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What's ur car?
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Quote from nutty boy :Newer ones were OK and brand new ones are crap again.

The 9-5 and 9-3 are based on the Vectra, and the planned 9-1 will be Astra based.

That's why the new saabs are good ... they're Vauxhaulls in disguise!!!!

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vw polo 1.4 74 cv!!
and a cooper s jcw!
love the second :turtle2:
My 1999 Bmw 525 Turbo-diesel! 244 hp, gahh.. i love it.

i'll post a closer pic soon..
My suzuki Kei Works.Just got it featured in a performance magazine here in Japan
Nice. I bet that was cool getting it in a magazine.
Cool, Contrats =) :headbang:
I drive a Ford Cougar V6

and previously -

200sx turbo s13
rover 220 gti
escort rs turbo (blew up/thats what you get for 200 bhp out of old 1.6 8v)
escort rs turbo (rotted floor)
205 1.9 gti
escort rs turbo (stolen)

as you can see the rs turbos were quick but unlucky!
Quote from hungryhippo :My suzuki Kei Works.Just got it featured in a performance magazine here in Japan

Nice. It's an inline-3 turbo?
thanks guys.yep,its an inline 3 DOHC turbo.sooo much fun to a go kart
Funny thing, although I love cars (except the bottom range stuff... yea that's right, I'm looking at you Pug 206...) I wouldn't consider buying one. Ok maybe living with under 500 euros monthly income has something to do with that, but I somewhat feel that cars are just a big waste of money unless you can afford 1) a fast one and 2) lots of track time.
3) You live middle of nowhere
Especially that!

Somehow it amuses me when I spot a nice sports car on my city's streets and in the back of my head I have a feeling it's quite certain that car will probably never be driven to its limits.
That's how things go these days. Rich people drive expensive cars just for the image and status, not to use the cars actual capabilities. Driving anything else than a front wheel drive automatic 4 door sedan daily in the streets is propably dumb, but if you DO want to have occasional fun on a car (not meaning doing irresponsible driving in the traffic) a sports car is your only way to achieve it. It's fun to be able to feel the cars power when you accelerate on to a motorway and there's a 1.3 Civic behind you that gets left far behind. Or drive in the limits of grip on empty winding roads at night. Things that a sports car can offer make your adrenaline rush like you could never imagine until you buy or drive one.

There are people out there who do use the potential of their cars, and not just use them as an status-booster.
Nice dialog going on hehe.

If I somehow, somewhere, in a different reality, end up with a bucketload of money (sankollinen massia), I'd buy a nice Bimmer M3 and completely remove all useless stuff like interior, panels, soundproofing, etc. Then I'd slam bucket seats and a rollcage in there and hit the track, in hopes I won't kill myself in first bend.






Well, I think it's great fun to accelerate away from a 1.6 VTEC Civic... 1.3's gets sucked in through my intake

Oh, who am I kidding.. This is only when I take my mate's BMW 323i E30 for a ride Fun anyways..
Ahct, german engineering in its glory! I actually laughed out loud for that one
Achtung! Panz---NEIN! It'z a VTEK! :eek:
I want a LanEvo, any LanEvo :P

Oh well, Uni first and I'll just go from there
(Going to be driving a) '91 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL (black)

My dad has a '95 Lincoln Towncar (white)
and a 2000 (I think that's the year) Chrysler PT Cruiser GT (red)
I sold my truck and got a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo 5 speed.

Was our's built by me and my dad back in 2003 and was sold 28th November 2004

ENGINEBrooklyn motosport works 200 block bored out 0.25, long studs, fully lightened and balanced out sump, fully machined pistons ported polished and gas flow headed btcc head with wcr head gasket, 3 bar map sensor group a coil ahmed bayjoo air injectors rs500 eight rail and eight green 803 cc injectors ggr fuel pressure regulator four race fuel pumps fuel swirl pot braided lines t4 turbo rs500 intercooler magnex exhaust system with lambda sensor k&n filter in air box oil coler level 8 ecu with ahmed bayjoo map approx power 496bhp and 440 lbf.ft at 34 psi maxTRANSMISSIONrebuilt t5 5 speed gearbox, straight cut gears, shot peened gears rear wheel drive lsd alcon 6 paddle clutch quaife diffSUSPENSIONworks shell seam welded works roll cage bilstein coil over suspension with 500 over 200 inserts 600lb front and 360 over 130 insters 200lb rear springs front ajustables track control arms race brushesBRAKESap racing 330mm floating discs with 6 pot calipers,4 pot rear calipers 315mm rear discs, brake bias system and a hydraulic handbrakeWHEELS & TYRES7 x 17 tsm imolas in black with 240 * 610 bf goodridge slicks ( 8 * 17 rear)BODYcompetion three door cosworth shell with offical brroklyn motorsport btcc car race graphicsINTERIORsparco race seats and harnesses secs engine monitor display procomp volts water temp and boost pressurs gauges momo steering wheel starter button kill switchTHANKSAndy Fisher of Brooklyn Motorsport, my son and all of the lads (me back in 2004!!!)
dam, that's really nice.
Agreed there. That is really sweet.
:sadbanana my signature,....
hey nutty_boy hows the radio station coming along?

What's ur car?
(269 posts, started )