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Established teams please make a post here...
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Established teams please make a post here...
There is a thread of this kind on the RSC forums and I think it would be a good idea to make a new one here. Post your team's name, a list of members, and your website address (if you have one).

PS. Note the title says 'Established' teams, so don't post and say you are thinking of starting a team or something...
spdoRacing -

Josh Di Fabio (joshdifabio)
Heikki "Huppis" Jaakkola (Hawku)
Teemu "Misan" Hirvonen (Misan)
Robert "r-blue" Witter (r-blue)
Jari ".deFINe." Mattila (.deFINe.)
Ramon "FiredUp" Blauwhoff (ChristijaNL)
Marc "MarcG" Gassner (MarcG)
Martin "Ghost" Šilhánek (Ghost_CZ)
Chris Hofbauer (K.Dingeling)
Mantas "GMPt" Brazinskas (MantasGMPt)
Reece "Pearcy" Pearson (pearcy_2k7)
Dmitri "Mitz" Tsubenko (Dmt)
Lukas "Freaky" Vieten (GermanRacer)
Matias "Maddee" Pikkarainen (Matias-)
Balazs "Mihu" Mihaly (mihu86)
Leonardo "Leo" Forcinetti (leonardo555)
Adam "Garfield" Wisniewski (Garfild12)
Marek "Marus" Jagiello (Marus)
Egon Liibeon (Egon-est)
vMaxSR - Velocity Maximum Simulation Racing.

Homepage -
Forum - vMax Forum
LFS World - LFS World Teams Page
Server (as of 29th April 2006) - [url="lfs://|%20vMax%20Racing%20Arena|0|S2|/"]vMax Racing Arena[/url] (lfsjoin required)

Current Members

Team Founder (now 'retired')


Server Administrator

Division Coordinator
[url=""]Tristan Cliffe[/url]

Team Skinner (in conjuction with JustinZ)

  • [url=""]Markko[/url]
  • [url=""]Metalstar[/url]
  • [url=""]Kirves[/url]
  • [url=""]Keiran[/url]
  • [url=""]n2oaddict[/url]
  • [url=""]Chris Kerry[/url]
  • [url=""]LawVS[/url]
  • [url=""]Munko[/url]
  • [url=""]Denis[/url]
  • [url=""]Simon[/url]
We are always recruiting, if you're either quick enough or skilled enough in some other beneficial way. We are also particularly interested in drivers who will participate in leagues under the vMax banner.
If you wish to apply, please PM a member of the team, however be aware that refusals often offend, so ensure you are quick, experienced and socialable before you apply.

vMax encourages, indeed condones, clean, safe racing above all other things. If you are not clean or safe then you are not a friend of vMax.

If you are racing on a vMax server and have problems, either with a vMax member or other racers, or just the server itself, please get in touch with a team member ASAP. However, we run a very strict banning procedure on our server. If you are causing accidents, swearing, or driving in a manner not befitting the race in question (even if it's repeatedly resetting during banger racing or cutting T1 at BL2R) then you will be kicked and then banned. the ban will not be lifted under any except the most exceptional circumstances, so please be considerate BEFORE you are banned. Bans will last between 1 day and 3 years.

This may seem and exceptional strict and unfriendly way of running a server, but please take note that it is still very rare a ban occurs. Knowing how we run our servers will prevent problems for you.

If you see driving you think is a bannable offence, please save a replay and contact a member of the team. Bans can be issued after the event so long as sufficient evidence can be shown. A multiplayer replay of the whole event will help this cause. Failure to supply evidence may mean your ban request is ignored.

We regret that real life© (exams, work, women, drink etc) mean that an admin presence on our server is not possible at all times.

Enjoy racing with us, and we look forward to racing with you soon.

vMaxSR LFS team concept was founded in late 2004 by JamesF1 out of the ashes of the former Olympic Toyota Racing Team! The idea was brought to JustinZ who added his thoughts, and efforts, and the team began to move along, albeit slowly. Next on-board was Jenzen - who provided support to the building effort, even though was not able to help so much in the construction of the team. Following Jenzen, the recruiting started in earnest, and many new faces were recruited, such as Markko and Metalstar, to the point where the team was gathering pace and getting ready for the official launch, which was scheduled for 1st January 2005.

