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MRT5 Skins
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hm.. to be honest (and this goes for all you Ron Paul skins) they're just black with some text.. bit boring if you ask me.. on the other hand they do what they're meant for, show what you (or he) stand(s) for. But I think they could use a bit more 'design' stuff.. atleast more color?
Quote from Hizzout :Then you'd love Ron Paul. Running on the Republican ticket, but his views are far from most Republicans.

But to save this from becoming a political discussion which has nothing to do with skins I'll end it here.

Once again caus you dindnt get me i fre#king care dont care
Hey, quiet thread..
I made this MRT skin, ive never tried one before. Here is the preview.
Thanks Michael.
looks really nice! and lol, what track is that?
that was one zoomy response! thanks its my first try, and i think its AS Grand Prix Rev.
Dont know many tracks yet, only got s2 yesterday lol

p.s do you like my helmet?
ah yes I remember, its AS grandprix . I thought you had edited the background
heres a simple one for you all, based on kart camp b spyker team go-kart, plz post comments


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nice and orrange lol
hi there how do you post an skin in here?
Quote from deiwisxxx :hi there how do you post an skin in here?

Well, not direct from your local harddrive...

There's something called "attachments".. use your eyes!
MRT_Beijing 2008
Hi Everybody!

After created a "FO8_Beijing 2008" yesterday, I have a new idea, so I designed a more "Beijing 2008" skin today. It a MRT_Beijing 2008 (my 2nd MRT skinning).

This time, I do not follow the main color (white+gray+red) & concept used at the BF1 & FO8. I changed the main color to yellow, the whole body of MRT become yellow, it should be much more eye-catching now. I still put on the Fuwa (the Official Mascots) on the car, but the position is changed. Also, I used many many "Pictograms" to decorate it.

Once again, hope you like the skin! Thanks!

Download: ... yeung/MRT_Beijing2008.jpg

I also made a blue once. If you want another color, please leave a message to me. ... ung/MRT_Beijing2008-1.jpg
Green carbon
I was bored one day so i just made a random MRT skin since its a rarely used car. I made it match one of my skins for XRT as a team skin. Its pretty cool zoomin around the track behind drifters, its like a stunt camera car.
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i see this car isnt popular .
Quote from FlyeThemoon :i see this car isnt popular .

its one of my favorite cars tbh, too bad there arent any full servers with mrt

Nice one

Think i'll start on a MRT today..
Well.. a public MRT skin from me!

I tried to kinda base it on the Van Merksteijn Le Manse winning (lmp2 class) Porsche RS Spyder. As the MRT isn't really a great car to do replica's on i personally think it looks pretty ok I know there are not many logo's on it, but the original doesn't have much logo's... like 98% is 'Van Merksteijn' and i didn't want to go over kill on those logo's so i didn't do them all.. also some logo's i couldn't find.. I also left out the Porsche logo's, as the MRT isn't a Porsche All in all it's a bit empty and ofcourse it took some 'creativeness' so it's not an exact replica but i think it covers most of the original.

It's public but DON'T edit in any way or form please.


Ps. if you want to upload it to LFSW, remove the "_L" from the file name (low res version) before uploading and use the hi res version in-game.
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Merksteijn MRT.png
Maybe you could have used the McGills-logo instead of leaving the Porsche-logo off.
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The shark
My MRT skins

The shark

The RACE4FUN team skin
Mrt 2007-2008
MRT based on 2007-2008 season sponsors, public, uploaded to LFSw
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MRT_McGill 07-08.jpg
mgill mrt 07-08.jpg
MRT Tempo
Whatever site you use is really crap, a few times it hasn't loaded for me, this is one.
cant load
I know, the server is down today again *argh* Pls try again tomorrow. We are about to find a better host soon.
try attachments?

MRT5 Skins
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