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Do you want ALL your online pb's cleared?
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Poll : Do you want ALL your online pb's cleared?

Yes, i would not mind that my online pb's are cleared now with the changes in patch Y.
No thanks, please leave my pb's alone!
I want to clear pb's, but i can't speak for others, i can clear my own pb's on lfsworld if i want to
no need to clear them, we should wait for S2 final I guess, and clear all the stats including hotlaps
Clear all, there is no point seeing other players' pb's made with another physics at another track (like old Blackwood).
Please clean them... it´s really not necessary to keep them.. and if u do a combo u tried before like 200 times, you´d reach ur old pb within some laps anyway!
Quote from anibarro :I said that HVLC could be more controversial becouse people used to put their best effort on HVLC, and, as you said, PBs means almost nothing.

Well, I said the contrary, because when physics engine and car performance changes, for me it's obvious HL are invalid, and because they are the official benchmark I see no other options then nullify them - nothing controversial for me here.
On the other hand, PB's might or might not be valid, but they're not a benchmark anyway as they can be easily manipulated.
Happy to start a clean slate, specially since my year off.
Yes please.

I don't mind. :P It's not like I had anything outstanding anyways. D:
Yes, throw them out.
New physics, new lap times.
Yep, off with 'em.

No point clinging to old lap times if they don't accurately reflect current car behaviour. Even less point if some track dimensions have changed too. I'm sure RL drivers didn't care about previous PBs when they added, for just one example, Piscine & Bus Stop to Monaco and altered Gazometre four or five times - or when their cars behaved differently to a previous year (which usually means "faster" anyway).
I want them archived though atleast, totally erased would be annoying, atleast being able to look back would be nice.
A big YES since not only the track (BL) changed but also the online balancing made some older PBs on cars like the FZR or the FXo pretty unbeatable.

I cleared all my old PBs myself and started new with patch Y and i hope the other PBs will be deleted as well.

Should happen very soon though because the longer you'll wait with cleaning up the PB charts, the more patch Y times will be deleted as well
We have to clear the PBs!

It will be great fun to redefine once standarts.

By the way: I´d love to see an automatic ranking
system, that hands out some kind of ranking status...

Greetings, Dandy
I allways clear mine after physics updates.
YES, delete them.

I still have some incredibly PB times for some combos, and people ask me how it is even possible. They were VERY early S2 PB times, and nearly 2-3 seconds faster than the World Record, haha.

That goes to show how long some of my PBs have been standing, and I've never really deleted any of them.

At least keep the amount of laps driven statistic, but delete the PBs please, it is always nice to start with a new/fresh set of times to aim for. Afterall, we do love to improve our PBs don't we?
I need some response please.

"If someone keeps using the old version, will that still put PB's on LFS World?

It really shouldn't, cos then it will all be useless anyways, lfs world should NOT accept PB from anything but Patch Y, and onwards...

Kind regards
Why do 300 people want to push their ideology on everyone else?
Keep your relig.. deletions to yourself!
I'd like them to stay, and I'd be mighty pissed off if they were cleared even when I disagree.

Every user can go and delete their PB's on LFSWorld - I however will be using them to benchmark the new patch to the old patch, this might not be important to most of you but I need them just like I'm sure others do too.
The logical thing to do would be to clear them all. The old ones mean nothing now, they will not be representative of our true performance under the latest version.

As with past updates, almost everyone will be using the latest patch in the future. To keep the stats consistent and relevant, the information should be based on the updated version.

For some of the newer players to LFS this might seem a bit disappointing, but older hands will recall how updates have often affected the relevance of LFS World stats. Personally, I use the PB times to gauge my progress on a given track. The old PBs won't help me now. Having said that, if I have to clear them manually I am willing to do so.

Amazing, so much activity this thread already moved off the front page!
LOL Scawen your enjoying your break i see

On Topic : i dont mind if my P.B's get wiped the new stuff in LFS makes it a whole new challenge
Maybe you could write the pre patch y ones in another color ?
I'll start with the screen edits

(add tabs per incompatible version)
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Layouts, wind, slipstream, bumpdrafts, tweak, mechanik and slickmod; there´s tons of ways which can lead to an otherwise unachievable PB, so no one should use them to compare his times to someone else anyway.
Plus all you´d achieve is about 20 pages of new threads from people angry that their PBs are gone.

On a personal level i really couldn´t care less either way. I wouldn´t mind if they were deleted by divine intervention, but i would be far too lazy to clear them myself.
Lazy? It's just one click!

Do you want ALL your online pb's cleared?
(212 posts, started )