Launch day came and went, and the team were still working frantically to have everything ready before trying to do some talking on the track. During January, the N2003 team/division was birthed and - with the relatively little setup required for the N2003 lads - started performing in the Phoenix Racing Series straight away. As 1st February 2005 approached, the team were working late into the nights preparing everything. Then, as the historic day dawned, the team was ready, the covers were off and vMaxSR was unveiled for all the world to see.

Since then, vMaxSR has grown significantly in both members and in achievment, with our N2003 division blowing the socks off their competitors in PRS and - to a lesser extent - ESCORS. Our LFS team is performing well, and with the release of the S2 Full Public Alpha, they are getting their teeth into the sim. Both of our teams race regularly in leagues, and our team now consists of some great driving talents and some promising hotshots!
#5 - Panik
Hello from Co2!

Brand new team with just two members so far;


We're kinda strict on whos in and whos not, to avoid the "looseness" that I see in so many teams. Anyways, we're (ofcourse) good clean racers. =)
Czech e-Racing Team (CeRT) (website still only in czech, sorry)
#8 - tpa
Team Evolution (XCNuse) DELETED by XCNuse
#9 - tinyk
digiServ Racing Club [dSRC]
#11 - Asmo
Team Allian

Anthony Guerin
Charles Dracoulidès
Fabien Pailler
Hannes Uhlmann
Jeffery L. McGregor
Mario Kelterbaum
Maxime Trepreau
Nils Naujoks
Philipp Hildebrandt
Silvio Krieg
Steven Kranhold
Sven Hoffmann
Xavier Tournadre

powered by :
#12 - th84
Noobs racing team!!!!

and dont forget, [noobs] aint as slow as u might think!!
#13 - ekze
A-Spec Russian Racing Team

Established 18th august of 2003
All the Spanish teams can be found here:

LFS-Spain RacersClub (RC Team)
ToniKe Team (TkT Team)
Fast Boys Xtreme Racing (FBXR Team)
Ignition Squadra Corse (ISC Squadra)
Mushroom Racing Team (MHR Team)
Forocoches Team (FC Team)
(MorroW) DELETED by MorroW : Team closed

Established June 2005.

Open to everyone!

We are a team and a philosophy. Our goal is to make LFS a more fun game for everyone to play - from hardened veterans to clueless newbies. We're just getting started.

Server: [UKLFS] Race Server


Not much on the site yet, just the signup for our league.
team egamespoint (

The Teams consists actually of 3 Members. But we´re searching for new ones
Teamname: Krautracing
Shortcut: KR|


German Live for Speed Racing Team. Limited Drivers


KR|Bjoern D.G. (krautracer911)
KR|Thomas Facklam (Tomkey)
KR|M.Kretschmar (Electricwolf)
KR|Steffen Luther (Phantom14)
KR|Matthias Witte (neutron404)
KR|Gerd Vieth (-gerd-)
KR|Dirk Kühl (Kuddel)
KR|Maurizio (iceman220376)
KR|Daniel Sokoll (26234)
KR|Schofei (schofei)
KR|Torsten Gross (nomoi.toto)

Project K²

K² AlienIV
K² And1
K² Chief Taoa
K² Crassi
K² Fear
K² Goofy
K² Krutch
K² Lupus
K² McTom
K² MikeB
K² Mouse_on_Mars
K² Neo
K² Onurb
K² Quattro
K² Safi
K² Sebo
K² ShortyHH
K² Silncr (Teamleader)
K² Sledo
K² UnLiMiTeD
K² Zoom
More Power Team

[MPT] Kamo
[MPT] Kaleos
[MPT] Lukas@
[MPT] Szyszek
[MPT] Maczo
[MPT] Kenet
[MPT] Dees
[MPT] Poolek
[MPT] Maraz
Saiko D

In LFS Since 5th of May 2004.


We have a little site, but it's not really updated often, so if you want to check updates about the team go to lfs-torque forums where our team board is.

Members have been featured on movies like:

Saiko D Demo Movie
Drift Club 2
Saiko D R-Evolution
S2 - Out Of Control
Inertia Grand Prix - exhibition round highlights
HaRDCoRE - The Last S1 Movie NRP

and on more!
Look At Me Everyone[Lame] racing team

Established teams please make a post here...
(612 posts, started )