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Another Full Soundpack (updated for 0.5V2)
Edit: My sound edits are now in LFS officially (post Patch W), with further updates.

List of changes:

- New gearwhine (now without any copyright issues)
- New gear shifts, and different for road and race cars (now without any copyright issues)
- New RAC sound, based on real video of RAC
- Updated FOX
- Updated FZ5
- Increased throttle off volume
- Other small changes
#2 - joen
You teaser you! :throwrose
I sure liked a lot of the stuff I heard, can't wait to try them out
nice sounds
OMFG! Can't wait till this is released! Seriously!!

I'm definately going to play more LFS when i get hold on these..
#5 - joen
Is it done yet?
how about now...
Not tonight I'm afraid. I really need to catch up with loads of (pointless) homework.
Hehe! Well, as long as it comes sometime soon, we are more than happy to wait!
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Thank you man! Appreciate it!
Download Mirror - updated for V3
WOW! The FO8 finally sounds like a V8! Great work dude.. this is sooo much better than default!

No offence to either Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey or Victor van Vlaardingen..

Ooh! I can't forget to rave about the BF1! :P These two cars BLOW ME THE F*** AWAY! Never thought a game could sound this good tbh!
#12 - joen
I just tested some of these out. I have not used them all yet, but I will
I must say I reeaally like these, it's like we had a second sound engine patch already
The GTR cars have a nice RAWRR to it, and the gear whine sounds much better on all cars I tried. You really managed to get it to sound much less synthetic.
And the FO8 is just...WHEEEE!!
The car still lacking the most is the BF1, but that's not your fault. It's just the hardest car to get right I guess and we'll probably need some updates to the sound engine. But, it does sound much, much better than the original. When watching replays and the BF1 on mid /far distance downshifting it actually sounds like an F1 car

Thanks a lot Dave, these should be in the next test patch
Wow really nice! Just tried most of them! The gtrs sound very cool, I'm not sure on the drivetrain noise on the bf1 though...I think it's too loud...
Thanks very much!
Just been through trying them, only done the road cars so far, I do like the majority. The LX6 - wow. Two I don't like so far - LX4 and FZ50. Prefer my own attemps there. The LX4 I've tried to make sound like my Dad's one, which is a 2.1 litre so yours is probably more accurate for a 1.3. The FZ50 though sounds gutless now, it really needs a deep rasp to it, all the lows seem sucked away there.

I'm having to take down the exhaust volumes a bit on some cars too, getting tons of clipping, but then I've not reduce my engine sound in main options to compensate.

Anyway, time to piss another half hour away on autocross trying out the race cars next...
Cool, downloading.....

Engine Sound on lowest, skid sound on max, Dave's sounds are awesome. Okay, a few imperfections on first glance, but still damn good.

I am now planning on recording a very old XFR race I did from a cockpit cam simply because it sounds that awesome, but atm Fraps isn't recording sound at all. Might have a play later but now - WALLPAPERING TIME
All I need now is backfire.. proper backfire!

Is Becky's mod still usable btw? Or does it need to be fixed for the V-patch?

Or maybe DaveWS is interested in making something?
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Outstanding Sounds
Tried the race cars now too, on the whole very nice. I had to make a couple of adjustments though, the FOX had a very nasal undertone that just sounded artificial, back off the first mix to 0.7 made it a lot quieter without too much effect on the rest of the sound. Also MRT5 needed a couple of adjustments.

On the whole, great pack.

Just a though, would be nice if there could be more lows in the FZR though it's not as much of as an issue as the FZ5. I suspect given the somewhat limited adjustability there's not a lot you can do about it, it's great what you've achieved though.

Oh and DaveWS, I've updated the zip in my mirror to include the replacement BF1 sound.
Yeah believe me its not easy to achieve the high frequecies without losing the low frequencies. But this is only a first version.
nice, very noice. Feels like theres actual power now they aren't just sounds

Loving the UFR gearbox whine.
I love the sounds.. so much better than the originals.

My only problem is that I can't here tire scrubbing at all, unless I lift off complete (and then can barely hear tires), or at low speeds.

Tried other samples as well, but the overall issue is that tire scrub/slide sounds are just too low... it an issue Scavier should look into - too loud tire sounds may be unrealistic, but we only have visuals and sounds to go by, and not feel/forces as IRL :|
One word: Brilliant Was wondering how long it'd be till you got another soundpack out

Given most the cars a quick blast - small bit of feedback, the LX4 sounds pretty painful (on my setup anyway) at 9000-9300rpm or so. And the FZ5 sounds a bit flat. But otherwise they sound great

r4ptor: Tried setting the overall sound slider lower as recommended and boosting the skid sounds? I can hear the tyres fine.
Quote from DaveWS :BTW Bob, it seems that your mirror has lost the readme file.

Whoops, by the I thought I'd offer a mirror I'd already extracted the zip and deleted it, and the readme once I'd read it. So I made a new zip from my engine folder, forgot all about that readme. Anyway, enough of my boring story, I've added it back into the zip and re-uploaded.

Just trying your new skid sounds now...
Excelent pack, Dave! Wish it were in the next official release.