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Wow, that's great Sam. This is another good step forwards for LFS, and one step closer to S2 final!
I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I'm not liking the new shiny rims. Matte FTW!

Aside from that, fantastic patch.
Quote :saving CPU time and increasing your frame rate on most computers.

ding ding, downloading
Awsome patch , 10 - 16 + fps that before

In Aston with a grid of 26 cars before Y21 15fps , Now with y21 20-24 fps

#55 - T.J.
I got a 50-60 FPS improvement
I'm still to try it out, but I estimate that on my PC Kyoto will be at about 100 (It's usually at 60).

Oh and, yay for realistic rims!
Yea, the rims have less shiny reflections on and it makes them perfect, more real. I like the patch. Thanks Scawen and other devs.
I would like to try it, but what am I going to do, when I have already Y20?
Upgraded from Y20 too. What car is it?
Have seen these glitches before, mainly on the mirrors. Not a new phenomenon
When I take FXO, use SHIFT+U and set up same camera as you had... then I go to windows and back... There is just a black space. No tachometres. After ending shift+u mode all is ok.
There is a big improvement in this patch regargind FPS.
Playing 32 car AI field (using that rename and load grid trick), and still I get 60-70FPS from the last car veiw. This is at least 20 fps more than earlier! Great work
Nice, thx scawen , i like how looks new main menu we need to change all menus like that, and i am still asking you to let us translate interface menu
P.S. AF isnt working for me my video card is gf fx 5200, video drivers
Thx for patch. No framerate improvement when there is 1-2 cars on the grid, but when its full grid of bots, lfs atleast doesnt hangs, like it did this before this patch
btw, i dont like steering wheel reflection. Its a little bit ugly
And, "neon rims" mod doesnt work anymore
Thanks what you have done@
Hey Scawen, I had Y19, I upgraded with Y19toY21 patch and a font error appeared launching the game. But I used the YtoY21 and all goes well. Maybe that´s usefull.

Thanks very much

Edit: The fps increasement is very noticeable.

Before - After
Before - After
Before - After
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Quote from chanoman315 :Well, i think he updated to Y21, because he couldnt play my replay.
But i have his replay, and mine i replaced with one in Y21.
In the time i try to contact him and see if he has the Y20 one, i will post it.
Here's his replay Standard Y

OK, I know the answer now. This is because the autocross track area was updated in one of these test patches. So, that means all version Y single player replays should be in sync, except the ones at skid pad / drag strip / autocross.

Quote from RiGun :I have less FPS in my old PC, the problems seems be due to the increased minimun graphics options, the lowest graphic settings are a lot higher that before or at least in my PC it is, LOD doen't seem to affect much now =/ for example in Y20 with minimum LOD tyre deformation wasn't drawn and now with the same settings it is.

Does your graphics card support hardware vertex shading? If not then that is what you need - and HVS has been around so long, such a "modern" graphics card would cost nothing (if you can find one second hand). People are probably now throwing away as scrap, graphics cards that are fine for LFS.

Quote from JasonJ :I can replicate this. It's difficult because you need at least 12 AI's and your own car on track and you must be in the correct view and focused on the correct car.

[ ... lots of information ... ]

Hope this helps. Nice work on the patch.

Special thanks for the detailed crash report, reproduction method and crash address.
Request - more AI cars
Dear Scawen, my FPS with loads of AI cars on screen got a big boost. Therefore, I ask you to please increase the number of AI cars possible in a single race. As the middle of June draws closer every day new GeForce graphics cards will be launched again very soon and also the LeMans race will be held. I would love to be able to race on my own computer a LeMans type race where I have slower cars and faster cars. However, if I make ten cars to be the slow ones, I will only have ten cars to race in my own group with

Thus, I understand that you would like to get applause for this big FPS boost, and you deserve it, but could you now convert it to more AI cars? Ideally, the number of additional AI cars on screen should be equal to the gain you made + some more, because the last time you increased their number was like a year ago and computers have evolved since. And I know you want to make in the future this parts flying off thing etc. But that will again be like one year from now, so players will not take a big hit because by then computers will become more faster.

(I guess asking for more forced pit stops (with possibly defined pit windows) is out of question so we could run a DTM type race?)
Well, I have a problem. If I type Shift+U the game closes unless I use the default view
LFS crashed 3 times, once it was in main menu, while clicking on button, two times in online game, both when i tried to accelerate.
Attached images
Mine crashed to when i was singleplayer
I took 20 ai with fxr and i was specing the guy start 1st and then it crashed, before the ligths I think it was just when the ai accelerate.

Edit: When it crashed the sound was going over and over again
#74 - Dmt
In Y20 I had fps +30 with full grid, now I have -20 with full grid
And your PC specs are?
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