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LFS AI Skin-Pack
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LFS AI Skin-Pack
Currently LFS does not always automatically apply skins to the AI cars, resulting in a grid full of very basic looking cars. The purpose of this package is to make every AI car in LFS use a skin.

It is possible to manually apply skins to the AI cars by creating a colour setting with the same name as the AI. However, since LFS supports 20 AIs per car you'd have to collect 400 skins and create just as many colour settings.

The package includes 400 skins and colour settings.

Thanks go out to all the contributors.


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lfs_ai_skin-pack_s2y (78 MB)
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I was going to do this exact same thing a while ago but decided it was far too much like hard work, so well done and thanks
Glad to contribute to the pack!

Be sure to treat AI 19's LX4 nicely
Super work fel. Glad to have helped out.

Very nice

And please watch out for Super Marios LX4 (AI 12)
Congratulations to felplacerad for his initiative and many thanks to the guys who offered their car-skins to complete the package.

Good work all, thank you
nice thanx good work
WOW! thanks a million!
Downloaded it, like it, thanks a lot.
does this work if i gave my AI names?

No. You'll have to rename either the AIs or the .col files.
Nice idea fella
Cool to see this released fel.. must have taken a while and some coffees to do all the col configs


Thanks felplacerad for your initiative!!! I love it!
First, Thanks felplacerad for your great AI Pack.

I have made an Update of your LFS AI Skinpack, with other Drivers.

This is an F1 Champions Edition, following Drivers included (2 Drivers, win nothing, only the second Place :-)


M.Schumacher (7 Titel)
A.Senna (3 Titel)
A.Prost (4 Titel)
N.Piquet (3 Titel)
N.Lauda (3 Titel)
N.Mansell (1 Titel)
J.M.Fangio (5 Titel)
J.Brabham (3 Titel)
J.Stewart (3 Titel)
A.Ascari (2 Titel)
J.Clark (2 Titel)
G.Hill (2 Titel)
E.Fittipaldi (2 Titel)
K.Rosberg (1 Titel)
G.Villeneuve (0 Titel)
G.Farina (1 Titel)
M.Andretti (1 Titel)
J.Scheckter (1 Titel)
S.Moss (0 Titel)
J.Hunt (1 Titel)


This is only an Update for felplacerad AI Skinpack.


Live for Speed S2 ALPHA - VERSION X, 261 MB of available disk space.
Live for Speed (LFS) AI Skin-pack

Download at LFS Database
Nice Downloading....
Quote from felplacerad :You'll have to rename either the AIs or the .col files.

What is the function of those "col" files ?, I have never understand what they do
In my settings map there are no "col" files related to AI's, like in the skinpack.
The colour settings (skin, rims, body) are stored in a .col file.

You've probably noticed the list of colours to the left in the garage. Every single setting (except the swatches on top) is actually a .col file. If there is a .col file with the same name as one of your AIs, LFS will automatically assign that .col file to that particlar AI.

If I hadn't included the .col files, you'd have to manually assign the skins to the AI cars.
Aah thank you

I've just asked that question because I want to install your great AI skinpack (many thanks for that, btw) but I want to keep my AI's names, I have renamed them all....
Thank you very much for this addition! (right spelled)

It`s very usefull, and will be really handy when the AI have been improved in later patches.

Some nice skins there, just curious btw - am I allowed to use any of these skins online if I want?
Quote from The Very End :Some nice skins there, just curious btw - am I allowed to use any of these skins online if I want?

Yes, these are all public skins.
Thank a lot

The only problem I faced (yes I tried the skins online before asked ) was that some of the skins are not uploaded to LFSworld.
Some of the are, and some are not. Maybe someone could just re-upload all the skins again? Hehe, or maybe I must do it ><'
Bah, lazy me

The original file names of quite a number of skins have been lost in the process. Some authors chose to upload their skins to imagebucket, fileshack, etc which rename the skins (unfortunately).
I was running out of skin slots on LFS World, so removed all the ones that I don't personally use.

I think the filenames of any of my skins in the pack are still the originals though.

LFS AI Skin-Pack
(85 posts, started )