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What's ur car?
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Quote from wheel4hummer :15 1/2, i have my learners permit. I can get my license in 9 months.

You're lucky you don't live where I live. In Georgia(USA), if you arent 16 before 2007, you have to keep your learners for 2 years. Thankfully, I got my license before 2007 came.
Quote from wheel4hummer :15 1/2, i have my learners permit. I can get my license in 9 months.

You're lucky you don't live where I live. In Georgia(USA), if you arent 16 before 2007, you have to keep your learners for 2 years(have to be 17 to get a license). Thankfully, I got my license before 2007 came.
Yai got my drivers license today driving a bmw 525 td
wohoo =) That reminds me I need to apply for my UK provisional =)
I'm driving a way too expensive Ford Fiesta MK IV. My sister bought it after her previous one gave up life. It was kinda rushed. My parents promised to pay it back once they could, but haven't done that up to date. My sister bought a new car, the fiesta is mine now, but... my parents still can't pay it, so I need to pay for it myself, while for the money I need to pay for it (not really pay, my parents are going to pay me back afterwards), I could buy an audi A4, Saab 900, Mercedes 220, Ford Mondeo, ....
First car, got it a couple of months ago.

Im running a Nissan 100NX. My dad and i are modding it to drift spec (Yeh yeh, its a FWD). Fun project, ive filled the conservotory and my room with car parts. Got a new set of 17" Konigs, a turbocharger (with all the stuff ya need so it dont go boom, of course), lowering springs, airfilter, battery tray. The list goes on. Ill get some pics when its finished for ya'll!
Currently driving a 97 Toyota 4Runner and a 98 Toyota Tacoma. Had a 2002 Subaru WRX but it was no longer practical after getting married so I sold it.
Quote from R1K89 :I see, but that BMW has 144 hp stock , didn't you mistyped it? (you would need a VERRY big turbo to get 244 hp out of that carillepall)

nope no big turbo needed
Planning to own one of these next year

My dad has a Honda Accord EX 2.2 CTDi, brand new in August. It's a nice car, the only annoying thing is the window opening buttons, I keep leaning on it and making myself jump while we're on the motorway My mum has a 5-year-old Fiat Punto.
Wasnt interested in BMW´s, but then I drove one...............
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I can't legally drive. My dad has a '98 Dodge Caravan (3.3L V6, 3 spd auto). My mom drives a '95 Toyota Corolla (1.8L 4cylinder) But what I love more then anyting is my cousins ride, '96 Supra. Stock Turbos, 3" exhaust, 4" chrome tip, boost controller, K&M Cold Air intake, body kit, 18" racing rims. It's not even that souped up. Mild upgrades, mostly visual. But because of the twin turbo set-up it pulls like a bitch. Full boost is about 18psi, and my guess is about 340-350bhp. When putting your foot into it in second it doesn't pick up fast because of turbo lag, but it will bury the speedo needle pretty damn fast.
I'm driving an Alfa Romeo 33S 1.7 16V and I love it
On this page (not mine) you can see my little beauty (mine is also white):

I changed almost nothing on it, just added a sport air intake and a better sound system.

Top speed on this page says about 206 km/h, I got in Germany 225 on the speedo which is probably pretty inaccurate.
Bought my first own car, a Toyota Corolla AE100 on Friday.

Now to the specs:

Color: silver
Engine: 4E-FE — 1.3 L (1332 cc) I4, 16-valve DOHC, FI, 88 hp (65 kW) (1992-1995)
Type: 3 door hatchback
Mileage: 170.000 km.

Quite fun to drive, even in sow

EDIT: here's a pic
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My baby... Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI, 130 hp.

real drivers car, i love it
Since I just bought a new car, I'll post again here. Just bought a Mazda Tribute, small SUV, for the wife. AWD, fully loaded with everything stickered for $29k and I got it for $19K. It's the first brand new car my wife and I have bought. We haven't been able to afford buying new since we've been married. Still can't, but getting tired of buying 5 years old, paying off when 10 years old and driving through 15 years old while the other car is being paid off.

Me? I was forced to downgrade from a 99 Tacoma to a 150k mile Nissan Altima (with a freakin automatic). Hopefully I'll be able to dump this one soon for something with a bit less miles and a proper transmission. Then go brand new once the Mazda is paid for.

No pics, sorry. Perhaps after the snow melts, or next week as I have an appointment with the dealer just for a checkup and they'll wash it for me.
Daily I have to drive my mums car, a 68hp Golf 3 SDi (Diesel without Turbo) , no torque everywhere except in 1st gear
But I'm looking forward to buy one of this when I'm out of school (maybe in 4 exams)

But I won't take the WRX Version, needs too much fuel, 125hp are enough for daily stuff
BMW 3 Series.

Sorry, its the only pic I have and by far not the best one.

Not bad for a first car

What's ur car?
(269 posts, started )