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Federal Penitentiary Service: Navalny is dead.
As might be expected.
Well, latest news from the west is... well.... nothing.

Apparently most forgot about it and are now angry with Israel instead, AKA "the new current thing"

Now it likely goes back to 2013-2021 levels of media coverage whilst civilians and conscripted "innocents" are still killed in this senseless war.

IMO, if the Western countries believe themselves to be more virtuous they need to broker for peace and make concessions because if they don't they will get drawn in with men on the ground and whilst in the global sense, the Ukraine war at the moment is in a lul interms of public outcry. It will only take a few bad decisions from the West and it could spread outside of just the Ukraine.

Rant :

All this because the EU and NATO/US strung Ukraine along with promises of membership that likely would not and will not ever happen, in order to court more pro-Western sentiment so they could get a pro-Western official in office.

Then the US has the gall to complain about unproven Russian electoral interference in the US when they do it all over the world and are historically the worlds most prevalent funders/supporters of Coup D'étas.....
There was always war. People were killed cruelly. In the past and present. There are two things that can keep people together. Firstly, they are from the same race and secondly, they are from the same religion. If everyone in the world practiced the same religion, I think none of these wars would happen. Everyone has a religion they believe in. Religious reasons can especially be the first reason for these wars. You may ask, why don't Muslims unite? Yes, everyone is Muslim, but unity cannot be achieved due to sectarian differences. One of them says that we are FIRKA-I NACİYE, the other one says the same thing and some sects say to each other that you are not Muslims. This includes the Israeli war. If Muslims were united, Israel could not do anything. The only obstacle here is to prevent conflicts from spreading to different regions. Because America wants this. Haven't they done it before? Same thing with the Russian war. They expect European states to join the war, but why don't European states join the war? Because different war fronts are opened. Nobody can afford this. The strong always eats the weak. This is real. Until, when each other's interests are in danger, we start to fight. Am I right?