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Drive LFS Server, Alpha Release
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Drive LFS Server
== Welcome to DLFSS Project==

  • Drive_LFSS
  • CodeName: "Unknow"
This is now a Close source project, mean this is no more public release.
The reason is simple, i don't have motivation to keep this work public.

FeatureRessourceI will love to thx everyone who gave some interest into that project.
Totally amazing
Hi im OBP 55,

My friends and I were amazed when we entered a lobby that ran the Drive_lfss system. Taking off from the pit you are automatically greeted with the World Record time and not long after pulling out given a rank. These are just a few things I noticed straight away. Someone crashing you well this is picked up to. you can forget the shunt or 1 push kick better than the existing connection list method in my opinion. There are other options as well. you can read all about the programme and its features. With such a wonderful tool like this, I am off to persue it. good one. !!! I can start my team now, with stats and the like ! Sam
Everything clicked on the CoreFeature site results in:

Error: Forbidden
Insufficient permissions to access /trunk/src/drive_lfss/session_list.cs
Thanks you much OBP 55 , since your the first to notice my work really appreciate! and i would say! needed at this point

Yisc[NL] , the trunk has becoming close source, during testing and implementing , Chat Moderator , since i wan to keep some external secret formula, this is needed during the time i move this code out.

Source code from Completed Milestone are always available from the "Browse Source" button.
What does it do?
Check their website...

I posted the following suggestion there, sorry but I have no idea how feasible it is or how long it would take
Any chance to look into the user setup?
This would get the edge over competition if you could put together either:
  • Check that setup values are within accepted boundaries (limit sliders range)
  • Check intake restriciton and ballast
  • Check that the setup corresponds to the server or one of the server forced setups - send the above to the user.
Or maybe all of them
Mille Sabords , next time create 1 Ticket by suggestion you have! don't be shy! there is no restriction or humiliation! if you do wrong!

And that way , im more able to refuse or accept only 1 At time

and did you check already done ticket? cause into thoses one i already accepted this:

And too answer your question inside the ticket, lapper and drive_lfss , are both insim addons, but they are not done same way! and i will say each way is very far from each other! i suppose both has they advantage and disavantage!
Very ambitious project. Excellent
i just completed something that i think will be Brute RockAndRoll for some people here

here is the Real Racing Flag! done from the original button support insim offer us! taked about 1:30 hours to complete , was long but i think valuable! for the good looking of a race experience!

I have a problem. Recording lap time is not added to the mysql database.

Quote :17.10.2008 19:54:17 ERROR--: MySQL Error with query: INSERT INTO `driver_lap` (`guid_race`,`guid_driver`,`car_prefix`,`track_prefix`,`driver_mask`,`split_time_1`,`split_time_2`,`split_time_3`,`lap_time`,`total_time`,`lap_completed`,`max_speed_ms`,`current_penalty`,`pit_stop_count`,`yellow_flag_count`,`blue_flag_count`)VALUES (5,1,'FBM','BL1',9,26110,0,0,40370,40370,1,30,6121826171875,0,0,0,0). Exception was:Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

Quote :Very ambitious project. Excellent


you did install version 0.4.188.rar , that was the file downloaded?

For sure the probleme come that your Database don't have have correct Colum count into "Driver_lap" table.

i will love to show this table structure from your DB.

Did that bug happen after a while or at about 5 minute after started racing?

You did apply the file: Drive_LFSS.sql ? and no other patch?
I install from "dlfss_0.4.188.rar" and used "create_mysql.sql" & "Drive_LFSS.sql". No more patch.
Error apparent when the player puts a new time lap.

This my 'driver_lap' table structure.
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from the error you show me, i saw 2 thing that should be impossible, i really don't get that part...

`pit_stop_cou nt` , should not have a space there, and this is hardcoded so weird....

(5,1,'XRT','FE6',9,26110,0,0,40370,40370,1,30,6121 826171875,0,0,0,0), it should not have a space into this, and it have 17 value, should have 16 , i checked the same .exe you downloaded, he saved 16 column.

take my MSN: [email protected] or Jabber: [email protected] , if you please i will wan your help to fix that bug since i can't reproduce it.
Quote :`pit_stop_cou nt` 6121 826171875

There are no space, this is a forum for.

The problem of the disparity between the parameters and the structure of the table.
But why did it happen?
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the wiki was not updated with the last revision, and seem your .exe is not the correct revision for the DB you have! this is Human(me) fault!

I just prepared a new Release, 0.4.208 , don't bother with the SQL/update/*.sql , just reapply Drive_LFSS.sql and use the new .exe.

I tested it on a clean db, since the db i dev on is allways ok i pass beside thoses error , so why i dind't notice before, and you seem to be alone to use it

I apreciate the time you put in there! thx!

P.S. Sql update file are there in the case your using Drive_LFSS for real so better apply only Update that are > then your prior revision, so nothing is lost into DB , it become a simple DB update!

A update file can report error if apply more then one time, but they will never Screw the DB because apply 2 time. If ever i release a file that is dangerous to apply 2 time! i will tell clearly into the file name.

On this hope revision 0.4.208 is Ok.

