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doens´t look too bad at the first view
I can't remember if I have uploaded this skin on here yet.

It's based on the Race Master car at a couple of the British tracks that have them for the driving experiences. Site here

Not uploaded to LFSW. Remove 2048 & 1024 from file names, only the number can be edited.
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Race Master FBM Blackwood.jpg
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Skin Ferrari F2008 - Kimi Raikkonen _ TEST this !
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Quote from obi1 :Skin Ferrari F2008 - Kimi Raikkonen _ TEST this !

To tell the truth,I don't really like it.BTW,you should use master skinnerz skin kits when making skins.
Request for Honda f1 skin
I wonder why there are minimal posts here.
Quote from FlyeThemoon :Well Done, if you can make Tabaco version, take care.

tabaco version is skin with Marlboro ads? if i can find logos, why not
Quote from Rednik :
Swedish police car

im not sure, Swedish Police have Bolides? :P better make it for Xrg
Lovers Skin Fbm
Aquí va.. .es la bomba.. aunque algo personal..

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Mejor en el apartado de finished skins, dentro de los FBM.

Un saludo
I didn't know demo racers had possibility to put layouts o.o
Oh I´m smelling something...

Oh yeah,ugly skin.
#618 - ssm
Quote from HellBoy99 :Before u start 'hailing it' u should know that all he did was put orange everywhere and clone THIS on it.

It's not rly his 'humar' or 'work'.

Gaywin's law?
Nice skin ehmmm:vomit:yesss...
And about the layout...i think its a bug,isnt it alexdios?Or better...ADIOS
Why Does it say Master Skinners in the bottom corner...? Sorry to say But my 6 year old cousin done a better skin and he done it on paint, btw are you gay? it says lovers team and it just looks like 2 men on der
Its master skinners' pro kit, they arent making that ugly skins.
Simple and hot

Can we edit it a bit? Like, remove the flag and add some decals?

FBM Skins
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