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Drive LFS Server, Alpha Release
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hello Forcemagic, i just wan to ask if you wan to join the Stress Force haha!

I and couple of friend putted Drive_LFSS to connect on our Local Game with 20 Bot Each , we have reach 120 Driver online and racing from 6 Server, was still 0% usage , some very little peak at 6% at all 40 second about, All feature Online.

My goal is try bring him to reach 50% , im trying to reach limitation of the TimeCritical Thread.

Memory Usage is ridiculous, about 5 Meg on Loading , + 1 meg by Server with 20 player each , so the total is about 11Meg + the .net management code who take about 20Meg, total is 31Meg.

I use IBM Purify to trace all the data.

So if you wan PM me please
Drive_LFSS The Future of LFS ?
Wow, alot has changed since i wrote my first post on the Drive_LFSS in-sim system created by Greenseed. Im not a very technical kind of guy more a driver. As i sit in the Aleajecta NARA lobby day in and day out and I see the system evolve and improve, i am forced to come back and say something again !.

Playing other car games for years and years and coming across to LFS confused me a little. for example the offline gameplay was dissapointing. But the Online gameplay, (having 32 cars and real people around you in a Physics rich atmosphere) made my knees tremble.

Driving in LFS makes you feel like you are there lets face it. LFS ROCKS !
you can do countless amounts of things that make you feel like you are actually there on the track.
Coming from other games as a noob to LFS, I noticed I have a different view point than that of some of the older players, who do and don't take some things for granted.

Now there are some systems out there that assist in racing and time/score management. I'm not sure i Should say there names, but we know what they are. These are critical believe for feeling something other than the driving experience. Its the experience over the top.

Drive_LFSS is a system I have been trying out now for a few months. its still in development, just as LFS is.

It sits over the top of the game providing you with many different facilities

To be bold, I must simply ask one to goto an Aleajecta server and see for themselves the power of this new system and its potential to increase the fun on the track for all LFS drivers. To try and simply explain, in my words would under-estimate it.

Many people come in and out commenting on what a great system this is. it makes it all worth while, and a me a little bit proud when they do. I truly believe that this system in the future, COULD BE PART OF THE GAME ITSELF. Other poeple are already saying the same thing. Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey and Victor Vlaardingen would have more time too concentrate on the wonderful game they have already given us, and someone else can concentrate on the gloss over the top. and when i say gloss I mean it. The power of the SHIFT i menu inside Drive_LFSS is Awesome. U must see for yourself.

Anyone is always welcome to come and try, im there alot. allthough i cant guarantee im always at the computer !!! but i'd be happy to race/practise(get beaten by you lol) and talk about it or not lol. But do yourself a favour and come and have a look at an ALEAJECTA host sometime.

If you dont like what you see, then comeback again every week or 2. This project is growing at such an astonishing rate, its the reason, why i said go see it for your self.

Greenseed is the creator. He is very transparent and is always open for suggestions of any type. I have only known him since i had this game, (4 months or so) and since then I almost feel like a programmer. (trust me im as dumb as rocks when it comes to that stuff !) I can suggest something and actually see feedback on my suggestion. not long after if approved, I see it appear in the game, and wow thats such a great feeling to see your own idea. So please feel free to goto: and then click on NEW TICKET.
It will be people like you that can change the face of the game by doing so.

Well good luck and I guess Ill chat more next post about the Aleajecta project.

Kind regards my fellow LFS Fans,

OBP 55
HI.Where i can to download this insim?
Ok, this looks fantastic! Where, how can we get? Can we get it?
Can we get it?
i haven't been able to browse trac or check out svn in forever...
What does that do?
Quote from fireb0llch :wrong links?

Please post only the download link......

he posted only links to tell what they mean
Quote from fireb0llch :wrong links?

Please post only the download link......

link to what, i don't have a copy of DLFSS... you need to obtain it with SVN.

(which you can't because it doesn't work)
Quote from Greenseed :
This is now a Close source project, mean this is no more public release.
The reason is simple, i don't have motivation to keep this work public.

Dont you understand these words?
Quote from oldnavy :Dont you understand these words?

aww crap. i kinda wish he told me that before he disappeared off msn...
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Greenseed, if you decide to start the project up again feel free to contact any mod and we will happily re-open this thread for you. It's best to close it for now since the project source has become closed.
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Drive LFS Server, Alpha Release
(40 posts, closed, started )