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What's ur car?
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lol, i can't believe this thread is still being used.
Quote from Blackout :Haha, learn to park

i did that for a group on facebook for everyone with a truck that wants it bigger but either can't have a bigger truck or wont; so in the end that picture makes the jimmy look bigger than it really is lol, which im glad it does heh
Quote from Rappa Z :lol, i can't believe this thread is still being used.

no need to make a new one
My dad has had like 7 cars in the last 6 months...

BMW 320D which he had for a year.

He then got 2 rental cars - Astra and new Mondeo (both completely base as they are rental)

He then got a merc C200K Estate which was great around all the corners when you get the back right outttt

His Merc went in to get fixed by a garage who gave him a 1.1 KIA PICANTO which really was repulsive

The other day (Thursday) he went to work and was told that he could get a 2.0 Megane. He told them it would do, not expecting anything special...

He came round to my friends' house to pick me up - it wasn't only a 2.0 Megane - It was the 225 RenaultSport Megane.

It's so bloody quick with a 2.0T with continuous turbo. 0-60MPH in 6.5 and it's lovely in black with 18's

Quote from duke_toaster :The 9-5 and 9-3 are based on the Vectra, and the planned 9-1 will be Astra based.

That's why the new saabs are good ... they're Vauxhaulls in disguise!!!!

EDIT: Nutty, Code tags

Vauxhalls aren't good - Saab are trying to be Prestige and when they've got Vectra chassi's etc it's not exactly a prestigely based car...
pictures are louder than words for these

or is it ?

@tweak, i found a way to slide a car around lol
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I dunno if you count a mountain bike as a car?
I suppose i could beat a car going downhill maybe..... if the car had engine off...... brakes
well i got a bike anyway... untill next year when i can pass my test
I have an FXO Opel Astra Coupe Turbo
My car: 1990 Opel Calibra 2.0i 16v 150PS

Another FXO, I think
Quote from Haduken :My car: 1990 Opel Calibra 2.0i 16v 150PS

Another FXO, I think

I don't know why people think Calibra's look like FXO's
Quote from nutty boy :I don't know why people think Calibra's look like FXO's

Roof/Tail section? (and crappy FWD) =)
2 months until i can get a driver`s licence. I will most likely be driving the 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX.
something makes me think your either stupid or lieing
i will post a pic as soon as i get the car. if it will be the evo ix
so, as seeing as your currently to young to afford a car, and when you can get your license your first car will be an Evo? And you live in Romania...

If you have checked how much it will cost to insure it, and you can afford it, then good luck to you, but i severly doubt it
Look i don`t know how it is in yhe Uk, but here the car is about 38000 euros whith all the taxes + about 1000 euros an year maximum to ensure it. As it is payed by my father because i will share the car with him you can say i can afford it.
in the UK, to insure a Mini, if i were to pass my test tommorow, would be £2,000 a year. Thats an insurance group 3 car, afaik an Evo 9 is an insurace group 20, and most insurers not only charge an incredible amount for insurance group 20, but for a young driver (ie under 20) they will just refuse to insure you
That is weird. Here It`s only about the value of the car and the engine size if i am not mistaking. They do not ask the age of the driver.
i SERSIOUSLY doubt that - experience means a lot, and i CERTAINLY can't see an insurance company looking at an Evo and saying "2 Litre, 4 Door saloon" and giving you it nice and cheap - have you actually asked them for a quote?
I will check and tell exacly what is needed to ensure a car. You wold be surprised to see what cars are driven here by people under 20. Crossfires, Audi A6, Audi A8, BMW 5 series, Audi RS4. I also read in a magazine once about a 14 year old kid that owned a triked out subaru wich he only drove on private roads. I am still wondering how did his father gave him the money for such a car.
private roads need no insurance, though.

There are rich people who can afford it, when your 20 you could have 3 years no claims, and you would have lower premiums, but i still don't think you would get a good price on one
yeah, but still he`s 14 and he drives a 450 hp impreza. as for the ensurance, if i didn`t read the table wrong it is about 200 euros. The price is about 700 RON = 7.000.000 ROL. 1 Euro is 36000 ROl/3.6 RON so that is about 200 euros. But i probably read the table wrong.
Here is the price table. Unfortunetly is writen in romanian.
2005 WRX STi here.

FMIC, EcuTek Tuned, CAI, Whiteline Springs, 3" TBE ..

What's ur car?
(269 posts, started )