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Quote from Goldesel :Hi i have a problem withe the (LFS Relax) when i join on an singleplayer server so i see the RemainFuel Display in the middle but when i play on an multiplayer server so the RemainFuel Display is not found in the game.

Quote from Goldesel :Hello can everyone help me by this PROBLEM

If the Fuel Display is working in Singleplayer, it should work in Multiplayer. So you get a blank fuel display when you start up your LFS?

I start lfsrelax, then I start lfs and type /insim 29999. Then I connect to a multiplayer server, everything works fine.

The only problem is that sometimes when there is a track change or something during a multiplayer session I need to close lfsrelax and restart it to get everything working again. I don't have to type /insim 29999 again, just restart lfsrelax. Then the fuel display starts working again.

Hope this helps your troubleshooting.
LFS Ralax fuel display
hmm the fuel display is don't working on an multiplayer server but all the other progs of this tool are working.
When i start the LFS Relax with the game LFS so i see the fuel display in the LFS Menu but when i start an multiplayer game the fuel display is hide and the other progs i can see.
Does your .cfg file look like this?

coordButtFuel = 25,175,20,6
coordButtLogoFuel = 93,22,20,20
# Display icon fule when remain resLap lap in fuel
resLaps = 2

If it says "false", change it to "true".

Are you running other insim apps at the same time as lfsrelax? I tried to run that Setupgrid app to download setups while in multiplayer, but it messed up my lfsrelax when I tried to use it. So having another insim app running might be the problem. I don't know.
I use the insim port only for the LFS Relax tool but the fuel display is hide on an multiplayer server i have no idea what the problem is.
Did you look at your .cfg file to see if the fuel display was set to "true" like in post above?

If you don't already know, you can view your .cfg file in notepad.

Go back through this thread and read the posts. Maybe you'll come across someone that had a similar problem, and a solution to your problem.

Sorry m8.
Hmm ok thx for your ideas.
Than i must read in the Thread.
I would like to delete all my FXO-pb´s from PB.txt, but I´m struggling with the syntax/data...

Quote from PB.txt :



What exactly do I have to delete from my pb.txt to get rid of those unrestricted FXO-stats..?

I really don´t want to start my "records" from scratch. My pb.txt is nearly a year old and I don´t want to loose all the data...
What am I doing wrong with the spotter?

"InSim : first byte in packet does not match size"
Have you changed the config file using the Windows editor?

If so try to recover the original file and edit it with PSPad.
Quote from JustForFunRacing :Have you changed the config file using the Windows editor?

If so try to recover the original file and edit it with PSPad.

I didn't change anything, installed it into my lfs folder and runned it, and I got this message, and it keeps spamming it.
(Killer Beast) DELETED by Killer Beast

I don't understand how to set it up. I got relax started up lfs did the insim 29999 thing and then started up relax. On LFS it said InSim : password does not match your multiplayer admin password. Then on relax it said Warning:Error loading ./PB or file does not exist yet.
Why is this?

Thanks in advance
PS Im not a very techno person so i don't understand half the notepad stuff so can you explain it in non-techno language please
Ok.. I have Win7 64 bit installed now.

Well... LFSRelax works! But it crashes after a few minutes

Well then I set it to run as Administrator AND to run it in compatibly Mode (WinXP SP3)... I played an hour without crash...

Will test some more time tomorrow.


Ok it still kept crashing, but recompiling with Microsoft´s free Visual C# Express Edition helped. Now it works as it should - only the shift beep sometimes works - sometimes not...
Is there a chance to get any updates some when?

The "fuel" warning symbol does not work and it would be nice to add a further button to the GAP buttons showing the amount of pit-stops done by the guy behind or in front...

If Gai-Luron is too busy to have a little work on this great peace of software.. maybe some one else could work on it - the source code it public...

But I have no experience in C#... Else I would try myself...
Still cannot get this to run, lol

have got CFG setup up correct

Says LFSRelas is running, but i cant see it in game ??

is there something else i need to type

has anyone else noted that the shift alarm does not work on the most recent test patches?
Quote from vicbel :has anyone else noted that the shift alarm does not work on the most recent test patches?

I was just going through this thread to make sure i do not re-post a similar post,yes i did notice that the shift beep does not work with the new patch,has anybody got any advice?
Ok,try this LFSRelax1.53 for new OutGauge. ShiftBip work fine.

When saying like Gai-Luron,

New version : 1.53

Quote :1.52 --> 1.53

1. Modufication for Patch Z20


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Quote from yamakawa :Ok,try this LFSRelax1.53 for new OutGauge. ShiftBip work fine.

When saying like Gai-Luron,

New version : 1.53



Thank you Sir

Though it is PM, I do the post here. Because I want other somebody to point it out because I may make a mistake of my still learning Insim and C# on the way.

Well, do you want to get the number of times of the pit?
I am not good at much English. And I get drunk a little.

I wrote a code first of all. (added 12 line) And it functioned.
The additional point please search "///ADDED" in Main.cs.
you can get Pitstop number at IS_LAP.
In the place of Case "LAP" (line 1034) ...

> Guy[lapDec.PLID] = lapDec.NumStop;

NumStop is stored in "Guy" array.

Anyway,It works.

Sorry, this is machine translation. Maybe Strange english
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Ok... to make it clear:

I asked Yamakwa in a PM if he also could add a button showing the number of pit stops the guy in front or back has done.

If have done such a custom version by my own with the help of a friend since I am not good enough in coding. But I am not able to add the support for the ShiftBeep.

Anyway, first of all Yamakawa´s version with Pit seems not to work for me.

So I used a TextDiff tool to find what he changed to enable the ShiftBeep.

The result is a version with a working ShiftBeep, working Pit indicator and it has been compiled with Win7 64 bit - so it definitely works with Win 7 64 bit!

I don´t know if it still works on 32bit windows though. If not, just recompile it.

However, the TS thing does not work for me so I set this option to false in the cfg.
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Hi Guys,
LFSRelax doesn't connect with Z25 update, any chance of it being updated.

Ignore me sorry it does work lol

It does connect for me ...
mmm, still cant get shift bip to work even with new 1.53 version, does it work for everyone else?
choose a car, which has a working shift bip.

not all cars get it since z25.

@crady The pitstop-indicator is a great idea. And thanks for make it working with W7, i will install it at the weekend.... It works with XP 32Bit now, too. Didn´t remeber the TS thingy, will try it this evening.
Fuel remaining and shift beep does not work for me since Z25 update. I have downloaded ver 1.53, but still does not work.
In fact, when I start LFSRelax, with the game paused, I can see the remaining laps, but as soon as I resume, the fuel remaining disappears.
Any clue what could be wrong??

LFSRelax 3 in 1 (TS View, AutoMessages, Pit Spotter) by Gai-Luron
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