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WEC this time

BMW best drift machine. f*** off JDM
A lot of people remember/know about the porsche/merc flips in lemans and road atlanta but I never knew that the v12 bmw also flipped in road atlanta:

DTM 1991 Round 05 at Diepholz

BMW Power 8)
Deltawing onboard:

The last of the 4 should have the day-to-night transition.
Looks like it was a bad weekend for motorsports:

Fortunately no injuries.
Quote from Lotesdelere :Looks like it was a bad weekend for motorsports:


Fortunately no injuries.

How the hell were they even allowed to be there? Sitting right on the edge of the road on the outside exit of a fast corner is asking for trouble, even if it's elevated...
Finally I had an opportunity to have some close racing in the sprint race with BMW 130i Cup version. I won due to the tire strategy and patience

Criticism, comments and questions about the video or driving are welcome.

Valtteri Bottas driving Damon Hill's Williams FW18 at Silverstone:

Brembo brakes

Formula 1:


Those slowmos of the bikes braking are awesome.
I want to watch the whole damn race like I used to be able to on You tube. Damn FIA. Anyone know anywhere I can view complete V8SC races?
purchase v8 superview?? its the only way ive found recently. though motors TV are showing races now I think!!
I was at turn 12, and it was more interesting than the F1 one!
Just for fun :-D

Quote from Klouczech :Just for fun :-D

You should upgrade your graphics card. That draw distance is terrible...

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )