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Established teams please make a post here...
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Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme 2008 Version 2.1
Yeah. Hi folks. I am telling about my team again:

So, we are not anymore noobs (and it´s a good thing ) and we are coming to S2 seriously in 2008 (somebody has got already in my team).

the MTDZX V2.1 is hard-boiled stunt team. We do everything what we can. we come from finland.

our X-treme Alert stunt series videos XA1 XA2 XA3

enjoy. we do some kind of this
Team [GLOW]
Well hello all, Im Jason, The leader of Team [GLOW] and i have a nice, small but very friendly team that im sure you would get along with, [GLOW] has memebers from all over europe. We do cruise a lot but all the members have different racing/crusing that they like. Some race in real life(lucky them lol). Many of our members really enjoy CTRA and ConeDodgers among others.
The team consists of 7 members that are all good drivers as they are tested before entry to the team. I recently kicked someone out of the team for wrecking and breaking other team 'Rules' but the rest of us are very friendly.

The forum for our/my team is and the website is the forum will proberly be more useful atm.


  • Name: Jason
  • LFS Name: mongoosetierney
  • LFS Nick:[GLOW] Jason
  • Team Glow Leader/Forum manager


  • Name: Gavin
  • LFS Name: cheekyboy
  • LFS Nick:[GLOW] gavin
  • Team Glow Co-Leader/Application manager/Forum moderator

  • Name: Chris
  • LFS Name: hexta_gt
  • LFS Nick:[GLOW] Hexta
  • Team Glow website designer/Upkeeper/Forum moderator

  • Name: Kristian
  • LFS Name: bilkirstian
  • LFS Nick:[GLOW] BK
  • Team member

  • Name: Alex
  • LFS Name: crisisx
  • LFS Nick:[GLOW] MK2
  • Team member

  • Name: Alex
  • LFS Name: minimaxman
  • LFS Nick:[GLOW] U17CC
  • Team member

  • Name: Nafees
  • LFS Name: naf786
  • LFS Nick:[GLOW] Star
  • Team member

Thanks for reading this essay lol
Get back to me or drop me a message at my forum if your interested.Thanks!
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :mmm I know. But we will get the License. Just playing an older versions

You should burn in hell.

Well, my team is pretty a one man gang. Nothing official. Just a "team", just drifting around and not competing. Only practising my ass off.

[D-Stylz] I got the name from my old nickname I used, so my whole racing name is just a combination of old and new =P D-Stylz, D-Styles, Drift Styles.

Guess my team "hang-around" is called:

[D-Stylz] is our sites now

Team Riker Drifting ( T-R-D) Finally Established Looking For Anxious new recruits!!!

Just come to the site and sign-up in the forum!! :-)


Im going to try to get a server up and runningso...
Were Going To Be Based in the Demo only until i get enough S2 Licensed Members!!

Thanks, DK_USA
NEX Team
[NEX] Team.


Own Servers : 1 Drift server. 1 Race Server. 1 X32 Server

Speciality: Drifting GTR's

Team Members

Erika - Founder/Forum Manager/Server Host LFS: Evilvan911
Takumi - Founder/Server Admin LFS: Ghost921
Zero - Founder/Server Admin LFS: turbo_boy
Shockwave - Founder/Server Admin LFS:MiNdChArGeR
Turbo - Co Leader/Server Admin LFS: RaceUK
Mutt - Member LFS: Mutt107
Roadrunner - Member LFS:TimberBunny
CoderedPL - Member LFS: CoderedPL
Daniel05 - Member LFSaDrifter83
Magalie - Member LFS: Skorzyo
Sydney Ash - Member LFS: Gester
Vash - Recruit LFS: Vash22295
Niksoft - Recruit LFS: Niksoft

New team is born, called Tenzo.R, like tuning parts manufacturer.

Team members - feat, Vate.
Leader - Me - feat.

Feat - Carl, in game nick - feat.
Vate - Edy, in game nick - Vate.

Homepage isn`t ready yet, but i think we will work it out.

