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Patch X Released!
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Patch X Released!
Hello Racers!

We are pleased to announce... a new update : Patch X

Here are some of the important features in the new version.

- The number of cars that can join a race has been increased to 32
- False starts are now possible (LFS does not hold you at the start line)
- Physics : preload added to clutch pack differentials improving car handling
- Skin improvements including high resolution premium skin download service
- Global class balancing system (currently applied to GTR and TBO classes)
- A new version of InSim including many improvements and a button interface

To update to version X, just run your V or W version and click List of Games in the Multiplayer screen. You will be given the option to automatically install the update.

For more detailed information about the skin download system and all the other updates, please read below.

Have fun!

Patch Download : Just click List of Games in LFS to use the automatic update system

Dedicated host (special program for hosting only) :

Patch X Detailed Information :

There are various improvements related to skins including the option to download high resolution skins while online, for a small charge of £1 for 2000 downloads. The low resolution downloads are still free. We have to charge for the downloading of high resolution skins because of the increased bandwidth and the need to buy and maintain more internet servers for LFS online usage which is always increasing. Please note, we are not selling skins. The skins remain the property of their owners. Your copy is a high resolution compressed version of the original. This is a charge purely for the downloading service which allows you to see other cars' skins in higher resolution.

Downloaded skins are now always saved and shown in compressed form. The original jpg is not saved on other computers. This allows the best use of memory and the quickest load from disk.

To use your own jpg skins, or to view skins that you manually download, save them into your skins folder - you will then find them selectable in game, just as before. You can see your manually downloaded skins compressed or not compressed according to the option for local skins. There are now 4 skins folders but you can ignore them all, just forget about them and just use the skins folder as usual.

skins : you save jpg skins that you want to select in game
skins_dds : lfs uses this to store dds (compressed) versions of your local skins
skins_x : lfs stores automatically downloaded low res skins
skins_y : lfs stores automatically downloaded high res skins

If you want to use this service, you can make a payment at or at the main site

To deal with the increased memory usage, there is also a skin purging system which removes unneeded skins from your graphics card memory, some time after they were last used. You can see the list of skins in use in the Misc Options screen. White means the skin is actually in use. Black means it was recently used and is hanging around a while in case it is used again (to avoid a disc access). In the past, LFS just left all skins in memory until you changed track or weather.

Changes in Patch X :

Multiplayer :

Up to 47 guests can connect to a host
Max cars in multiplayer race increased to 32
In demo 12 can race and up to 15 connections
Disconnection reason is now shown in MP Replay
Can now save MPR from dedicated host (auto or manual)
A new connection queuing system to make connecting easy
Car is no longer held at start line - false starts possible
Start lights time between red and green is changed each race
Kick and ban votes never need more than eight people to vote
Ban votes can be completed after the player has disconnected
Votes do not expire and are not reset when a player joins host
Ready on game setup screen is not reset when a player connects
Current vote is shown beside player name and in connection list
Improved race position list so the confirmed results are locked
Fuel load is no longer visible in MPR (for strategy protection)
Avoided most of the "Can't x - a player is connecting" messages
Implemented a new "canreset" option while leaving hotlaps valid
BLUE FLAG works in practice (priority to those not on first lap)
Automatic spectate driving out of bounds when reset not allowed
Optimisation to improve frame rate in SHIFT+U mode when online
Removed "unknown finisher" and associated stats / insim issues
Improved the code that relays car position updates to guests
Global handicaps for class balancing (set by master server)
Remote car's handicap shown in F11 menu, tyres in F12 menu
Grid reordering is now done on end race as well as restart
FIX : Pit instructions were wrong when taking over a car
FIX : Penalty in pit stop would make the stop never end

Racing :

Start and pit fuel loads range from 1% to 100%
Qualifying and practice now start from the pit lane
Qualifying out lap is no longer counted as a valid lap
Single player now allows up to 20 ai cars (powerful pc)
Pit instructions and live settings work in single player
Admin penalties and commands are now recorded in SP Replays
SHIFT+G gear shift selection no longer stops SPR recording
New voluntary handicap system in pits (part of setup)
Added preload setting to clutch pack differentials
FIX : AI drivers ignored the pit lane speed limit

