv 9600GT) i got about 20-30fps (on starting grid about 5-10 fps).

very good work scawen!

the only problems i noticed was good reported by jason

edit: no problems with shift+u since y22 anymore thx scawen!
Sounds good. Maybe it'll fix my stuttering problem, who knows. I'll go test it.
Better framrates sounds great
Quote from DeadWolfBones :I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I'm not liking the new shiny rims. Matte FTW!

I'm with you
#81 - LewX
Cant use this with my g25 wheel propertly.

Throttle and brake get put on RZ axis in game and i cant put them on their own axis (Slider 0 and 1).

Secondly, the steering turns 720 degrees ingame but my actual [physical] wheel only turns 90 degrees. In profiler its set to 720 and ingame its set to 720 but it still persists.

Any ideas?
#83 - neRu
BUG: When you use the comma and period for singleframing in replay, youre force feedback settings get changed as well
Scawen , your dedication is very impressive , although my interest in LFS is fading i always appreciate a new patch and i particularly like the way you listen to the community .
Big thanks for all the work you put in this great sim
Quote from neRu :BUG: When you use the comma and period for singleframing in replay, youre force feedback settings get changed as well

Nope, this has been fixed in Y21!
I installed now the Y21 patch, but my average FPS count actually dropped in certain sittuations (tested it a few times to be sure of it).

Running alone in BL1:
Before the Y21 patch: ~40fps
With the Y21 patch: ~35fps

With me at the back of the grid + 9 AI racers it remains the same: ~20 on the grid and ~25 racing.

My computer:
AMD Sempron 2800+ 2.0Ghz
Geforce FX 5200 128MB
512MB RAM DDR400
What the patch did was basically move some of the graphical workload from the CPU to the GFX card, which should be able to handle it better. However, if your GFX card was already the limiting factor, then this patch will make your fps worse. The FX 5200 is an absolute low-end card, so it's not surprising. Its performance is actually worse than that of the ancient MX440 or Radeon 9000 cards.
i got 30 or so when alone in Y20
Now in Y22(21) 42
and when from back of gird on Y20 i got 14 (and it goes dont to 12 when ai is moving)
and now back of grid in Y22(21) 37 (and it stays there when all ai moving)
#89 - wien
Quote from AndroidXP :However, if your GFX card was already the limiting factor, then this patch will make your fps worse.

I don't think it should really be worse. The GPU still has to draw the same amount of triangles with the same materials, the only difference is that the CPU doesn't have to do quite as much work to get it to draw them. ("Draw the triangles in that buffer", instead of "draw a triangle here, draw a triangle here, draw a triangle here... etc.")

It could be those undisclosed graphical improvements having an effect though.
#90 - LewX
Quote from AndroidXP :Here you go:

But please, this has NOTHING to do with the test patch. Try posting it in the beginners section or technical assistance next time

I think it is patch Y22 because my g25 works fine with normal patch Y.

As for the wiki article, thats what ive been trying to do but when i push the throttle and brake pedal in options, they both show up as being the RZ axis.
But my G25 still works fine in Y22. Nothing has changed with the test patches. Are you 100% sure "Report combined pedals" is turned off, and that the LFS game profile is still applied? If you have the test patch installed in a different location, the profiler might not apply the LFS profile anymore...
Quote from dougie-lampkin :In the ATI panel, under both DirectX and OpenGL, AA and AF are both set to application controlled. Yet after turning them both off in LFS, my FPS stays the same, and the cars are still anti-aliased

Also, as I edited in my second post, AA is 0 and AF is 1 on a clean install, yet I can still see AA on the cars...

Quote from T.J. :Rename the LFS.exe and try.. Solved this problem in my case..

Yes, please do try renaming the LFS.exe when it is the stuck/bugged state, run it with its new name and see if this restores the default settings.

That would be very interesting and if this does "solve" the problem then I can only conclude it's a driver issue. That would mean your driver software is remembering LFS settings and reapplying them later.

Nothing LFS can do about that really. I don't know if it's possible but maybe you could remove most of the software (the part that handles different program settings) just leaving the actual drivers?

Quote from mcgas001 :Scawen - I'm sorry to post here(I just see no other place since the previous thread was locked), but there is still speed hackers in lfs. I'm not sure what you did to the cheat protection system but I downloaded Y21 to test FPS changes etc etc, Went to ConeDodgers 1 (Theres normally a lot of people there, so good for testing), And a guy was speedhacking. He was only using it in very small bursts but it was definitely speedhacking. I have the replay avaliable if anyone needs it.

[Edit] - This is in no way a criticism, I'm just saying, People are still using the same cheat online and they need to be banned from everywhere possible.

Perhaps you could email us with the MPR? Or attach the MPR here and email us the name of the cheater and what point in the replay he uses the cheat?
#94 - Dmt
If i have Y20, do i use the Y19-Y22 patch ?

#96 - wien
Thanks Scawen, I'll try that when I get back home. Won't be back for a week though

I think I'd need to leave the software there, as it's managing my GPU's overclocking. Without overclocking my FPS halves
#98 - Jakg
What are you using to overclock with?

If you want you can delete the profile file for nVidia cards, no idea what effect this would have, though.

If you've got an nVidia card use ATiTool (my fave) or RivaTuner, same applies for ATi Cards, but "AMD Clock Tool" is also good (I hear).
Found a bug on Y22, Lx4's tyre is not attached to the car. But i did shift+u and then back to normal and it was gone
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Quote from Rocabiliz :Found a bug on Y22, Lx4's tyre is not attached to the car. But i did shift+u and then back to normal and it was gone

I don´t have that problem Maybe someone hit you in your back
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