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*SONG* Hotlapper
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That's remarkably professional. Properly composed and arrangedm it seems. Nicely done!

"hotty hot lapper" perhaps needs a less literal translation though.
ROFL "im the hotlapper"
Quote from BurnOut69 :Hehe I already liked the original version in german even though I didnt understand sh**, reminded me of sorta Kraftwerk.

Good work!

I was thinking the same listening to the english version.

Kraftwerk meet S7 Club seven do Eurovision

It's pretty good but it's so umm..... German
Lottie Hotlapper ? Maybe ? There's some mention of a sexy girl in text ?

LOL nice sound.
can we see the lyrics?
i like it, not really my style, but i like it.
+1 for german and english lyrics.
lol nice, I can't stop listen it
+1 need for lyrics... wanna sing too
lol i love it.

I liked the part "try to catch me try to catch me!"

Great work!
Lyrics please ... 5th time and still listening
#40 - BIzO
LoL I love it

I'm the hotlapper, the hotty hotlapper
very very nice
i think you could make a lot of money with that good songs
Yeah it sort of remind me of the music that was in the pro street menu

Yes i own the game but its not that fun the music is difrent thats cool
Very catchy track.

Reminds me of Eiffel 65 - Blue for some reason.

As Becky said, when's the album due?
Thank you all for your comments so far! :yipee:

I added the lyrics of the English version in the first post.
This one's legendary already .
#46 - Jakg
I actually like this song - not in a "z0mg LFS" sort of way, but in a "i like this song" sort of way.

God help me!

Got any more songs you've made (not necessarily LFS related!)?
Hahahaha, this is awesome. The German version is wunderbar.
I'm willing to hotlap in the video

*SONG* Hotlapper
(89 posts, started )