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Before all this pro talk completely takes over the thread (), here a few glimpses at the upcoming Mid-Ohio:
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I saw a post saying that it was now completely drivable. Shouldn't be too awful long now I would think.
The Mustang is going to be epic at Mid Ohio.
No reason they shouldn't model that bump, is there?
Quote from atledreier :No reason they shouldn't model that bump, is there?

sure there is...
unless the bump is not there anymore!
After my destruction derby races a few weeks ago where the whole practice session was spent flipping the car through the air using a track defect, I will make it my mission to find this bump if it still exists.

In NR03 I used to take the Indy cars, bump up the grip to F1 feel, and drive across the ditch on the long straight of the old Le Mans circuit and watch the car flip.
For those waiting for re-subscribe promo codes, there may be good news: I got one, it's a 50% off voucher for the "Season Pass", and expires at the end of the month.

Don't forget to check your mail!

PS: the mail also says

Quote :Coming Soon to Driving School

Modeled after the Skip Barber 3-Day school, soon this will be available to all iRacing members, for FREE.


Our most impressive tire model to date, giving racers more control and better feel for the road is coming soon along with improved aero models.

Quote :Many New Features on the Way in 2010

* Fixed Setup Racing
* Night Racing
* Updated Transmission Model
* Updated Physical and Graphical Damage model
* Many more tracks and cars in the works including a street stock car and several tracks from around the globe

Sounds interesting...
Might have a third go when I get a 50% discount voucher AFTER the tyre update...
@Tristan, there's basically nothing they can add or improve so much to get me into paying what they're currently asking (w/o discounts), unless it's free beer Plus, for the classes I race in the tyre model is already more than satisfactory to me.

Quote from Danke :It sounds like iracers can expect some good releases this year.

Touch wood!
Hey guys, just done the promo thing :P

Was wondering what cars I should end up getting. 3 months of iRacing im sure I will get bored of the standard cars

Im tempted by the jetta, is it worth it?
The Jetta is shit (imho of course) very dull car and not looking that popular this season as far as i could tell. Get the Skippy, it's a no brainer.

I re-subbed up a couple of days ago after nearly a year out and I'm just loving racing the Skippy again. One of the best sim cars of all time.
I've made the mistake that I bought the Jetta, it's fun on some tracks, but yeah, get the Skippy instead.
Well I just bought the skippy, was interested in that car since inside sim racing rant about it being great.

But I guess I need to buy a few tracks now :P
Aye, well there's three days left of the VIR round so that might be worth a purchase. The next track you'll need to buy for the Skippy series is Brands.
I have the feeling this combo will be brilliant
Quote from adamlfs : im sure I will get bored of the standard cars

Don't be so sure. Once you get your SR up to 3.0 you have the Spec Racer which runs at mostly rookie tracks, Solstice isn't that bad and the same with the Legends, they are fun. And tbh unless you have money to burn, you should look at the schedule and work out which tracks are used the most as you go up the classes, then buy 6 pieces of content which equals 20% off I got the Skippy, Mazda and V8, with Sebring, Brands and Infineon to give me as much track coverage for most of the season.
Ah ok boothy, I will try to work out what I need. I mean im already at D class "CLASS D 3.54", and have driven the spec ford before.

I think I will stick with that and sometime later this week I will buy some tracks :P

And tbh, I hate the solstice.. bloody crap car lol, But ofc I had to use it to gain the class I have now
i never liked the solstice when i had to drive it but these days i must admit i actually enjoy doing the odd test with it, wouldn't dare do a race with all the roookies, apart from all the mistakes causing accidents they'd probably be faster than me
A lot of higher class drivers are driving the Solstice these days though. I was class D having some great battles with class B drivers a month ago. Great fun to be had!
Ok picked up VIR, brands and Sebring.

Loving the way VIR feels, think im gonna be playing iRacing for along time now :P
Quote from adamlfs :Ok picked up VIR, brands and Sebring.

Loving the way VIR feels, think im gonna be playing iRacing for along time now :P

Let me know if your going to do some practice and i'll join you
I guess the standard of racing hasn't improved

Got hit twice with the skippy @ VIR. I think I will stick to timetrial and quali runs.
sunscription ran out yesterday thinking wether to get the 3 month with the 50% code i got
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