I din't wan to release that one now, cause i Added a ChatModerator , im trying to make him smart and at the moment is a little sensitive on certain word im sure you will laft a little when you see it in action try screw it and he will find you , what ever i removed most ingenious code from him at the moment, so except better bad word filter later
The results are the same ( I run it on a clean db.

Exception was:Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
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i double checked and work good for me on a clean installation.

i show you the Internal code that save laps , so you can see there is 16 column and inside the .sql file this is same!

So maybe you can compare your Drive_lap table to this
Quote :
string query = "INSERT INTO `driver_lap` (`guid_race`,`guid_driver`,`car_prefix`,`track_prefix`,`driver_mask`,`split_time_1`,`split_time_2`,`split_time_3`,`lap_time`,`total_time`,`lap_completed`,`max_speed_ms`,`current_penalty`,`pit_stop_count`,`yellow_flag_count`,`blue_flag_count`)";
query += "VALUES (" + lap.RaceGuid + "," + guid + ",'" + lap.CarPrefix + "','" + iSession.GetRaceTrackPrefix() + "'," + (byte)lap.DriverMask + "," + lap.SplitTime[1] + "," + lap.SplitTime[2] + "," + lap.SplitTime[3] + "," + lap.LapTime + "," + lap.TotalTime + "," + lap.LapCompleted + ","+ lap.MaxSpeedMs +","+ (byte)lap.CurrentPenality + "," + lap.PitStopCount + "," + lap.YellowFlagCount + "," + lap.BlueFlagCount+")";

DOUBLE check your .exe file , i just checked your query again what should be, the bold char here don't have to be there

Mean your error is not your DB but the .exe.

P.S. laps are not saved when you complete them, there are buffered until the Driver Save Interval pass and then they are saved to DB, this is about 5 minute interval, depend on your configuration file.

P.S. , it a great place to show me the Log , without having to upload it.
I just tested 0.4.188 and i found no probleme at all... so from there i was little lost, then i started to look at the probleme into another way!

and i found it, i've done a mistake there: ","+ lap.MaxSpeedMs +","

this is a float value on my system will gave me something like: 60.7208251953125 , that work super good.

But on your system the decimal char will be: 60,7208251953125 , so that become + 1 column.

It my mistake and i should add this in place: ",'"+ lap.MaxSpeedMs +"',"

So im preparing a new release 209, with all this fixed

Many thx for your time and input! you help me make that project better
Now a new error:

19.10.2008 14:05:14 ERROR--: MySQL Error with query: INSERT INTO `driver_lap` (`guid_race`,`guid_driver`,`car_prefix`,`track_prefix`,`driver_mask`,`split_time_1`,`split_time_2`,`split_time_3`,`lap_time`,`total_time`,`lap_completed`,`max_speed_ms`,`current_penalty`,`pit_stop_count`,`yellow_flag_count`,`blue_flag_count`)VALUES ('2','1','FBM','BL1','9','32030','63450','0','85130','85130','1','58,502197265625','0','0','0','0'). Exception was: Data truncated for column 'max_speed_ms' at row 1
I changed the type of column max_speed_ms from float to varchar and everything worked. Records are added to the table.

But in the game after the team !Rank and !Result no results
yeah but will create later probleme with Stats Rank system.

I just created revision 210 , who should put 60.22222 into your DB and not 60,222222 , i simply can't reproduce the probleme, when i change my Language setting , i see 60,2222 but i captured network packet and i send 60.2222 so it only the Display who is changing for me.

This is very machine dependant, so my best approch is to reput back to machine independant.

So i hope that revision 210 work good
Thank you very much, excellent performance

How do I know the best time during the game?
Your PB and World Record will be show on first join a track only to You , will dislay right after the difference you have with WR.

On each split and Lap, i show you the Difference from your Split/PB and Split/WR.

Blue mean Worst , Yellow Mean Better, a New World Record will be show to everyone.

All this is configuable from the !config option or Shift-i.

To know what is your best or the best of other at any time is not yet possible for time display.

Ticket: , will make that possible with real time difference calculation from current to Anyone you wold like.

At the moment is possible to know who faster and much more with the ranking system, !rank .

I did not make any system public that enter data into it , so you have to create a external script that analyse the DB and score driver.

Connect on "Aleajecta Demo" and try the !rank with search , find your self i have 3.2 million of races. i will probaly share thoses data as the default rank data.

My idea to make the stats_rank_driver Table and System, was very general , since we don't wan all the same formula, i managed to make it with a simple table, that you have to fill up your self, so the !rank system is more a Display and Search system , that gather into from the "stats_rank_table"

I will update the system from sugestion and need of people.

Have to understand that for the moment only my idea are added, since im most alone doing it.

hope i did understand your question correctely i've writen a lot for that small question haha
I recently tested the lastest version, I was out a bit with University, so a lot of new change since I was gone.

It's now really impressive, all the search system for stats and how stats works. I like the fact that you don't need to race 12 hours a day during 1 year to reach the first position. Just doing good race with nice lap time will increase your current rank. I believe it's more realistic like that.

This multiserver application have a lot of potential for the futur, we could do almost everything we want. It's very flexible with all those config options.

Actually I have a little break at my university, I hope I'll be able to do another patch
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Drive LFS Server, Alpha Release
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