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Quote from boothy :They had almost 600 when I last checked, the Daytona 500 event this year had splits of 43 with well over 10-15 splits so somehow their performance has gone backwards

especially since they were looking for 2000+ judging by the $5 credit figure
Quote from DeKo :The race is meant to go ahead in 15 minutes, and the site is still down for maintenance. That doesn't make any sense, why don't they reschedule it for half 10 or something?

bet they won't get the numbers they want in the time between the site going up and race starting
Well, 5 minutes to go and it's still on maintenance. Looks like iRacing are trying to hang on to their $3.
10 mins till i run out of door
you could give your log in to a team mate.
define "just before the race begins"
For $5 Ant? Really not worth it.

Race will go off at 5:00pm ET so that you have time to register.
Race will go off at 5:00pm ET so that you have time to register.

You will need to re-register for the race.

When we come back online, please restrict your activity
to registering and joining only.

We have collected some good data that will
help us going forward. We now want to test
the actual join process. We will open the site
just before the race begins.

Thank you for the help.

damm they've put it back

off to work i go
C'mon! Load faster!

Quote from :
** QA Race at 5:15 - Thanks! **

Website has crashed again. Brilliant.
I can't even see that, loads forever.
Well I'm glad it's working now.

Quote from DeKo :Website has crashed again. Brilliant.

818 registered ATM
i cant connect to iracing
It really looks like the access rate is too high, it keeps crashing over and over again
I'm in, but before I arrive on the dashboard, it might crash again.
Quote from z-ro 8 :818 registered ATM

Yeah, but the website is down. Try refreshing.
Nearly 1,000 registered, and I got in! Now I stop doing ANYTHING on their servers.

Hit register and I'm in, just before I was about to collapse from the anxiousness.
We are going to be here all night waiting.
im stuck @ the select your car box.
Quote from PMD9409 :We are going to be here all night waiting.

I have time after that LFSCART Q-Farce.
I managed to register - 10:00min left - 997 racers registered - but it's not climbing and I get auth. denied when trying to test the car. So don't hold your breath.
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