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Do you want ALL your online pb's cleared?
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Poll : Do you want ALL your online pb's cleared?

Yes, i would not mind that my online pb's are cleared now with the changes in patch Y.
No thanks, please leave my pb's alone!
I want to clear pb's, but i can't speak for others, i can clear my own pb's on lfsworld if i want to
not that i think i will ever have a hard time topping my own PBs but in the interest of the community, i definitely think they should be cleared...

with new physics and new required driving styles/setups, everything old is invalid, regardless of how impressive it may have been.

are you able to archive PBs and/or hotlaps for those who will lose WR times?
One quick question ...

If someone keeps using the old version, will that still put PB's on LFS World?

It really shouldn't, cos then it will all be useless anyways, lfs world should NOT accept PB from anything but Patch Y, and onwards...

Kind regards
I'm not bothered to be honest, all it they do in my case is tell everyone on the server how much i suck at LFS

But i think the best compromise would be to let the individual delete their own PB's if they want, after all PB's are personal
Clear 'em out, and start afresh!
I don't think laptimes will be much slower in anywhere other than Blackwood so would it be possible to clear those times for everyone and let us keep our PBs on other circuits. If not please clear them all

Quote from Renku :How many physics incompatible patches have we got. I recall two big ones: from S1 to S2 Alpha and then there was that April update? How many times have the PB's cleared? Hotlaps are another matter, but leave my PB's alone, please!

This is the first physics incompatible patch where laptimes should get slower though.
I say clear! A fresh start is always good.
Better make a screenshot of them while you still can
Will be fun to start all over again
my wr will be deleted wich i worked for it so hard and its like a dream for me?
clear them out. Will be easier to see if your improving with new physics or not... as i doubt i will reach any of my old PB's.
I've already deleted all mine.

I don’t know why you'd want to keep them, because of the changes they are totally meaningless and there is a good chance you'll never get even close to them again
Quote from e2mustang :my wr will be deleted wich i worked for it so hard and its like a dream for me?

The current WRs will be backed up for future reference, but the active WR page will be cleared as the physics have changed.
Yes, they don't mean anything with all the changes.
No, i definately want to keep my old PB's, even if physics has changed (except for BL). What about other tracks? I still can use e.g. Aston or Fern Bay pb's and i do use them. I can see if i have done some steps forward with some car at some track.
Yes to delete BL times, NO to delete ALL pb's.
:jawdrop:...over 1 1/4 Year Hotlapping is Deleted :worried:.

But a New Challenge for 2008..................:drink:.
Meh, delete em all. Old cars + old tracks = not worth much.
Hell, from the moment the FBM is added, I'm going wild on hotlapping.

want my Pb's kept..
Good idea Victor.

Delete 'em all!

Quote from franky500 :clear them out. Will be easier to see if your improving with new physics or not.

New physics = new times!

I say yes and I do not understand why people are so attached to hotlap times or PBs... do they matter so much? Yo can't even use them to compare yourself with anyone else unless both times were done with the same physics.

As long as other online stats (laps done, races won, fuel burnt, etc.) are left intact I think all PBs should be deleted as they don't make sense anymore (just like HLVC times).
Makes sense to clear them all, as like you say Victor, the cars / blackwood are now slower.
#47 - troy
Quote from Ssr_Nick :No..

want my Pb's kept..

yes yes, you also want to race on patch v...

to stay on topic: why not do a similar feature like we have already with the online charts. erase the pb's for Y but keep already done pb's on earlier patches in the archive so we can look at them and compare it with the new ones
I'd prefer to clear my own PB's TBH, or only clear the BL and SO hotlaps, or atleast archive them as troy said, so I can go back and still check them out.
(and for pubstats, if a pb in current version doesn't exist, go back and take the newest archived PB.)
Fine with me
110% Yes, a clean slate!

Do you want ALL your online pb's cleared?
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