By the way, we are`nt accepted @ lfsw team list, but be patient.
Pernix Drivers

Robin 'Itar' Janásek - Itar (CZ)
Jaroslav 'JardaPolma' Polma - Polma

Sorry for that crabbed english, I do what I can.
Need A Team? (NtrlBrnRacer) DELETED by NtrlBrnRacer
Team NiTRa
NiTRa has been disbanded since other commitments took priority over my managing the team to the point where members were leaving due to lack of activity.
This Team Does Not Exist Anymore.
Need A Team? We are looking for fast and clean racers Demo and S2

if you think you are good enough visit

we also have a server up on demo and S2 so stop by sometime

Team List:
Leader- NBR Racer -S2
CO-L- NBR bds -Demo
Racer- NBR Rossi -S2
Racer- NBR NOOB -S2
Racer- NBR Pug205 -Demo
Racer- NBR DeeJay -Demo
Racer- NBR Nick_Gr -S2
Racer- NBR Garally -S2
Racer- NBR Drejc -Demo
Racer- NBR Karlikcz- Demo
Racer- NBR --Neuspeed-- -Demo
Racer- NBR Nicolai -S2
Racer- NBR Mufuma -Demo
Racer- NBR Revlimit -Demo
Racer- NBR NISMO_Z33 -Demo
Racer- NBR DARK -S2
Racer- NBR Shane -S2
Quote from 1337sause :I am the founder =D

And apparently the only member which means that you certainly aren't an established team.
Official Race Backmarkers
Hello, Guess I better add ours.

[LFSNZ] Shrapz
[LFSNZ] Swivel
[LFSNZ] Steala
[LFSNZ] PirateBob
[LFSNZ] kumarakid
[LFSNZ] Krayy
[LFSNZ] Kiwi
[LFSNZ] 4aged
[LFSNZ] Racefactory

There are a few others.

3 servers

[LFSNZ]XFG "Demo server"
[LFSNZ]2 "S1 server"
[LFSNZ]3 "S2 server"
[LFSNZ]4 "S2 server" (Only online for Club Races)

So Hello from New Zealand
Team KA

Owner Hughesie89

Admin Team

were always looking for new s2 players to join our team (we normally race on friday nights gmt+10)
Revolution Racing .....
Revolution Racing [R-R] is an Dutch LFS race team who drives on the DEMO-servers as well as on the S2-servers from LFS.
The main thing for our team is the joy of racing and from there, the speed will follow.

As a team, we organise our own leagues, and we also race in leagues organised by other teams.

One of our leagues is League 13 (demo), where we race on Blackwood with the XFG and FBM cars.

A race night takes about 2 hours and there is a varied program, then a short race and a long one or 4 short races.
The start order for race one is determined by qualifying. The start order for the next race is then determined by reversing the finish order from the previous race. That way, the fast drivers need to show their driving skills and that they can overtake other drivers.

If you like the above and you want to strengthen our team, then go to our forum( and leave us a message. Once again, speed is not the most important thing, sociability and great/honest races are.

Mad Dog
Rayman (heerbommel)
STIman (
Timmer (timmer1980)

Cya on track or in our forum.....
Maximo Drive.
Our site
We've just been started. we have a total of 3 members, only two on the site though.

We dont have any servers So we'll be driving on other servers.

We're not looking for drivers who are setting WR were more about style and personality then amazing laps. The only reason we've done this is because truthfully i suck at driving. But dont let that put you off!

Pm me or post in my team's topic if you're interested in joining or have any questions.

Thanks Migz
JDM Fantasy - JDM*F

In LFS since 28th of December 2006 with the leadership of Eclipse (Ryan)

JDM*F Eclipse
JDM*F Gordon
JDM*F Charlie
JDM*F Ponzak
JDM*F Eddy
JDM*F Sickpuppy

Team site in the process along with a dedicated server. JDM*F is a team unlike many others where personality and vertue overpowers skill and activity. The team is more than just LFS, it's about friendship and helping others out.

We have a Team Board on LFS-Torque and like I said above, Team site is in the workings.
(fundrifter) DELETED by fundrifter : rong posting
Team Norwgian Sideways Drivers.

[NSD]Speedy(NOR] - (team founder and server hoste) licens s2

we got our own Drift-server, which is called ™«NorwgianSidewaysDrivers»[NTO]

Team Admin
™ - Trademark, not team.
Absolute Beginners Racing League [NL]
We are a racing league especially for beginning drivers. We race every friday evening in our small competition. We are still looking for dutchspeaking drivers to join us. We search people with commitment.
Take a look at our site:

and join in!!

Established teams please make a post here...
(612 posts, started )