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What's ur car?
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Just bought myself a 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS!!
Almost exactly like this one. (girl not included)
me and my blade...... sadly now written off
Quote from nutty boy :I don't know why people think Calibra's look like FXO's

I know. It's not the details like lights etc, but the shape of the body - two doors, the "side line" that drawn with a ruler and a long rear glass.

And on topic for instance - I don't have a car atm
Mostly I drive friends' crappy toyotas and peugeots when they're too wasted to drive.
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my ride in 06.
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d6nn thats sweet
Quote from Jakg :private roads need no insurance, though.

There are rich people who can afford it, when your 20 you could have 3 years no claims, and you would have lower premiums, but i still don't think you would get a good price on one

He said he has not got a license yet! Meaning he will have no no claims bonus! Yes insurance will be alot cheaper in romania than UK! If he is insured under his dad then yes its going to be very expensive but maybe doable in romania!
Pff thats all? =P Have done 255 km/h in my car =)
Quote from jayhawk :Should have got the 1999-2000 Si!

Still, a very clean Civic. Well done, mod wise. Now get rid of the 1.7, plop in a K20 or K24 for torque, and you are set.

Thanks man,

Yeah the d17 is a very sad motor, aside from the fact it likes to sip got the car in 03 as a lease (tax write off) when I was in sales and put an amazing amount of klms on it in a given week, so it was a very practical car at the time.

Now I work and live in the centre of the city and take cabs everywhere, so sadly I'm going to sell it and spend the money on a cab card, and rent when I go camping /surfing (which the car was not good for anyways).
I drive a 1992 Ford Ranger. Yup, im the minitrucker of the group...

2.3 L 4 cylinder, 5 speed
Flowmaster Exhaust
Dual *forget part number* MP3/WMA CD Player
Lightning Audio Speakers and Tweeters

Soon, i'll have a 5/7 drop, along with some wheels, and other various little needless things...
i drive a clio v6 !!its ok
Quote from frenchy0204 :

EDIT: oh and to Hurts2bestock, That one very tasty honda!! i love the colour and those dark rims go beatyful with it!! please send me those pics sometime to, thats one tasty car. and about you saying you wanted to drop another engine or something like that...psssstt get a integra type_r engine in it!! lol

That sounds like a really cool league to race in, as far as the pics of my car are sure you want the originals cause they are fairly big (almost 4megs each)? You can always right click and save the ones I posted there

As far as swaps go, everyone I know with a K swap says it doesn't make for much of a daily driver as the ridged Hasport mounts make the car shake like crazy even at idle. Also I've driven some monster FWD ek, and eg body civics and all that horsepower feels like a waste to me with the traction issues you get from wheel drive. I'd rather have a RWD if I was to get into the expensive hobby of engine building.
I drive my dads car. It is a 1996 saturn SL2. 1.9L 124HP DOHC engine, I have to press the gas pedal down more then half to get up hills. illepall Also sucks that it is has an automatic transmission.
How old are you hummer? I'm 16 years old, but I still have to wait 2 years to get my license
Quote from hrtburnout :How old are you hummer? I'm 16 years old, but I still have to wait 2 years to get my license

15 1/2, i have my learners permit. I can get my license in 9 months.

What's ur car?
(269 posts, started )