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MRT5 Skins
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Quote from Denny12 :The problem is that the colors are done crappy..

Please explain. Because I have to use Paint for my projects. Ntm, I did those just to add some more skins to mrt. I'm trying to make this sound like I'm not mad, but it's hard.
Try Gimp or something - it's free!
Gimp didn't make sense to me actually, it seemed harder than needed be.
I am newcomer, but this is my first skin! Made with MS Paint!

I haven't got S1 license yet to drive MRT, but I decided to make a skin watching on CMX Viewer. This skin is dedicated for those who wears or likes Benetton clothes. Some details was made from Alfa Romeo 185T Formula 1 car which was been sponsored by Benetton and later I mixed Benetton's livery with red McGill colors. Since then I'm working on a new texture project which I hope I will be updating as soon as possible

I hope you like it. Enjoy!

- Justinik
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MRT5 Benetton preview.JPG
Actually, that is very nice skin!
My Private MRT skin
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MRT Ferrari SKIN

Save for MRT_FerrariF13

Skin 1024
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This is my first try, is a Tron Skin, Im trying to do another "tron" Skins alikes for the fbm and fox
uploaded to LFSWorld
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Had nothing to do, so decided to make a skin for one of my favorite cars in LFS
"SHARK Attack"

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Very nice skin BADLVBOY. It looks a bit funky but awesome at same time!
Wanted something simple, but eye-catching, think I've done it Tongue
Life4Pixel skins
All MRT skins I got from the L4P website before it went down.
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Anyone got a Yamaha skin? The two in this thread have broken links Frown

MRT5 Skins
(188 posts, started )