Display :

Small map colours can be changed : Options-Display-Interface
Small map cars more than one lap ahead are a different colour
Automatic show results - leaves small map visible when driving
Hide / show results removed from options - available on CTRL+TAB
Timing info shown in orange after winner crosses line / time over
Yellow finished message is no longer duplicated in central text
Connection bars are not drawn if they would obscure tyre info
Qualifying cars on out lap are drawn orange (others yellow)
Qualifying position is shown in yellow like race position
Added text on screen showing the reason for a penalty
Display option : Virtual steering gauge
Display option : Rotate small map

Interface :

Added button to spectate directly from pits
Supporting TrackIR with 6 degrees of freedom
Scroll though autocross results with PgUp / PgDn
SHIFT+P now enters garage from game setup screen
SHIFT+O now enters options when watching a SP replay
New keys SHIFT+S (spectate) and SHIFT+P (go to pits)
Button look is now added to the yaw output of TrackIR
Automatic unpause when starting or restarting a replay
Ignition key "I" is now assignable to any key or button
Removed the sound effect of a racer pitting or spectating
Pit instructions fuel load can now be adjusted in 1% steps
Escape menu improvements : can use keys (listed on screen)
Race control message now has priority over wrong way message
Wider FOV and more view pitch available (for extreme settings)
Filter added to list of games to avoid hosts which allow reset
Dedicated host now has a grey screen so you can read black text
Used top left temporary message for CTRL+TAB and other functions
Increased message history size to 20 stored + 20 recent (was 16)
Place objects is now switched off when entering race or qualifying
Code page names are now translatable for switching keyboard layouts
FIX : Dedicated host could stop responding to messages and commands
FIX : Start restriction countdown was missing from OK button in pits

Skins :

Replay skins download screen new "always" and "never" options
High res premium skin download system (£1 for 2000 downloads)
System to purge skins from graphics card memory when not used
Skin download and preload during connection after loading track
Improved the "new colours" system - combined with skin selection
Skins in skins folder are not converted to dds if using full skins

InSim :

New version of InSim allows up to eight TCP or UDP connections
New buttons system allowing better interface in InSim programs
More race tracking info and many packets added (see InSim.txt)
More commands now work on AI drivers : /spec /pitlane /p_xxx
More commands work even if player joining e.g. /spec /laps
New /i command to send a message to a race control program
Race penalty can now be removed with /p_clear command
Send all players to their pits with /pit_all command
Admins can now use the IS_REO (race reorder) packet
IS_CPP can now be used to set custom view position

System :

Removed the option not to use HVS if it is available
Better messages showing the reason for disconnection
Admins can now edit and /axsave layouts while online
Admin ban dialog now asks for a number of days to ban
Admins can now see other admins in list of connections
Added short track name to SPR, MPR and RAF file formats
Command /mprdir to specify mpr folder on dedicated host
MPR file format : result times now saved in milliseconds
Added handicap mass and restriction to hotlap file header
Increased maximum physics objects due to more cars on track
Start grid remains when track or config changes (if possible)
Start time added to MPR file @ offset 36 (seconds since 1/1/1970)
Command line command /player (start LFS with specified player name)
New command /wait (like /exec but LFS hangs until the program exits)
New command /hlog to set log file on host - command /log is now local
FIX : Could not delete all text after clicking a name in meeting room
FIX : Overtaking lesson could sometimes give an invalid lesson result
FIX : Removed the need to pass a split after receiving admin penalty
FIX : The TAB key did not work with /press /ctrl and /shift commands
FIX : Occasional black screen bug when changing to full screen mode
FIX : Autocross checkpoints in line could cause rapid lap count bug
FIX : Path followers were reset when an object was added or removed
FIX : Path follower reset caused a glitch or an out of bounds reset
FIX : Some objects were not drawn after exiting pits while paused
FIX : Start lights were not shown in some of the training lessons
FIX : Autocross layout number of laps sometimes did not load
FIX : In single player /end command did not exit correctly
FIX : Find user in S2 mode looking for racer on S1 host
FIX : Safer code when changing windowed to full screen
FIX : Occasional crash when exiting from List of Games
FIX : Long messages could sometimes get cut short
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Patch X Released!
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